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New York Times Bestselling Author Artist Loren Long Creates An Unforgettable Children S Classic Otis Is A Special Tractor He Loves His Farmer And He Loves To Work And He Loves The Little Calf In The Next Stall, Whom He Purrs To Sleep With His Soft Motor In Fact, The Two Become Great Friends They Play In The Fields, Leap Hay Bales, And Play Ring Around The Rosy By Mud PondBut When Otis Is Replaced With The Big Yellow Tractor, He Is Cast Away Behind The Barn, Unused, Unnoticed Until The Little Calf Gets Stuck In Mud Pond Then There Is Only One Tractor And It S Not Big Or Yellow Who Can Come To The Rescue It Is Little Old Otis Who Saves His Friend It Is Otis Who Saves The DayIn A Wonderful New Palette, And In The Tradition Of Classics Like Mike Mulligan And His Steam Shovel And The Story Of Ferdinand, Loren Long Has Crafted An Unforgettable New Story And Character Celebrating The Power Of Friendship And Perseverance Probably the most beautiful and well written picture of the decade, hands down Loren Long has brought back the wistful joy of children s books from long ago, in the style of Virginia Lee Burton This enchanting tale of friendship between a calf and a small red tractor touches your heart, as you feel yourself transported to another time where no one was in a rush, and you could take in the beauty of nature around you at your leisure Otis the Tractor traipses through the fields with his friend the calf, and you so wish that you can hold on to that feeling of youth that seems eternal But this idyllic landscape is disrupted by modernization and change in the form of a big, new tractor that puts poor Otis out to pasture Of course, there is a crisis involving the poor calf, and only Otis can save him This is a must own book that can be savored over and over again, shared with your students, your child, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or the neighbors kids This is a book that I recommend to all, as it will stay with your for a long time. Cute illustrations can t save a too long book with too many plots.The tractor and the cow are friends Oh no, here comes a new tractor Oh, the farmer wants to put the cow in the beauty contest Oh no, the cow is caught in the mud The cow is afraid of new tractor Old tractor saves cow Cow doesn t need beauty contest Blah, blah, blah Who is this book for, exactly Too many ideas muddle what could have been a sweet little title. Otis brings an interesting character to the picture book world an old tractor on a farm I teach in a suburban district, but in an area where a lot of people in our building come from rural homes My principal runs a farm, and he has shared this one with students as his favorite tale for the last couple of years It s a touching story, and beautifully illustrated It s amazing how creative children s authors and illustrators can be around the theme of friendship. Otis was a happy tractor who loved his job helping on the farm, and enjoyed his after hours occupations riding the rolling hills, exploring the Mud Pond, playing leapfrog with bales of hay as well When the farmer brings a beautiful baby calf home with him, Otis finds a friend and companion as well, and his happiness is complete But then Otis is replaced by a shiny new yellow tractor the latest model and parked out of sight, behind the barn Sinking deeper and deeper into dejection, Otis refuses to be roused by his worried little friend until, that is, the day the little calf becomes mired in the Mud Pond, and the big yellow tractor is of no use.A sweet little story, with delightful illustrations, Loren Long s Otis is a conscious tribute to some of the classic American picture books of previous generations, from Virginia Lee Burton s Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel to Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson s The Story of Ferdinand , and as such, has both contemporary and nostalgic appeal Having loved both of the aforementioned books as a girl, I was delighted with Long s gentle tale, and the accompanying artwork, and appreciated the parallels to these other works that I observed in it I m not sure that this will ever be a favorite of mine perhaps I would have to grow up with it but there is no denying that it has great charm. A sweet story about the comfort an old, caring tractor brings to a lonely calf and the friendship that blooms between them This seems like such a classic story and the illustrations had a timeless feel to them that I simply loved The text was fairly predictable, but the story was told with warmth and tenderness in both words and illustrations and I couldn t help but be touched by the story. I have a love hate relationship with this book.I love that my kid loves to so much he instantly stops crying to pay attention I hate that he makes me read it 3 6 times in a row and have to hide it from him. A sweet story about an unusual friendship Readers didn t quite get how the great rescue happens why does going in a circle get the calf out of the mud 4.5 STARS I so wanted to love this book and think maybe I placed my expectations too high since I d been desperately wanting to read it ever since I saw it in a bookstore before Christmas In the end, by the time I read my library copy, I really, really liked it but it lacked that extra something to make it really a standout in my mind Even so, I highly recommend it Long s inspiration is from classic children s books such as The Story of Ferdinand and Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel which is funny because the minute I saw the cover I thought, gosh, I don t think I ve seen a cuter baby bovine since Ferdinand and his illustrations really do have a certain old fashioned appeal The story of a friendship between an old tractor and a calf a friendship that endures and triumphs even when the old tractor is replaced by a bright new yellow one, a friendship that ultimately saves the calf s life and the old tractor s spirit Very sweet Personal response I read this book to my 5 year old sister and she really enjoyed it When I asked her what her favorite part was she responded with, I liked the part where Otis gets the cow out of the puddle When asked about her least favorite part she said, I didn t like when the yellow tractor took Otis spot Overall she really enjoyed the book.Plot In this story it begins with Otis, a tractor, working around the farm and being very helpful Everyone loves his putt, putt, putt sounds he makes around the farm Then a new, big, yellow tractor comes who can do all of Otis jobs faster and better Otis begins to sit behind the barn and has weeds growing around him He realizes that everyone forgot about him Then one day he heard a commotion and found out that a little calf had gotten stuck in the mud pit Everyone from all over the farm came to try and get the calf unstuck They tried using the big, yellow tractor but the big vroom he made scared the calf deeper Otis decided to come help He rides around in a circle outside of the mud pit and the putt, putt, putt sound attracted the calf to the outside of the pit where farmers could get it After that the calf and Otis became best friends and everyone realized how important Otis was.Recommendation I recommend this book to any child that is starting to read It is a nice simple book and very easy to understand I think that boys and girls would both equally love this book because it does not really have a male or female feeling It can help teach kids that no matter what happens, friends will always be there for you.