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Award Winning Author And Photographer Nic Bishop Brings His Vast Knowledge Of Biology To This Eye Catching Exploration Of Butterflies And Moths With Breathtaking Full Page Images, Nic Introduces Young Readers To The Beauty And Diversity Of These Amazing Insects, From The Shockingly Bright Blue Morpho Butterfly To The Nearly Transparent Glasswing Butterfly To The Mouthless Luna Moth The Simple, Engaging Text Presents Both Basic Information And Fun, Quirky Facts About The Insects Appearance, Habits, And Life Cycle Including A Double Gatefold Spread Of A Butterfly In Flight

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    The many photographs are truly amazing Nic Bishhop is incredibly dedicated to study and his craft, and it shows in this book.Even I appreciated the beauty of the blue morpho butterfly, and I found all the information interesting, especially the information new to me, and I did learn a lot.However, I m squeamish around all insects, including moths and even butterflies They are beautiful and interesting on the pages, but this book didn t make me fond of them or entice me to view them in their habitats I love nature science books, those for children and those for adults, but I guess that despite the beautiful photographs and fascinating facts, I m probably not as delighted a reader of this book as most will be.I think this book is ideal for those studying butterflies and moths, and for those who enjoy them It s terrific for budding naturalists and scientists.

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    Have you ever seen a butterfly wing up close Did you know each wing is covered with thousands of individual scales If you had sensitive lasers, high speed flashguns, and weeks to spare in the rain forest, you might already know this If you didn t, it s a good thing Nic Bishop does In his book Butterflies and Moths, Bishop takes us on a journey through the life of a butterfly From conception to caterpillar, pupa to butterfly, the colorful full page photographs provide a vivid, awe inspiring look at the parts of various butterflies and moths from around the world that wouldn t be seen without his amazing photography skills and impressive array of equipment After studying alongside scientists in Costa Rica, Bishop was able to take a very coveted picture of the snakelike caterpillar who deters prey by turning itself into a very realistic looking snake The brightly colored pages and fonts capture the reader s attention and urge you to flip the page to see what else is in store Engaging for readers of all ages, Bishop s degree in biological sciences shines through his information packed book Written with wonderfully descriptive adjectives, the book includes everything and anything you may wonder about these beautiful creatures Although there is a good amount of text, the words used can be easily understood for kids as young as 5 or 6 Each photograph is coupled with a descriptive caption to help the reader understand the real size of the butterflies and moths shown in the book At 45 times its actual size, you can witness the monarch butterfly hatch from, and then eat its own eggshell, or at 5 times its actual size, you can gaze at the black swallowtail butterfly as it sticks out its smelly orange organ to scare away a predator Covering everything from kinds of butterflies, to diet, lifespan, and much , Bishop ends with a note detailing his emotions as he researched for the book, followed by a very helpful glossary and index The thrill of seeing a butterfly never fades Nor will your desire to continue reading Butterflies and Moths.

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    I love Nic Bishop s books His photographs are amazing This book is particularly beautiful with its close up and enlarged photos of caterpillars, moths, and butterflies I especially liked the close up photograph of caterpillar legs showing the breathing holes, called spiracles, which let air into the caterpillar s body I didn t know caterpillars had breathing holes like that This book was just full of facts that I found fascinating, such as Most caterpillars just starve unless they find exactly the right food Some caterpillars use ants for bodyguards They ooze a sweet drink that ants like, and in return, the ants attack anything that comes near Some of these caterpillars can even call to their ant helpers with scraping, singing sounds Butterfly feet can taste sugar, and are 200 times sensitive than the human tongue Some moths do not eat at all The luna moth doesn t even have a mouth It relies on food stored in its body from when it was a caterpillar Nic Bishop also includes an index, glossary, and an author s note giving details about what he had to do to take the photographs in the book.

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    Just like Holm, Clements, and Korman, a new Nic Bishop book in our class library generates instant excitement among my students They will love reading about butterflies and moths, as well as Bishop s processes for photographing rare animals in the wild.

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    My kids love Nic Bishop s nonfiction books The close up pictures are magical and beautiful The food out parts are really fun and the interesting facts never cease to amaze This particular selection is so beautiful.

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    I know a lot about the differences between moths and butterflies from my grandfather Nic does an amazing job yet again keeping the reader engaged and taught me several new things about butterflies and moths.

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    The blown up photographs of moths and other bugs can be shocking for some students, especially those who have particular sensitivity to bugs Overall, the information was interesting and most the photographs were beneficial Trait Ideas PresentationAR 5.4DRA 40

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    An excellent treatment of the anatomies and life cycles of butterflies and moths illustrated with remarkable photographs Full of amazing facts, and with the added bonus of a note at the end giving some background on how the author illustrator was able to take these stunning pictures.

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    Before this book I was not that into butterflies Gave a new appreciation to their life cycle and their various adaptations.

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    Butterflies and Moths, by Nic Bishop is very colorful book The age group that would enjoy reading this book is 3rd through 6th grades The earlier grades would like looking at the photographs The photographs show the differences between butterflies and moths Butterflies are usually colorful than moths Moths tend to fly only at night and butterflies fly during the day The life cycle of butterflies and moths are about the same The best way to tell a butterfly from a moth is their antennae You have to get very close to see this and you probably would need a magnet flying glass The butterfly has a thin antennae with knobs on the top of their antennae Moth are very different The male moth has a feathery looking antennae and female moth has an antennae that is thinner than the male and it comes to a point at the top,Butterflies and moth have many predators who want to eat them The predators want to eat them no matter what life cycle they are in butterfly, moth or caterpillar Some of the defenses against their predators are wings that look like eyes to confuse birds, their wings have scales that come off if they are caught in a spiderweb they come off in the web and they escape The most unique defenses against its predators is by a caterpillar has that lives in the rain forest When it is frighten by a predator it twist over and puff up to look like poisonous snake The snake s eyes are not real just marking under the caterpillar The photograph is on page 16 I would have this book in my class libraries Butterflies and moths are easy to find for studying, making journals and making gardens that attract them These are projects that can be done at home or school.