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Ein total originelles und auch witziges Buch, ich habe das Lesen sehr genossen i dunno this book isnt as cute clever as it thinks it is maybe if i were one of the adults who read harry potter, i would have a better understanding of it, but as it happens, i am not i expected somethingbook dorky, but it was just like reading a childrens adventure story meh. The Author OfLives Of Captain Bluebear Transports Us To A Magical World Optimus Yarnspinner Finds Himself Marooned In The Subterranean World Of Bookholm, The City Of Dreaming Books, Where Reading Can Be Dangerous, Where Ruthless Bookhunters Fight To The DeathOptimus Yarnspinner, A Young Writer, Inherits From His Beloved Godfather An Unpublished Short Story By An Unknown Author His Search For The Author S Identity Takes Him To Bookholm The So Called City Of Dreaming Books On Entering Its Streets, Our Hero Feels As If He Has Opened The Door Of A Gigantic Second Hand Bookshop His Nostrils Are Assailed By Clouds Of Book Dust, The Stimulating Scent Of Ancient Leather, And The Tang Of Printer S InkSoon, Though, Yarnspinner Falls Into The Clutches Of The City S Evil Genius, Pfistomel Smyke, Who Treacherously Maroons Him In The Labyrinthine Catacombs Underneath The City, Where Reading Books Can Be Genuinely Dangerous what an amazing novel ridiculous, irreverant, hilarious, philisophical, snuggly, informative, and many other ives that are positive i don t want to spoil it, as if anyone could, for folks, so i ll just say this a three foot tall dinosaur travels to said city in possession of a manuscript, and in search of its author, and manages to re write the history of Zamonian literature and foil a nefarious scheme.GO FORTH AND READ THIS WONDERFUL NOVEL I reached the end of this tale with such mixed feelings There were times when I felt that the book would never end and I was so very bored There were other times when I drank up every word as if it were ambrosia, and I wanted the spirit of the book to shine through my every waking hour Overall, the outstanding moments of imagination and muse far outweighed the plodding aspects of yet another odd and dangerous creature encounter or onenight or was it day one can never really tell in the book catacombs.I m afraid a large part of my boredom with segments of the book stems from the fact I could never feel quite chummy with our narrator protagonist The ambivalence I felt toward him certainly lessened my interest in his various adventures and trials Also, I was not a big fan of the violence and gore and scary creatures granted, these were all very much in PG 13 style, but still, not my cup of tea I discovered that City of Dreaming Books was not a good book to go off to dreamland with, let me tell you These points may not be faults of the book, but rather of my not being the perfect match for the book I should note that my husband was, I think, a far bigger fan of it than I was That said, there are so many chapters in this book that are rich in vivid and marvelous imagination Anyone who loves book should at least give it a try The story takes place in Bookholm, a land where books and authors are valued above everything else The fantasy element includes not only the odd creepy creatures, but some very adorable book loving ones, and the fact that books have been made intothan just paper and ink There are some dangerous books that can actually kill you Adventure books that come with a bandanna so you can wipe your brow when you start sweating from the suspense Books with rare perfumes Books that actually come to life And behind all this is some great mysteries Who wrote the manuscript that was bequeathed to our dinosaur protagonist by his authorial godfather and is probably the most outstanding book ever written Is the Orm said to give inspiration to authors real And is the Shadow King that inhabits the book catacombs friend or foe This story is also highly recommended for anyone who loves to write Not since L M Montgomery s Emily series have I found a story that speaks to deeply to the spirit of authors All in all, I have fond feelings as I reflect back on the tale, though I tend to focus on my favorite aspects and ignore the parts that bored me ,, , , , , , , , , , book lover,, ,, , , ,, ,,, , , , , And that s showbiz kid ,, , , , , , , , , ,, , , , , , , , , , , , The City of Dreaming Books by German author Walter Moers is one of my all time favorite books Since the original is written in German, and my German knowledge is minimal, I read the Dutch translation I tried to look up all the names from the English translation, so everything should be clear, but translations in different languages can always be confusing.The StoryThe City of Dreaming Books tells the tale of Optimus Yarnspinner, an aspiring writer, who inherits his godfather s possessions and finds a manuscript that turns out to be the perfect story He embarks on a journey to Bookholm, a city entirely filled with bookshops, where books dream to be bought, to find the anonymous author of the story When he arrives, the city rises above all his expectations.The shops, the writers it s all a dream come true, but soon he finds out it isn t as perfect as he first thought Beneath the city is a gigantic labyrinth, filled with old and valuable books, and many dangers, like the violent and merciless book hunters, the Toxicotomes books that are death traps and the mysterious but evil Shadow King Optimus gets manipulated into the labyrinth, and has to face all these dangers andto find his way up again.The WorldThe story takes place in Zamonia, the same setting as two other translated books by Moers Rumo And His Miraculous Adventures, and The 13 1 2 Lives of Captain Bluebear Both are equally awesome, and I often pick Rumo as my favorite instead of Dreaming Books, because it s so hard to choose The world of Zamonia is filled with crazy animals, strange lifeforms and bizarre geographic evolutions This is fantasy like no other has been written It might even be a whole new genre Everything is original and unexpected, though often strange and bizarre The illustrations are amazing, and add a whole new layer to the stories.At first sight, the writing style, world setting and illustrations seem to be directed at children or young adult, but these are stories only adults can truly appreciate The City of Dreaming Books, for example, is filled with witty literary critic, and has tons of famous authors featured, hidden behind anagrams One poor Bookling had to learn all the works of Wamilli Swordthrow by heart, another was lucky to have to learn the collected work of Aliesha Wimperslake There s also the famous Ohm, a level of writing balance and genius every author aims for, but which only few manage to claim This makes the book a true book for booklovers, readers and writers alike, fantasy fan or not.Another great facet is that all the Zamonia stories intertwine on some level Optimus is a Lindworm, a race of literary dinosaurs, but it is in Rumo that we learn how the Lindworm Vest came to its end We learnfrom the characters backgrounds in other stories The recurring characters make you want to reread the other books after finishing one, because you discover something new every time, and want to match the new information with everything else you know.It is truly a world you want to visit over and over.Back to the BookThere hasn t been a book about books that refilled me with my love of reading as this one did There hasn t been a Fantasy book that amazed me with it s world so much as this one except maybe for Rumo, but that s the same world There hasn t been a book that made me buy all the other works by the author as fast as this one.The City of Dreaming Books is the city I d love to live in The books mentioned are the books I want to read Even though it s all fictional.It is truly an exceptional book, and I urge you all to read itOriginally published on the Ergofiction e zine. This is one of the most charming and delightful books I ve ever read Highly recommend to anyone who loves books, as they re really the heart of this story both in terms of reading and writing them I found myself smiling while reading most of this because it s just such a joy. This will definitely be one I need to reread as it s full of quotes I wish I d taken the time to write down the first time but was too focused on continuing reading to do so. I know this is going to sound really silly, but this is the best book I ve ever read Please don t get distracted by all the illustrations and the fact that this is a fantasy novel it is a timeless, mindblowing, deeply moving masterpiece filled with beautiful imaginary worlds andsuperiorwriting It s a beautiful novel for people who love books and adventures, for daydreamers, idealists, optimists, people who haven t lost their hope, but also for pessimists and people with depression because I promise that this book will light up your world and thoughts for a while You shouldn t underestimate the power of Walter Moers words, he ll change your life He has a beautiful, intelligent writing style and the story he tells in fact, all the novels he s written about the imaginary continent Zamonia will make you want to get cuddled up in bed with a cup of chocolate and a cinnamon roll and just enjoy every single page of this incredible reading adventure I m not lying when I say that Walter Moers is a genius.I even filled 5 pages of my diary with quotes of this book, really It s perfect.I ll have to translate them for you guys because I wrote them down in GermanWhen everything else is gone, we ll still have nature It is almost an instinct that we leave the house and go out into the open air, outdoors, in our garden, with the leaves rustling and the stars shining down on us it gets easier to breathe we can forget about the weight of the world on our shoulders From the stars we came, to the stars we ll return Life is just a journey to a place unknown That s how I felt I was music and danced in a burning circle, high above everything Somewhere down there was the world, was my body, were my sorrows, but all that seemed to be completely irrelevant I now understood the secret of music and knew what makes it so infinitely superior to all the other arts its incorporeality Once it has left an instrument it becomes its own master, a free and independent creature of sound, weightless, incorporeal and perfectly in tune with the universe We all are immediate spawns of the earth we once were dust, someday we ll turn into mold Without cease we pass by, a parade of life, a cort ge of evanescence And I remembered my reflection in the mirror that I used to admire so much when I was a child, I remember the wish to be just like the person in the mirror looking back at me Completely alone If this doesn t convince you to read this book, I don t know what will.Update Reading this book for the 5th time now Still absolutely stunned by Walter Moers imagination I WANT TO LIVE IN THIS BOOK. What it IsWalter Moers and his excellent translator, John Brownjohn love language, and that love permeates ever page, many times Consequently, the book is a comic hymn to the power, beauty and fun of words, along with acautious love of books which can provoke, or even be, evil The books of the title are dreaming of being read, because that s what brings them to life.Story and SettingOptimus Yarnspinner comes from a city of authors and travels to Bookholm, a city of bookshops, trying to trace the author of the most perfectly written piece of writing he has ever encountered The fact he is a dinosaur is oddly irrelevant Bookholm turns out to be a dangerous place, especially once he enters the enormous laryrinthian catacombs under the city The sheer variety of bizarre creatures and experiences is startling, unless you re already familiar with Moers work Weird Words and IdeasA random collection of some of my favourite words and ideas Bookshops are so specialised they include one for novels with insect protagonists, one for dwarves with blond beards and another for half finished books The primal note is the first officially recognised note and the basis for all Zamonian music The acoustic alchemy of trombophones can induce mass hallucination and hypnosis Booklings are little creatures each of whom memorises and takes on the character of one author a little like Farenheit 451 Even the street entertainment and food are book themed juggling with books and book shaped pastries dancing with shadows is an antidote to loneliness Boring books include Chimney Sweeping for Advanced Students by Darko Lum, How to Comb a Chicken and An Encyclopedia of Wood Planing Hair raising books include Where the Mummy Sings by Omar ben Shokka, A Handful of Staring Eyes by the Weirdwater Sisters and Skeletons in the Reeds by Hallucinea Krewel Allegedly archaic words include spinking speaking and stinking of garlic , ambivaliguous when you can t make up your mind and an abcedist is someone obsessed with putting things in alphabetical order and not to be confused with a zyxedist.Anagrams of the FamousI noticed the quirky names, but was oblivious to the fact that many are anagrams of famous people, such as Asdrel Chickens Charles Dickens , Aliesha Wimperslake William Shakespeare and Trebor Snurb Robert Burns.More here it s not all perfect There is a clich d moment when a baddie explains his evil plan a la James Bond etc and when Yarnspinner eventually finds the author, he the author speaks in a rather simple and banal way, which is strange.Another problem is that much as I enjoyed it, this book feels too long The 13 Lives of Captain Bluebear was a similar length, set in a similar world, but that story wasepisodic, so it worked better Nevertheless the language, wonderful line drawings and sheer humour and exhuberance still make it an enjoyable romp.