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HOW CAN ONE GIRL SAVE AN ENTIRE WORLD To The Nobles Who Live In Benden Weyr, Lessa Is Nothing But A Ragged Kitchen Girl For Most Of Her Life She Has Survived By Serving Those Who Betrayed Her Father And Took Over His Lands Now The Time Has Come For Lessa To Shed Her Disguise And Take Back Her Stolen Birthright But Everything Changes When She Meets A Queen Dragon The Bond They Share Will Be Deep And Last Forever It Will Protect Them When, For The First Time In Centuries, Lessa S World Is Threatened By Thread, An Evil Substance That Falls Like Rain And Destroys Everything It Touches Dragons And Their Riders Once Protected The Planet From Thread, But There Are Very Few Of Them Left These Days Now Brave Lessa Must Risk Her Life, And The Life Of Her Beloved Dragon, To Save Her Beautiful World

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    I understand that this book and series has a lot of haters Their complaints are valid, but I still regard this as one of the best sci fi fantasies I ve ever read I started reading this series really young, and got so caught up in the whole OMG DRAGONS part of it that I didn t even realize until later that this book had sci fi elements, namely, that we are on a different freaking planet here It s a mishmash of several genres that worked surprisingly well.From the other reviews of the book I ve read, the main complaints about the book seems to be the fact that the leading male character is kind of an asshole, of the Jericho fucking Barrons sort Let me tell you that I hate Jericho fucking Barrons come ON, I have a fucking shelf named after him, for Christ s sake Yes, this book can be conveyed as being misogynistic, but I don t think that s fair to the main characters F lar is an asshole at times, but he needs to be tough and a leader I m not using that as an excuse, I m just saying that his character was not over the top, and he is not an asshole for the sake of being an asshole, unlike Jericho fucking Barrons.Keep in mind also that this book was published a long time ago 1968 You have to make reasonable accomodations for that and this book was pretty well advanced for its days Lessa, the main female character, may be a bitch at times, but taking into consideration her very difficult background, her behavior is perfectly fitting with her character.However dated it is, this book still has one of the most well thought out setting I ve ever read in fantasy and sci fi The dragons and how they came about, the societal structure, the culture, everything was well written and believable.No, this book is not perfect, but I adored this book and this series.Read this review and The Book Eaters

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    What a disappointment It started out just fine with Lessa, sole survivor of her family wreaking revenge on the evil dude who conquered Ruatha Hold The whole dragon human mind meld thing was okay too The part that really disgusted me was the whole raping physical abuse shtick by the supposed hero My thoughts were, if this was my daughter as the heroine, then the only thing to be done would bag and tag that F lar a hole cause I would have invented the.45 cal and then blown his head off with it I don t get why this was important to the storyline, gee abuse the girl long enough and she ll fall for you in the end Frankly thought it was stupid.Another thing that r ally ann yed me was the st pid ap strophe w y to sp ll ev ryone s friggin n mes I want to pour scalding hot klah on the whole bunch.The premise that the world forgets, within a few years, a recurring extraterrestrial threat that destroys entire continents was idiotic If they really forget the whole technological base that enabled them to defeat the threads , the whole society deserves to perish And threads are not a very exciting enemy, wow, look at them falling from the sky in clumps Dialogue sucks mostly Toward the end, there were parts where somebody roared with laughter, but I never saw anything remotely funny to cause it.I was really looking forward to a long and interesting series but not here Good thing I didn t buy any of the follow on s I may have a tough time starting some of her other novels I have on the to read list.

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    This whole review is a Spoiler so don t read it On the other hand, nothing interesting happens in the book anyway, so might as well save yourself the trouble of reading the actual book People of Pern What s that in the sky Is it a bird Is it a Plane Is it SUPERMAN Ugh, no. It s those goddamned Dragonmen, trying to filch our resources Dragon People We are Dragonmen We will protect you from the evil threads Evil Threads People of Pern Sod off, there s no such thing.Lessa Aha The dragonmen are here I will use them to regain my kingdom Wait, where are you taking me I don t want to be a dragonwoman I want to rule my kingdom Actually, scratch that On second thought, I want to be a dragonwoman Oh I love my dragon, her eyes are so beautiful, I want to get lost in themDragon Lessa I hate F lar I like F lar I hate F lar I ll have sex with F lar Only because his dragon chased mine and raped her Dragon sex makes me feel so kinky BUT I STILL HATE YOU F LAR YOU SON OF A BITCH F lar I m having sex with Lessa and she is the Weyrwoman, yet I will continue to call her girl because I m from the stone age.Time Travel is discovered Hooray.Evil Threads start falling.People of Pern Oh no Dragonmen, Dragonmen Save us The Evil Threads Exist Evil Threads Dragons F lar Ahahah I am so clever, I knew this would happen all along Ahahaha Now, if I could only get that Girl to love me Lessa Let s time travel and bring dragons Hooray I hate F lar I like F lar I m going to have some sex with himEnd of Book 1

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    It always pains me when a beloved classic is just not good enough Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey was unfortunately plain unenjoyable.The setting is the least intriguing one I have been faced with in quite a long time There was just nothing to pique my interest on the world of Pern In the author s defence, she wrote this book in a time when only Tolkien had had the vision and ambition to take a fantasy world to marvellous complexity, and long before the intricacy and skills of the likes of Jordan, Martin, Erikson and Sanderson surfaced to take up the mantle But I have seen many wonderful worlds in stories from before the current generation, and Pern simply does not measure up.The plot was in my eyes horribly executed If if was supposed to be exciting, it all happened in the wrong order with the wrong people and nothing ever went wrong in short, no suspense was created nor any interest sparked, and there was no reason to care about what happened As for the characters, the most special part about them was the silly overuse of apostrophes in their names Dragonriders of Pern is inarguably entry level fantasy That is never a bad thing in itself, and I am sure McCaffrey s fans have reasons why they enjoy her books But personally, this is fantasy on a level which I would not recommend to anyone, and I would much rather suggest the heavily criticised Inheritance Cycle which was partly inspired by this series, but in my eyes is far less overrated.In the end, there was nothing to inspire or excite me in Dragonflight, and not even anything to connect with The only thing that even slightly interested me was the combination of fantasy and science fiction elements, which we of course see very little of.

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    I cannot imagine why I have never read this before I have had plenty of time to do so since it was first published in 1968 It is fantasy sci fi, two of my favourite genres And it has dragons in it What could I want Well I have now read it and I am joining the side of the people who love it I thought the world building was extremely good and I liked the idea of the threads some kind of weird fungal growth periodically falling on the planet and threatening to destroy it The idea of the Dragonriders being chosen by their baby dragons, probably while they are still in their eggs has certainly been copied a few times Eragon In fact a lot of her ideas about dragons have probably been copied since 1968 The characters are well written, dragons as well as humans Lessa annoyed me a few times by leaping to conclusions and acting without thought but of course the consequences did further the story.Really I am giving it five stars because while I was reading it I was practically living inside the book I was so involved I was even thinking about it when I was not reading To me that is always the sign of a really good book Now on to the next one.

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    It should be stated that I squandered most of junior high reading Anne McCaffrey s sci fi fantasy novels near exclusively, but this was my first time revisiting her since then I was surprised to find that the first book in the Dragonriders of Pern series actually does have a good story, with interesting characters and an excellent invented world However, the writing is just abominable, and in spite of being a woman, McCaffrey is frustratingly chauvanistic The lack of copyediting makes me cry, and the writing is something you just have to suffer through, but the idea is really inventive, and I can totally understand how I got so sucked into her books as a kid I wouldn t exactly recommend that you run out and check her books out, but if you liked them back in the day, revisiting them isn t as painful as you might have thought it would be.

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    Lately I have been noticing a recurring observation about the quality of first books in various series There seems to be a growing consensus in reviews that the first book of a series, particularly if it is the first book published by an author, is inherently weak because the author is learning their craft It seems to be both an excuse for what is perceived as poor quality and an excuse for going on in the series despite being underwhelmed by the opener I had this in mind as I began reading Anne McCaffrey s Dragonflight, and for two thirds of the book I thought it was a perfect descriptor of what I was seeing But once I finished the book, I thought that maybe the poor opener isn t always the case although I willingly concede that this is probably the case often than not Perhaps there is something else going on especially in something like Dragonflight.Dragonflight is a fast read, and it is sparingly written We get a taste of the main characters F lar and Mnementh, Lessa and Ramoth, F nor and Canth but we aren t given much time with them, not enough to get to know them deeply McCaffrey races us through the story, spanning many Turns the Pernese year in a very short time There is a clear goal to her plot save Pern from the threat of the Threads and McCaffrey is ruthless and expedient in getting us there I can understand how many readers see this as a narrative failure After all, we like getting to know characters in the books we read, and we seem to prefer saving our breathless action driven stories for the big screen If this is our preference, a story which focuses on the latter rather than the former has failed on some level, and that failure is generally considered the writer s failure and, specifically, a failure of their writing I wonder, though, if this is always the case It seems to me that it is just as likely that Dragonflight s quickness could have to do with the peculiarities of its publishing it was two novellas squished together to make a novel , the requirements of a first time writer to get their work just right so that it can be published at all which often means cutting out superfluities , and the tendency of first books to be edited thoroughly than future books Once you ve become Anne McCaffrey, for instance, editors tend to step back and give you room They let you spend many ages on character building, and you re given less notes on your work You are Anne McCaffrey, best selling author, and you must know what you re doing, so do what you want.Perhaps then, Dragonflight is a product of the necessities of a first novel rather than an example of the author not being polished in her writing skills.All this aside, I appreciated the quickness of the tale There is something to be said for brevity, and I felt I got enough of the characters I cared about them without knowing everything, and some of their shabbier behaviours such as F lar s constant physical abuse of Lessa, and Lessa s infuriating capacity for inspired stupidity were tolerable than they might have been if I d been forced to spend time digging through their psychologies Of course, this appreciation for skeletal characterization could all be the screenwriter in me I doubt it, though, since the main complaint about my screenplays by those with the money is that they are too character driven , but that s okay because that informs the kind of reader I can be Every once in a while I like my stories quick and my characters less defined although this is far from always the case , and Dragonflight fit that bill right when I needed it most.Regardless, Dragonflight was a surprise for me, and I liked it much than I thought I would I don t know if I will go on, though I may just let it stand alone, enjoying its quality as is.

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    This was an entertaining book and I enjoyed most of it at a three star level However, the romance drove me absolutely insane I was gritting my teeth and wondering if I could actually count the number of times that F lar shook Lessa, because we women love being shaken into sensibility, and a bit later I ran across these Oh, F lar will be so angry with me He will shake me and shake me He always shakes me when I disobey him He ll shake me, Lessa cried, like a little girl I told you he d shake me, Lessa was saying, dashing tears from her face I don t know what the author s intention was but anyone who shakes me that much is getting brained.

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    It s been ages since I read Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey It was my first introduction to her writing and specifically her world of Pern with its blend of fantasy and sci fi everything looks fantasy but is explained thanks to the ubiquitous prologues across the series as science fiction I rarely re read books, but felt like going back to something familiar and so thought I d give Dragonflight a try to see how it has aged in the intervening years.The first thing that strikes a modern reader is how remarkably gendered everything is in that world Women and men serve very different roles, which sometimes feels so off as to be grating This didn t surprise me since, even as a teenager, I remembered finding Dragonflight oddly sexist in ways that sometimes felt out of step even with the world as presented in the pages of the book What I noticed this time was that it was a bit funny how even the dragons get this treatment gold dragons are vital, matronly forces whose primary function and source of pride is producing large quantities of eggs Green dragons are well, kind of promiscuous for the hell of it.The women in the books tend towards similar descriptions, either being consumed with the idea of maternal duty or with sleeping with as many dragonriders as possible There are plenty of exceptions, of course, otherwise the book would descend into self satire, but the trend feels so consistent as to sometimes make it hard to distinguish between one secondary character and another More troubling, of course, is the constant shaking of women, the use of physically dominant actions even as modes of affection, and the unclear way in which consent is understood within the world.I ll dispense with this part of the review quickly, since I lack any useful training or qualification for delivering much of an analysis other than, Geez, it sure seems kinda sexist a lot of the time I do find it kind of embarrassing to read online the far reaching justifications for the world of Pern, that so often seek to find some explanation for its preposterously gendered rules beyond the obvious one that Anne McCaffrey just happened to have views about gender that don t fit all that well in our contemporary world This always seems like the problem with call out culture, though if something is popular enough, rationales are constructed by which to grant the author a pass, even when it s the work itself and not the author that we should have the issues with.But why does that desire to preserve the sanctity of McCaffrey s books exist in the first place Because they re just really good stories The world of Pern, its peculiar dragons and dragonriders, the economics and politics and social conflicts that emerge from the threat of spores that periodically come from the sky, destroying everything in their path, makes for interesting reading even decades later It s worth noting that Dragonsong, McCaffrey s third book set in this world, remains my favourite children s book of all time and though I have nothing demographically in common with Menolly these days, I still have no difficulty seeing the world of Pern through her eyes and sharing in her adventures.It s also worth noting that even in Dragonflight, Lessa, the main character of the book, has loads of agency despite the highly gendered world she lives in I wouldn t go so far as to say she challenges those roles, but certainly she chooses to interpret them in her own way despite the resistance she gets from everyone around her.All of this confuses and conspires to make Dragonflight a mixed bag for me The quality of storytelling seems undeniable, and even the problematic aspects of the book are sometimes confounded by McCaffrey s own narrative choices At first I thought the sexist aspects were just my present, much older self reading with the voices of online outrage culture shouting in my head, but as the book went along I remembered that all these elements struck me as troubling even as a teenage boy.I suppose all that leaves to say is this Dragonflight is a good book, and one fantasy and sci fi fans who haven t yet journeyed to Pern for the first time are likely to enjoy, even as they may find themselves staring curiously at the pages, wondering why it was so damned important that women fit into such narrow roles.

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    I truly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to continuing with the series This work is a well written, creative adventure novel with the perfect amount of romance It s storytelling at its best The book is a nice mix of Science Fiction and Fantasy The setting is the world of Pern We are told in the Prologue that Pern is a planet settled by Earthlings but now long forgotten It has apparently reverted back to a feudal type society where most of the citizens live in holds which are historically protected by Weyrs The biggest threat facing Pern is environmental the Threads fall from a neighboring planet and destroy all organic matter on Pern For centuries the Dragonmen, residents of the Weyrs, have used their dragons to sear the Threads out of the sky before they can infect Pern But now, over 400 years have passed without any Threads falling and the people of Pern believe the danger is over and that the Dragonmen have outlived their purpose Too late, we find out that failing to maintain and believe in tradition has weakened the people of Pern and there are dire consequences when the Threads return.I ve seen a lot of criticism here that the book lacks character development and or that the main romantic relationship is sexist and abusive etc I do agree that this book is somewhat dated and that how writers represent romantic relationships has certainly altered to reflect the current social norms However, I think the romantic relationship between F lar and Lessa, while dated, is not outright abusive As the setting of the book is feudal, I think the male dominate culture is appropriate Further, much of this resolves as you see their relationship evolve over the course of the book into a relationship of equals All that aside, this is a Sci Fi Fantasy novel not a dating manual I find it odd that readers expect to see healthy, politically correct relationships and or that they expect people to emulate the relationships they read about in books if that s true so much for Wuthering Heights The relationship fits the setting and works for the novel I think people may read too much into it The highlight of this book for me is the amazing relationship between a rider and his her dragon Once a dragon Impresses a rider they are forever two parts of one whole The relationship is unique and moving It s a great companion aspect to the fast paced and engaging plot I d recommend this to anyone who enjoys a book that is a lighter read while still being a richly told adventure story.