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Audible Mermaid Queen: The Spectacular True Story Of Annette Kellerman, Who Swam Her Way To Fame, Fortune & Swimsuit History!Author Shana Corey –

Phenomenal art This is a gorgeous book It s well written, and interesting too and very Girl Power , but I felt it could have been a little thorough in explaining details When we read it, my kids were left with questions unanswered than answered There is an end note, but it is extensive and some of the detail in it could easily have been woven into the text to make the story clearer overall Still highly recommended Well, I wasn t sure about this one swimsuit fashion But I love stories of people overcoming the odds and excelling, and what with watching the Olympics these past two weeks having been a fan since my teens I was intrigued by a woman who was a pioneer of women s swimming I thank the Children s Books group for introducing me to this book It s one of the book selections for March s Picture Book Club I don t know that I d otherwise have ever read this book I d never heard of it, and I wasn t familiar with Annette Kellerman She was an Australian woman who was sickly as a child and was taught to swim to strengthen her health she made a name for herself in Europe and America, and was famous during her lifetime She was a swimmer, an author, a performer, an innovator and a champion for women s athletics, which in her time were frowned upon, but she challenged the system in an admirable way, and yes, she designed women s swimsuits.This is a picture book biography for children, and there is detailed biographical information in the author s note in the back of the book.The illustrations are delightful I love what the artist does with waves and water It s amazing how the water images change as Annette changes from a child in a bathtub, to a fearful swimmer, to an enthusiastic swimmer, to someone who opened up the sport of swimming to others, especially to other women.Well, and the fashion aspect turned out to be practical, one that allowed women the freedom to swim unencumbered, so I did find that part of the story interesting. A Fun, Feel Good, Underdog Story About A Little Known Female Athlete Whose Derring Do Transformed Girls SportsAre You Brave Enough To Make A Wave If You Love Sports And People Who Aren T Afraid To Swim Against The Tide, Annette Kellerman And Her Freestyle Approach To Life Will Make Your Heart SwellWith Strokes Of Genius, Shana Corey And Edwin Fotheringham Pool Their Talents To Create A Winning Portrait Of A Little Known Athlete, Performer, And Fashion Revolutionary Who Broke Records And Rules And Dazzled The World With Her Splashy Pluck And Courage I m always fascinated by famous figures from the past that have been largely forgotten by the public memory It gives me hope when I look at some of the forgettable celebrities floating around today Once in a while these celebrities of ages past will pop up in biographical films, written biographies, or in a very rare case, in picture book biographies And when it comes to Annette Kellerman champion swimmer, risk taker, and fashion rebel , author Shana Corey says of her, Few people have heard of Annette today, but in her time she was a household name Now largely forgotten, Annette s story is being retold at exactly the right time In a nation chock full of childhood obesity and with a never ending need for strong female role models, Mermaid Queen stands out as one of the most colorful, accurate, and interesting picture book biographies out there And it couldn t have happened to a nicer gal She was sickly and ill in her childhood, but when Annette Kellerman s father taught her how to swim suddenly an entirely new world opened up to her Water became her medium Through it she grew strong, able to win competitions in a time when being feminine which is to say, immobile was key She attempted a swim of the English Channel, performed for the Queen of England after sewing some impromptu legs onto her suit , and when she came to America she made the biggest splash of all Which is to say, she was arrested for her indecent outfits Yet Kellerman fought back, pronouncing the women s swimsuits of the time to be restrictive and swimming to be a wonderful healthy activity for all girls A trendsetter in her day, Kellerman paved the way for women, athletic or not, who have wanted to do their own thing, regardless of the times in which they live On the backflap of this book author Shana Corey knew right away that she wanted to tell the story of a frail ugly duckling who became a record setting athlete and movie star after she read the story of Ms Kellerman Certainly Ms Kellerman has the requisite tale of rising above adversity that makes for a stirring biography I was reminded of the David Diaz illustrated picture book biography Wilma Unlimited about another girl who spent her early years in leg braces only to become an athletic superstar Of course, Ms Corey was going to have to figure out how much of Ms Kellerman s life to tell This is what intrigues me about picture book biographies You have to show enough of a life to give a sense of wonder and accomplishment So how much do you tell Interestingly Ms Kellerman s early years actually don t consist of the bulk of this story Her youth is summarized in just eight pages or so and then she s off to see the world The rest of the book is given over to her performances, her accomplishments, and in the last four pages she isn t pictured at all Instead you see the women who owe a debt to Ms Kellerman, and a montage of swimsuits throughout the ages It s a very interesting way to tie the book up Not every picture book biography requires that you follow the subject from birth to death making this title is a good model for exactly that.I know that a year or so ago people started to get a little dewy eyed over Mr Edwin Fotheringham, illustrator extraordinaire The Sydney born artist put pen to paper for Barbara Kerley s What To Do About Alice, which was an amusing picture book biography of Alice Roosevelt People liked the book, but they went positively gaga over Mr Fotheringham s illustrations I liked them at the time, but I feel like my current reaction to Mermaid Queen is akin to what folks were saying about Alice This book is a visual stunner from start to finish Done in digital media , liquid is Fotheringham s muse The endpapers are a cheery orange in the front, yellow in the back, with a wave and bubble pattern that shows up time and again throughout the story Water makes its way into every spread, whether glimpsed beyond the curtains where Annette s father and mother would play music, or seen reflected in the sky of Piccadilly Circus Even a later court scene where Annette is nearly sentenced, her dress pattern is that of a whirling swirling sea The use of color in this book is another matter entirely Fotheringham has chosen certain shades of green and blue and orange and peppered the book with them And look too at when he uses one color or another for water The first time Annette is brought into the ocean by her father she s frightened of what she sees The blue is impenetrable Deep and uncut by waves or swirls When she has grown comfortable with it and made it her own, Annette s water is a frothy green shot through with white bubbles and swirls Swimming the River Thames and that green becomes the thick sludge of a polluted murk, complete with floating discarded waste After that, the English Channel is black and cold, and the only spot of color on the page Annette s red bandanna on her head, the red of her lips, and the red of a sandwich held out to her on a stick It s the gloomiest image in the book, possibly because it is one of the moments when Annette failed in some way There are few others There will probably be some question of historical accuracy in terms of Annette s clothing Did her bathing suits all look like the ones in the book It doesn t matter much to me, but there may be some debate amongst others In terms of written accuracy, Ms Corey has done the lion s share of research here The Author s Note in the back accompanied by a photograph of the real Annette goes on for three full pages, and is then followed by an Acknowledgments page which sites sources, biographers, and even cites individual quotes from each page of this book Everything from Annette marveling My word to a policeman saying, Hey what are you doing in that suit is accounted for here Of course the book this bears the greatest similarity to is Strong Man The Story of Charles Atlas by Meghan McCarthy Both books discuss the lives of people who became international sensations and then went on to promote health, exercise, and wellness in a time when folks weren t too concerned with those particular things The two books would pair together beautifully for any teacher interested in doing an exercise biography unit What really allows Mermaid Queen to stand apart from the pack is its ability to tell a story beautifully, with eye popping illustrations to boot Gorgeous and fun, this is a picture book biography that others should model themselves on You ll be glad to have read it.Ages 5 9 Mermaid Queen is about Annette Kellerman who became a strong female athlete who swam her way to history This book tells the story how Annette could barely even walk and how her father taught her to swim to strengthen her legs She became very good and began to set records, but people were not used to seeing female athletes Annette loved the thought of dancing and swimming and invented beautiful dives People would be shocked at the distances she could swim Annette challenged the standard and wore risque bathing suits that showed her legs which led to other women getting to do the same She had no fear This book is a wonderful historical narrative of her life It tells a story of a woman breaking barriers regardless of people feeling uncomfortable due to gender norms This book would be a wonderful source of empowerment for younger readers, and it is an easy an exciting text to read in the classroom. I was attracted to this children s book because of the title, but loved it because I learned something new Annette Kellerman invented the first bathing suit that women could actually swim in and water ballet Thanks for the recommendation Carrie Haner The book Mermaid Queen by Shana Corey is a biography about Annette Kellerman who swam her way to fame, fortune, and swimsuit history When Annette was young she dreamed of becoming a ballerina but she could barely walk Her father taught her to swim so that her legs would get stronger Once she was strong she realized that her swimming was her own form of being a ballerina She decided to share her art with the world but no one could get over the fact that she was a girl No one took her seriously So she decided to make them take her seriously and she ended up changing the swimsuit world and the view on female athletes forever This story was full of vibrant colors and full bleed pictures that parallel what the author s text is telling us We, the readers, learn all about Annette s amazing life from the very beginning when she was young This story passes along the lesson that if you set your mind to something, anything is possible The font and style of the text goes really well with the context of the story It is curvy and wavy and some words are bigger than the rest and make a splash The text is found directly on the illustrations and it is all over the page, wherever there is room I absolutely adored this story I think it was very informative about a young woman s life and her amazing accomplishments but it was written in a way that even young children would find intriguing One of the biggest struggles in this genre is that young children do not always want to read to learn about history so they often stay away from biographies such as this This one though, is definitely one that they would gravitate towards Annette Kellerman wanted to dance but she could barely walk and needed braces Her father taught her to swim to strengthen her legs and she became a famous swimmer She swam in the Thames and tried to cross the English Channel This was at a time when women weren t encouraged to swim or exercise and definitely didn t show their bare legs She broke many barriers.What I liked most was the determination that Kellerman showed In the author s note, it explains that as a child she was scared of the water and she struggled to learn to swim But she didn t give up At one point, she was arrested in Boston because they considered her swimsuit scandalous and improper But she didn t give up Her mother wanted her to have a career in the arts, but she was determined to prove that swimming could be artistic Determination and perseverance at its best.I also really enjoyed the illustrations. One of the most wonderful thing about books clubs aside from the opportunity to discuss books with other readers, of course , is that they sometimes lead us to titles we might not otherwise have considered picking up Such is certainly the case with Shana Corey s The Mermaid Queen, a picture book biography of Annette Kellerman, an Australian woman who revolutionized the world of women s athletics and swimwearMermaids Women s fashion Not for me ,I thought But I couldn t have been wrong This is the history, as Corey notes, of a woman who wasn t afraid to be different, whose lifestyle itself was an act of defiance a woman who made waves And that is definitely for meForced to wear leg braces as a child, as the result of an unspecified illness, Annette was encouraged to swim by her father, who believed that the activity would improve her strength and health Her devotion to the sport, in a time when few women were encouraged to participate in athletics, led both to fame and censure even arrest , as some found the activity unwomanly A dramatic swim up the Thames, an unsuccessful attempt to cross the English Channel, and the creation of an unusual new one piece bathing suit so much comfortable than the complicated swimming clothing worn by women of the day soon led to fame, and Annette Kellerman became a well known proponent of women s health and fitness.Credited with inventing synchronized swimming she gave the first water ballet performance in New York, in 1907 , and the modern woman s bathing suit, Kellerman was a celebrity in her day, although she is largely forgotten in ours I enjoyed learning about her unconventional life, and found Edwin Fotheringham s accompanying illustrations with their delightful use of color and motion the perfect accompaniment to the story How fortunate that The Mermaid Queen was chosen as one of our March selections for the Picture Book Club to which I belong, as I might otherwise have missed a real treat What an informative, fun story about Annette Kellerman I didn t know a thing about this woman until I read this book, and what an amazing story After being nearly unable to walk as a child, Annette was given the prescription to swim Not only did Annette grow stronger legs, she grew a strong will and the desire to make waves She championed swimming as a sport and an artistic craft, as well as championing women s athletics and new, lighter swimsuits for women.The author s note at the back of the book is just as delightful and informative as the book itself, and I loved the illustrations Definitely a must read D