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Read Prime The Further Prophecies of Nostradamus By Erika Cheetham –

Slightly better than her previous book about Nostradamus In this book Cheetham discusses whether prophecy can work, and illustrates her points both with Nostradamus and other oracles Parts of the book are fairly decent, where the author shows intellectual honesty by pointing out weaknesses in her own arguments Other parts are pure drivel Possibly usefull reading for those who need to fortify their belief in prophecies, for others meh Since Nostradamus S Predictions First Appeared In Print In , His Reputation Has Grown Ineluctably Throughout The World This Th Century French Physician And Astrologer Foresaw The Events Of His Own And Future Times With Remarkable Clarity During The Last Four Centuries, His Prophecies Have Been Coming True With Startling Regularity The Execution Of King Charles I, The Rise And Fall Of Adolf Hitler, And The Assassination Of President Kennedy, To Name A FewNow, In The Further Prophecies Of Nostradamus, Erika Cheetham Discusses These Classic Predictions Along With Many From Our Own And Other Centuries And Focuses Particularly On Startling Ones With Special Significance For The Next Few Decades Through Her Translations And Scholarly Commentary, We See Nostradamus S Evidence For The New Millennium S Most Dramatic Events Kings, Dictators, Industrialists, Heads Of State, And Common Citizens Have Long Heeded Nostradamus S Prophetic Writings You Too Can Join The Vast And Still Growing Audience Fascinated By This Famed Clairvoyant And Concerned About The Events Of The Future A truly marvellous rendition of the greatest prophets of all time.The author gradually indulges the reader into the intricacies of prophesies and truly distinguishes between the terms prophesies and mere predictions.The book maintains a respectable amount of difference between logic and the unexplained.The prophesies are quoted as it is from the original texts and the author does a splendid job in explaining the texts word to word.Finally, i personally feel this books comes under the rare category of five star rated books due to the amount of research and the genuine references by the author inlieu with the detailed explanation provided by him. Yet another example of reading increasingly specific interpretations into vague, ambiguous passages.