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There was a lot of interesting promise going into this novel I listened to a really good retelling of The Tempest earlier this year, so I thought that reading another spin off of the story would be interesting Turns out it s not a retelling, but instead a and here they all are five hundred years later story Which was okay with me, because that, too, has a lot of potential But, in the end, this is a novel with potential unrealized The narrative is just to inconsistent, alternating between name dropping data dumps, too many exclamation points, and a lot of hand wringing It also bumps against one of my main beefs, which is a novel that isn t a novel This book should have One of Three stamped on it the exclamation point is simply irony I am a fan of series but there should be a story arc that belongs to each novel, so that I can finish it, feel like I accomplished something along with the characters, and then CHOOSE to read the next one Here, though, I am denied any story thread accomplishment without committing to the next book No thanks.It s not all bad Like I said, there is interesting stuff here The Prospero siblings are interesting, and I think Lamplighter tries to reflect how centuries of nearly immortal life changes a person and her perspective I liked that there was angst and conflict The story of how Miranda s hair turned silver is interesting But in the end, the interesting stuff wasn t enough to prompt me to read the next of the series. I was pretty excited about this book I ve been taking a break from my rather hectic Pulitzer to read list, and enjoying some of what I call my laid back fiction and this was perfect The Tempest is probably my favorite Shakespeare work, and this fantastical play of the characters, however much of a tangent away from Shakespeare s merit, was a really enjoyable read It reminded me a bit of Susanne Clarke Miranda, Mab, and Mephisto I found hysterical, I mean, the chimera traipse around the world trying to find the wizard Prospero, and warn their oh so large cast of brothers and sister of impending doom The reader is devouring tons of fun anecdotes of loosely based historical moments via the Prosperos point of view, and interestingly timed mythological folklore references All in all, entertaining, although I am royally peeved that I didn t have the sense to start this once it was all ready over now I must wait for the next one More Than Four Hundred Years After The Events Of Shakespeare S The Tempest, The Sorcerer Prospero, His Daughter Miranda, And His Other Children Have Attained Everlasting Life Miranda Is The Head Of Her Family S Business, Prospero Inc Which Secretly Has Used Its Magic For Good Around The World One Day, Miranda Receives A Warning From Her Father Beware Of The Three Shadowed Ones When Miranda Goes To Her Father For An Explanation, He Is Nowhere To Be Found Miranda Sets Out To Find Her Father And Reunite With Her Estranged Siblings, Each Of Which Holds A Staff Of Power And Secrets About Miranda S Sometimes Foggy Past Her Journey Through The Past, Present And Future Will Take Her To Venice, Chicago, The Caribbean, Washington, DC And The North Pole To Aid Her, Miranda Brings Along Mab, An Aerie Being Who Acts Like A Hard Boiled Detective, And Mephistopheles, Her Mentally Unbalanced Brother Together, They Must Ward Off The Shadowed Ones And Other Ancient Demons Who Want Prospero S Power For Their Own I don t understand.I like the concept of following Prospero s daughter on a mystery But why undo his character development when all you re going to do is repeat it with his offspring Why go against the word of what Shakespeare says went on in the story for the sake of a simpler tale At the end of Tempest, Prospero broke his staff and swore to no longer practice magic the events of this book would have been little different Miranda, after all, swore no such vow.But even accepting the author s premise, Miranda is an unlikeable slave driver literally caught outside her home century with outdated morality and a questionable drive She is cruel and heartless to her servants, only mildly interested in the fates of her siblings, and disturbingly devoted to her father I m OK with protagonists that are not heroes, but something about her naive behavior after four hundred years of living rubs me the wrong way.Then there s the plot, which meanders quite a bit, parceling out tidbits here and there between larger segments where Miranda gets distracted By the end of the book, the text can only offer us the barest of cliffhangers, leaving the main issue Prospero s titular disappearance regulated to mere scenery.I m probably not going to read the rest of the trilogy I recommend you not bother at all. Jagi s book is a wonderful adventure that harkens back to Roger Zelazny s Amber series, contains hints of C.S Lewis and makes use of an immense amount of mythology This is a rich tapestry of ideas carefully woven together into a complex story But not woven so tightly as to follow merely linear predestination to an inevitable conclusion, no this is joyful lark that bounds about to numerous locations all in search of the clues that will answer the question What has become of Prospero It is a tale that will delight you with characters such as the sprightly Mephisto, the cynical Logistilla and hard boiled detective, former north wind, Mab This is the story of Miranda, 500 years after the events of Shakespeare Tempest as she seeks to warn her family of impending danger and find her missing father and it is over too soon leaving one longing for. I have had this book on my TBR pile for a long time I was initially drawn to the beautiful cover and then intrigued by the synopsis This one was a DNF for me I read the first hundred pages of this book and just didn t connect with the story or the characters The story is slow to start and the writing style is awkward The dialogue is especially tough to read and doesn t sound at all natural The idea behind Miranda is interesting but she comes across as very cold, distant, and ends up being hard to engage with.I didn t necessarily hate this book but I wasn t enjoying reading it either I ve been trying to be stricter with myself about reading a book just to read it if i am not enjoying it after the first 100 pages I try to stop reading it I have so many books to read that I don t have time to read ones that are a struggle for me especially if they are a struggle and I am not really gaining anything else from the book knowledge, insightsomething.Overall this was an okay read, but was plagued by awkward writing and indifferent characters It just wasn t for me Those who enjoy retellings extensions of Shakespeare s The Tempest might find this intriguing. L Jagi Lamplighter spent 15 years writing, re writing and revising her Prospero s Daughter Trilogy before this first volume was published in 2009 Other compelling data include her history as a roleplaying gamer and the novel s roots in a game she was involved with in the early 1990s All of this can be perused on her website It also explains the slightly dated feeling of the novel.During those 15 years I was reading and completely enjoying a type of novel that has elements of fantasy or non reality while it crosses boundaries between science fiction, fantasy and mainstream fiction See list of examples at the end of this post Only when I was introduced to Prospero Lost did I learn that such novels belong to a genre called slipstream, coined by sci fi writer Bruce Sterling.I have had some difficulty writing about Prospero Lost because it does not in all ways measure up to some of these other slipstream novels while at the same time it surpasses the wonders of them One sentence in this distressingly long prologue Having a familiarity with Shakespeare s The Tempest enhanced my enjoyment while reading Prospero Lost, but unless you are a hopeless nerd like me it is not required reading.Prospero Lost introduces Miranda some 500 years after the time of The Tempest She has been the CEO of Prospero, Inc for many years Prospero created the company long ago by means of contracts with the Airie Ones think Ariel in the play with the purpose of using magic to keep natural disasters at bay and ensure the safety of petroleum and electricity when in human hands.In The Tempest, Miranda s mother died in childbirth Since then, Prospero remarried and had seven sons and one daughter Over the centuries the second wife passed away and the family had disintegrated due to these siblings going off in different directions, taking with them magical gifts from their father and leaving only Miranda to keep Prospero, Inc running Prospero himself has been up to other secret projects When Miranda receives a cryptic cry for help from Prospero, she attempts to gather the family back together and give them Propero s warning of impending doom.Full of conflicting desires, Miranda is hard to pin down as a character For one thing, she is kept perpetually young and beautiful by a magical water from the end of the world, yet when working for Prospero, Inc she acts like a seasoned executive She is committed to Eurynome, a Goddess affectionately known as The Lady, who provides guidance in matters both temporal and spiritual Miranda also has two love interests Ferdinand, to whom she was engaged at the end of The Tempest, and Astreus, an elf Her unreasoning loyalty to Prospero compels her to put his demands above all else.I liked best the overall idea that magic and supernatural entities are at work in the world, unbeknownst to humans I also found the centuries long history of the Prospero family entertaining and sometimes thrilling I was not so enad of the plotting I suppose that continuous battles with evil enemies are a necessary element in the fantasy genre, but I found them boring after a while, especially since Miranda s immortality means that she can t ever truly lose.Due to her publisher s wishes, the author broke her 1000 page tale into a trilogy, so by the end of Prospero Lost, Miranda has found only half of her siblings and is not one whit closer to finding Prospero But a gift from Atreus, the passionate elf, has put into reach the attainment of her deepest desire Since that desire is in direct opposition to the foundations of Prospero, Inc, Lamplighter leaves the reader hanging by a cliff Will magic save the world or destroy it SHORT LIST OF SLIPSTREAM NOVELS I HAVE READLittle, Big, John CrowleyA Brief History of the Dead, Kevin BrockmeierThe Thin Place, Kathryn DavisThe House of the Spirits, Isabel AllendeOne Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel Marcia MarquezSong of Solomon, Toni Morrison i stopped about a third of the way in couldn t get into the story or characters and the writing seemed stilted. Frankly, I was disappointed I expected a rousing adventure with a good deal of humor Instead, it was a lot of posturing I mean, i didn t LIKE any of the characters At first glance, the characters seem clever Miranda seems a strong female character, Mab is a humorous paradox, a spirit who hates magic, even Mephisto seems kind of cool, a magician with dual personalities, as happy as a child one minute, a huge demon the next But as you read on, the author really doesn t give you enough to keep you interested Instead of revealing vulnerability and becoming likeable, Miranda is a pretty static character, Mephisto gets a little annoying after a while, and even Mab s Sam Spade routine gets tiresome As they go on and find various family members, Lamplighter just keeps bringing up questions and never giving any answers, none Mephisto doesn t even turn into a demon a second time It s than a little frustrating And there are so many of Miranda s flashbacks that leave you cold, cuz she s pretty boring What I did like about this book was the variety and depth of the myths Lamplighter utilizes There were a lot of interesting ideas on how various mystical folk would deal with each other as well as the integration between pagan lore and Catholic Christian fundamentals. This one I heard of for a while but never thought I will read it and did not bother to request an arc but I opened it just to do my duty so to speak since I tend to open all new sff releases in bookstores just to get an idea of what s what, and it hooked me from the first page so I bought it that day and it went to my top of the reading pileJust superb whimsical and with all creatures from myths, legends and fairy tales or at least it seems so..Great narrator in Miranda the 500 year old daughter of Prospero who has to solve the mystery of her father disappearance, keep civilization going by smoothing the dealings of supernatural beings which has been Prospero Inc mission for a while, warn her brothers and sister about the Shadowed Ones that Prospero belatedly let Miranda know about and just maybe finally become a Sybil so she can marryA delight from page one to the end, though of course it is to be continued in volume 2 Prospero in HellIt is a very, very inventive novel and one that you will let it roll and enjoy or your suspension of disbelief probably breaksThe second installment became another asap