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My question is how the father did it but anyway my childhood dream I just loved this book It only uses a handful of words, and that s all it needs A little girl goes higher higher on a swing and her imagination and Patricelli s bright bold pictures takes her all the way to outer space and home again My guess is that she won t be the only one saying again when this book is shared with a child. Read at storytime The toddlers I read too were pretty lost to the overall concept of changing perspective, but enjoyed the repetition in the text The five year old crowd however found so much of it hilarious and enjoyable Each page for them, was like a Oh no she didn t moment One kid even said WOW, what could be HIGHER than that at one point It was a good book to encourage imagination and creative thinking The illustrations are clear and playful. I loved this picture book because the illustrations so clearly show the fantasy world where your imagination can take you An unnamed little girl is being pushed on a swing by her father The words simply say, Higher Higher As you turn each page,you see how much higher her imagination is taking her on the swing First, she is looking a giraffe in the eye Next she is pointing at kids on top of a skyscraper She gives a thumbs up to a climber at the peak of a mountain By the middle of the book she is greeting aliens in outer space All the way up and all the way down, the little girl s face depicts the pure joy of imagining you are in far away place The last page ends with an illustration of her hugging her dad from the swing and the word, Again The illustrations are childlike drawings done in bold colors with black outlines so they stand out The faces of the dad and girl are almost like stick people drawings and yet their expressions of happiness are clear I will use this book to demonstrate several things to my first graders First, I will express the many text to self connections I made When I was a little girl, my swing set was my favorite toy and I loved to imagine I was flying places, too When I became a mother, I would push my own children on the swing and help them imagine they were going to kick a cloud or fly to the moon I will use it to encourage my students to use their imaginations to take them to faraway places I will also use it as a model in writers workshop to show how pictures can tell a story with only a few well chosen words I think Higher Higher would be a great book to use with preschoolers first grade. How high can you go The little girls height increases as you turn each page leaving the reader in suspense The illustrations are everything in this book Great way for kids to use their imagination. This very short picture book shows a girl who swings higher and higher with each pass She sees different objects at each level, until the whole process goes backward as she goes down It s cute, but short and not really memorable. The Sky S No Limit In A Witty Picture Book About A Child On A Swing And The Wonders Of The ImaginationOne Child One Swing An Obliging Dad The Inevitable Plea To Go Higher Higher Add Leslie Patricelli S Wildly Expressive Illustrations, And An Everyday Pastime Reaches New Heights Of Humor And Whimsy How High Can It Go Higher Than A Giraffe Taller Than A Mountain Is Earth The Final Frontier The Creator Of A Popular Series Of Board Books Rises To The Occasion With An Ingenious Picture Book Of Very Few Words That Expresses The Giddy Glee Of Being Pushed In A Swing An author illustrator duo that understands its toddler audience simple and silly This Girl Is so me. Solid It s simple, but it s pretty good for all ages It has few words and easily digestible illustrations, which is all great for toddlers and keeps their attention But there are fun little details that are easier for preschoolers to pick up on, so it s good for them, too And older kids who are already in school will get just how ridiculous it is that she swings as high as she does This is a winner.