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Who would have thought this simple book would be so fun to use in a library story time Before opening the book I asked the pre school age children if a flamingo is a bird, a reptile, or an animal Yes, mammal is a correct term but I said animal They said it is a bird I said, let s see if there s a flamingo in this book about birds YES.There s a double page spread where birds are pictured sitting on a telephone wire The two performers had all the children stand up and pretend they were birds holding very still on the wire Then one performer looked away for just a second as it says in the text while the other performer motioned for all the children to quietly sit down Turn the page and they were gone At which point the performer says where did all the birds go and then looks down and says you guys fooled me There s another delightful double page spread where you can have all the children get ready to jump up and shout SURPRISE After a trial run be sure to have them do it again.The story closes with a child saying she can do one thing that birds do Sing So we concluded the story by singing the first verse of In the Leafy Treetops here s the tune and words with all the children standing and swaying their raised arms like a treetop bending in the breeze. This book would be most appreciated by two and three year olds It has bright colorful illustrations to express various bird silhouettes, sizes and colors I liked how the text and illustrations allow the child to think creatively about birds by imagining clouds in the shapes of birds, or how colorful the sky would be if bird s tail feathers left streaks, like paint brushes, as they flew A book like this may cause your youngster to notice the birds they see in their little lives I think this would make a great group read to youngsters. In What The New York Times Book Review Calls A Perfect Book, A Little Girl Watches Birds From Her Window And Dreams She Can Fly A Board Book Edition Of The Critically Acclaimed Picture Book From The Award Winning Husband And Wife Team Of Kevin Henkes And Laura Dronzek An ALA Notable BookBirds Will Resonate With The Youngest Children, Said School Library Journal With A Fine Eye For Detail, A Girl Observes And Describes Birds Their Sizes, Their Colors, Their Shapes, The Way They Move And Appear And Disappear, And How They Are Most Like Her She Imagines What It Would Be Like If Clouds Looked Like Birds, Or If She Could Ask The Birds Questions Though She Can T Fly, The Girl Can Do One Thing Birds Do She Can Sing Vibrant And Lively Paintings Accompany A Text Pitched Precisely To Preschoolers In This Husband And Wife Collaboration This Board Book Edition Offers A Fresh Perspective And A New Point Of View To Very Young Children Booklist Said, Together, The Words And Pictures Create A Book That Will Enchant Preschool Audiences Again And Again I just love this book The illustrations are simple and match the text, but it is the text that just really captures the wonder and mystery of birds I saw a review of this, and had to go out and get it right away It was well worth it The absolutely perfect book for a toddler who is interested in birds Beautiful, arresting words and pictures I bought it for a friend and loved it so much that I had to buy it for myself. Birds sing in the morningBirds can be yellow, blue, red, brown, or even green, I think Sometimes black.Birds can be BIG or little or any size in between.Ever see birds on a telephone wire and the didn t move They didn t move and they didn t move until you look away for a second and they were gone My favorite part of the story If birds made marks with their tail feathers when they flew, think what the sky would look like If there are lots of birds in one tree and they all fly away at the same time, it looks like the tree yelled, SURPRISE I like to pretend I m a bird I can t REALLY fly, but I can do this I can sing Come along as the little girl in this story watches the birds as they fly past and dreams of joining them As she describes the different colors and types your little one will find themselves sharing her fascination of these special creatures that they will be familiar with from their own every day adventures A classic author with yet another book that should be on your own bookshelves. Birds by Kevin Henkes is exactly as it sounds a wonderful book about the wonders of birds, which come in all sizes, shapes, and colors An informational nonfiction picturebook, Henkes exceeds in his delivery of the text, which includes the use of rhyming for an even unique story Throughout the book, children will be inclined to question and wonder about each bird, choose their favorite, and categorize them in different ways all strengthening their overall understanding of birds.The illustrations in birds are beautifully done, created with pastels in an extremely wide array of colors and shades Henkes uses every color in the spectrum, and almost every shade imaginable, to compliment his realistic drawings of birds The illustrations are either full bleed, or placed against negative space for added emphasis where words are present The placement of the birds is ever changing, adding to a book that draws the readers eyes in and causes them to glide from one place, to the next, to the following page, in a smooth and appropriate motion The words are plain text, combined with the simplicity of words, often using one word phrases, which is essential for beginning readers.This book can be used for a variety of developmental skill learning, including identifying colors, seasons, and shapes, as the book uses an assortment of each The book teaches relevant, easy to understand information about birds, adding to a child s overall understanding of birds and their environment. This is a book designed for the very young, for the preschooler The cover didn t wow me, but the first illustration with the robin and the pink flowers and the yellow curtains hooked me, and I enjoyed quite a few of the illustrations, but not all of them some I didn t appreciate much at all However, though I was very disappointed when I noticed that Henkes did not do the illustrations for this book, it was the artwork that really made the book The text is scanty, and although fine for young children interested in birds, it contains simple descriptions rather than any real narrative However, this is a good introduction to birds and there is enough variety of pictures and text within to hold one s attention I was fascinated by birds when I was young, and I think kids will like this book, especially when they get to the little girl shown at the end and find they also can do two bird like behaviors My three and four year old self would have been captivated by this book and, as an adult, I appreciate that this new book has the simplicity most books had when I was young. Birds, by Kevin Henkes and illustrated by Laura Dronzek 2009 Picture Book, 32 pages Birds encourages pre readers to explore colors, shapes, sounds, and sizes of birds It also nudges younger ones to use their imaginations, whether it s to visualize the birds in the clouds or lines they would leave if their tail feathers left flight patterns Dronzek creates clear and vivid illustrations that are big and draw the eye to the focal point of each page With his use of personification, imagery, and sound, Henkes creates a story that begs little ones to think about the world around them and life outside their own, by relating to feathered friends of all shapes and sizes This would be a perfect book to share with a large group at storytime