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In the Spring Edward visits his Aunt and Uncle on their farm He spends the day doing all kinds of things and seeing all kinds of creatures This isn t as funny as I would expect coming from Mark Teague, in fact it s not really funny at all The pictures are engaging and children might laugh at what s depicted but the text and story line are flat, which I found disappointing. The pictures are funny but rest of it Well I expected a lot from Mark Teague I was really hoping he would really make me laugh on this one and I am still trying to make it funny in my head Great cover Ages 2 There was a definite disconnect between the illustrations and the story The story needs a lot of work unless the idea was for everything to seem normal although the farm was run by animals In that case I still didn t like it. The cover is probably the best part because it is a play on that painting of the man with the pitchfork and the woman both on the farm I liked the illustrations a lot and when the other animals laughed at the main character because he was taking care of the farm when usually humans do that I didn t like that it was called Funny Farm but the author never made reference to people or how it is funny. Yes, it s a farm, but what makes this funny I like Mark Teague s illustrations a lot, but other than that this book is pretty weak. Well, milking cows was the most funniest part I do love cows I didn t like the pig that was jumping in muddy puddles. Today We DidEdward visits Hawthorne Farm for the first time His uncle, aunt and cousin show him how to help about the farm, by collecting eggs, feeding the pigs, painting the barn, and herding the sheep The fact that Edward and his family are dogs running a farm is only the first of many odd things at Hawthorne Farm Funny Farm is a simple story of a day on the farm, just that the farm is a little different to most The text was clear and easy to read, with just one sentence per scene great for younger children Each page was full of colourful and detailed illustrations full of interesting and unusual things.My preschoolers thought Funny Farm was pretty good They liked all the strange things, such as the pigs playing on the swings, the bugs ploughing their own small field, and the sheep brushing their teeth at the water trough They laughed quite a lot when Edward got chased by the rooster and when he fell into the pig s food trough They are keen to read this book again.Funny Farm is suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. Hawthorne Farm Is A Funny Farm, A Good Hud Farm, A Farm That Is Chock Full Of Fun Award Winning Author Illustrator Mark Teague Creates A Farm With A Sense Of Humor Readers Will Laugh Out Loud When Cousin Edward Arrives From The City To Help Out On The Farm The Cows, Pigs, And Sheep Have Been Waiting For Cousin Edward To Visit Hawthorne Farm The Fun Is Never Ending As Edward Tries His Best To Milk The Cows, Tend The Sheep, Feed The Pigs, Plant The Garden, And Much It Is Truly A Day That Edward Will Never Forget I like this book because I think it can easily relate to students who have never been to a farm and they may have relatives who have a farm that they go to or vis versa I like the illustrations and how they tell a story all on their own and the cover looks like an old famous painting This book is animal fantasy and is in the kindergarten 2nd grade range I was going to rate this book a 4, just because the illustrations are fabulous But the story has nothing to do with the title in my opinion A little dude, Edward, visits his aunt and uncle s farm.