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A Little Bunny Keeps Running Away From His Mother In An Imaginative And Imaginary Game Of Verbal Hide And Seek Children Will Be Profoundly Comforted By This Lovingly Steadfast Mother Who Finds Her Child Every TimeThe Runaway Bunny, First Published In And Never Out Of Print, Has Indeed Become A Classic Generations Of Readers Have Fallen In Love With The Gentle Magic Of Its Reassuring Words And Loving Pictures

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    everyone loves this book everyone remembers it being lovely when they were children but if you read it again you may find it creepy i do the illustrations are beautiful, and the message i s pose is charming but my son and i both dislike it he becomes rigid with boredom when i try to read this to him, and he has pretty good reading stamina for a 2.5 year old he digs all the classics, but we agree that this book is actually somewhat spooky the bunny is not really asking mommy to rescue him he wants a little space and freedom if bunny were to say, how about i go down to the depths of hell to escape you mommy rabbit would reply, than i shall morph into lucifer and gobble you up in my fiery flames of fire.

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    If Max s mother had followed him to Where the Wild Things Are, you would have this book assuming she allowed him to cross the ocean.This is the story of a baby bunny and his mother In it, baby bunny presents a number of imaginary scenarios in which he gets a little bit of independence for himself via turning into a child, a boat, a fish, a bird, and so on For each scenario, mother bunny counters with how she would immediately catch him no matter what You re a fish I m there with my net You re a boat I ll be the wind and blow you where I want you to go.When the child psychiatrist John Bowlby explained that a secure attachment for children is created by parents who whilst always encouraging their children s autonomy, are nonetheless available and responsive when called upon, I don t think this is what he had in mind How much better if she had said I will be a safe harbor to which you can always return.

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    4.5 stars Beautiful illustrations of a mother rabbit and her son I can see how this might read as the rabbit son is stifled by his mother whom there is just no escape from, if you read it with this in mind it does become quite amusing, but I can see it s intended to show that the mother rabbit is there for her child no matter what, no matter where I really liked the imagination of the scenes illustrated, the rabbit son sprouting wings and the rabbit mother becoming a tree was wonderful This was a very peaceful and imaginative read which I m sure would be a wonderful bedtime story.Read on openlibrary.

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    so, ummm, the runaway bunny tries to set boundaries over and over to take some space in this story and basically their parent, tramples them over and over. kinda creepy.

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    Now unlike many readers, I actually never did experience Margaret Wise Brown s The Runaway Bunny as a young child because while as a child in Germany I did get Eric Carle and Maurice Sendak picture books read to me in German translation, Margaret Wise Brown s work was unknown to my family And perhaps this is also one of the reasons why the book and first encountering The Runaway Bunny as an older adult actually feels a bit uncomfortable and even a trifle strange with regard to both the author s message and how her presented narrative unfolds For while I do appreciate the mother rabbit s all encompassing love for her little son, the fact that she is obviously not in any way willing or able to grant him any kind of distance or freedom, that any attempts by the young bunny rabbit to assert himself, to run away a bit to get some necessary distance from his mother are going to be met by the mother rabbit chasing after, capturing her son and once again tying him totally to her and her passion for him, to and for me on a textual and narrational level, this makes The Runaway Bunny read as rather stalkery, like at best a tale of a total helicopter parent who cannot and will not even remotely consider leaving her son alone a bit, who basically has to always be near him, attached to him and know everything about him and who will also actively thwart any attempts by her child at achieving a bit of distance, privacy and freedom And thus, while I do appreciate that the combination of Margaret Wise Brown s text and Clement Hurd s accompanying illustrations are considered magical and a classic and probably also full of fond childhood memories for many and albeit that I have indeed found especially Hurd s pictures innovative, imaginative and sweetly detailed, I just cannot get over my personal negative feelings regarding The Runaway Bunny and especially as an adult who as a college language instructor was in fact once stalked by an obsessive student that Margaret Wise Brown s printed words even if they do show and are indeed imbued with much love and feeling are also possessive, obsessive and really in my opinion smack far too much of over clinginess on the part of the rabbit mother and are therefore also just a bit too creepy and with an inherently rather unhealthy and problematic message for my tastes.

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    4.5 stars After I had read Margaret Wise Brown s popular children s book Goodnight Moon, I wanted to read of Margaret Wise Brown s works and I happened to stumbled upon another one of her popular works called The Runaway Bunny, along with artwork by Clement Hurd The Runaway Bunny is a truly cute story about the love shared between a parent and child that children will enjoy The story starts off with a little bunny wanting to run away from home and when he told his mother about it, his mother just said that she will come running after him, no matter where the little bunny will run off to I must admit that I cannot believe that I waited this long to read this classic children s story about a love shared between a parent and a child Margaret Wise Brown had done a great job at conveying a mother bunny s devotion to her child as she is always pledging to follow her child to the ends of the earth, whether the bunny wants to become a rock on a mountain or a sailboat to escape from his mother I also enjoyed the soothing tone of this book as the story never felt too chaotic or intense when dealing with the little bunny s desire to run away and I always felt good when the mother bunny tries to comfort her child by telling him that she will always love him no matter what Clement Hurd s artwork is truly gorgeous and creative to look at, especially when there are transitions between the black and white artwork and the colorful artwork I loved the fact that the scenes where we get to see the imaginations of the little bunny running away from home in different and unique ways, is displayed in color as they make the situations stand out much My favorite image in the book would be the image of the mother bunny posing as the wind and blowing her child, who is a sailboat at this point, towards the destination she desires.The reason why I took off half a point from the rating was because even though the book is showing that the mother bunny truly does care for her child by following him to the ends of the earth whenever the little bunny runs away, I cannot help but feel like the mother bunny s behavior comes off as a bit like a stalker as she would chase her child no matter where he goes Just like Robert Munsch s children s book Love You Forever, while it is cute that the mother bunny cares enough for her child to chase him down across the earth, the whole the mother bunny is going to catch her son no matter what theme might be unsettling for some readers to handle.Overall, The Runaway Bunny is a cute story about the power of love shared between a parent and their child that many children will enjoy for many years I would recommend this book to children ages four and up, even though the stalker implications of the mother bunny might unsettle some readers.Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog

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    My darling Jess decided to run away as a tot Always the independent sort, the rules of the house were getting to her Don t clunk your brother on the head, don t steal cookies, don t glue the cat to the floor, the usual She packed a backpack, put on all her accessories she was quite into a tiara and lots of beads back then and set off I was being the free to be you and me mom I tried to be when not hollering at my children so I kept my distance and let her leave With me shadowing her It was cute until we came to the block and she was planning on crossing the street alone I asked her where she was planning on going and she waved towards the distance surprisingly towards the right direction and announced she was going to I 95 and walk to her grandma s Yeah.We read a lot of this book in our house Children seem to get this book often than adults on first read It is a book of great comfort to those who have a restless heart.

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    This isn t one I ll be reading to my kids Wherever you go, your mother will find you, so just stay home and eat a carrot No thanks Also, the things the mother changes into to find her bunny are often controlling a fisherman to his fish a wind to his sailboat a gardener to his crocus If it s about unconditional love, which I think it is, the things they change into could have better supported this message.

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    My all time favorite children s book A beautiful picture of love, as well as a beautiful allegory of the soul For the adults, watch the movie Wit the book is read in one of the most moving scenes on film As Augustine said, Our hearts are restless until we find our rest in Thee.

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    This one was adorable