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I am not one to normally give up on a book However I reached about the 100th page and just really could not take how slow the book was forming It possibly could be that I am simply not in a patient mood so I might return to try to reread this book but as of right now I do not suggest it. to love or not to love that is the question what is the worst thing that can happen to u on valentine s day juliet has 3 stood up by her boyfriend, having her new outfit drenched by an idiot in a sports car and then having to spend the evening alone she is the account manager in a london advertising firm and earning good money whilst her boyfriend will has chucked it all in to be a self employed landscape designer except he spends time getting his hands dirty and has no time for anything bar collapsing on the sofa and leaving all his dirty clothes and detrius around the flat although living together, juliet no longer feels wanted then the mysterious stranger in the sportscar reappears and is a rival for a new account they r working on she realises the potential problems but he raises sparks in her she has long forgotten and treats her as proper woman plus he happens to be rich and good looking is it worth her while to risk everything she will now discover how the path to true love never runs smooth to be honest i found this book totally unoriginal and often found myself with the sense of deja vu a case in point was gabby the stereo type for a bad arse female bossalso questions why did she not question sykes wealth why did trudy or will not query gucci coat 30 mins in the london eye bubble and she managed to consume a bottle of champagne, eat a picnic and hold a conversation there was not sign of team work at her company when she was supposed to be the a c manager did anyone notice the initials of sykes rats loved the characters of trudy and violet but the others left no impression also ending way too twee and the place where will worked way too co incidental bev I had a problem with this book pace It was too, too slow It took an effort to get through the first 40% I am reasoning kindle , after that luckily it got a little faster but not nearly enough to name the book gripping The main story was ok I guess, but the side stories were annoying The best friend part was boring in the beginning, depressing in the middle, and just meh in the end The 80 years old naighboor part useless A waste of pages, the author uses it in the end, but should have found a different way. Reviewed Girls Without a Bookshelf.I m not certain why I somehow still read books about someone infidelity when I know that all it ends up doing is making me feel terribly agonised It irks me to no end, but perhaps I keep looking for a book that gives an insight to both sides of the party Well, Calling Romeo fits well, but it isn t the best read, I don t think.I m very torn about my response to this book On the one hand, the trickling pace of the plot bored me Too much narrative I was tempted to skip through and just get to the ending I disliked the ending hated the message it could have easily given to the reader On the other hand, I appreciated Juliet s hesitations because that is how it is Unless one is unfeeling or morally apathetic, you would hesitate and reconsider to the nth degree your decision to begin an affair I thought Juliet s thoughts and indecision her consultations to friends even were an accurate portrayal of that dilemma But I m not saying she justifies it adultery for me is never justified, whatever the circumstance Juliet does however, show that she isn t indifferent and has genuine reasons for her affair with Sykes Admittedly, I believe part a very small part of the blame lies on Will, but as Juliet realises love is not always the happy side of the coin.Calling Romeo is underscored by many subplots, and one can view the events from different points of view And so when everything unravels, there is much, too much pain swivelling around the characters I m not exactly happy how Will handled Juliet s unfaithfulness, and how towards the end Juliet for me didn t feel as apologetic as she should be Oh yes, there were many tears and pain but I didn t feel she was ultimately entitled to be angry at Will after her unfaithfulness, because whatever Will did or did not do, cheating surpasses that I tell myself this though she isn t me She s a flawed character, and in that she is entitled to feel what she does I don t think they resolved anything by the ending, and it was very vague, but there you go.The plot is cliche The characters are naive, sometimes foolish, sometimes selfish It can be dragging But ultimately, Calling Romeo is a book that builds on its imperfections It made shed tears, it made me angry, it made me want to lash out at the ending, but at the end of it all it s a story of two people that isn t me Therefore while I don t think it s the best book, plot or ending for me, it might just be for them. It took me a while to finish this book since i was so busy these days but it totally worth it It s a beautiful book about the true meaning of ever after , about what a relationship really is with good and bad , about making mistakes, about how hard it is to find the true love and the bitterness of realizing too late that it was right beside you and you lost it so foolishly It s funny and emotional, it s romantic and dramatic it s all in one, and it s amazing I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves romantic books.Blog EN Facebook Twitter Tumblr Booklikes Blog RO Yet another book with a misguiding title and review It s not about a fluffy romance between one dimensional characters It s about the excitement brought by the new and unknown, the stability of the familiar and the choice between the two.This is the story of Juliet and Will, a couple of than 2 years, that seem to be or less estranged at the beginning of the book A few stupid decisions and wrong turns later and they both get a wake up call and start re evaluating their lives and their choices.I liked that the book is realistic and doesn t sugar coat things people make decisions and face consequences Simple as that Appreciating what you have, taking a risk and experiencing something new, and finally figuring out what it is you really want Much of the drama would have been avoided if only people would just talk to each otherThat s a real life problem, too, though, so even here the story stays true All in all an enjoyable and kind of educational if not too original story. I can t quite understand the negative views on this book Seen the front cover and noted the back You know you re getting a genuine chick lit fluff overload Saying that, I devoured this in a single day I really, really enjoyed this but then again I enjoy ALL of Alexandra Potter s books This one was a complete gem Started off with a relationship getting overly comfortable and lacking excitement the girl has an affair etc etc but I found it so entertaining throughout despite the cliche Loved it. Funny read I m glad Juliet ended up with the person I thought right for her , though the path to love wasn t that smooth I had some lovely memories of Verona flooding back, as Juliet wandered around there Ended was a bit abrupt , felt rushed sadly.Interesting reread I enjoyed it this time hmm,, calling romeo..the story is ordinary, but there s a good meaning that contain in we know, the story was telling about the relationship between 2 lovers will and juliet, they falling in love but they experience saturation in their relationship i think its natural ppl who having relationship over years must be experience such thing its almost impossible that they still adore one another after a plenty years and juliet experience that.she love will, but for her will is just like her roomate, thats all and she tired of the ordinary things that she do day by day, until the climax will not come to the place that they agree with when vals day, and juliet find the new man handsome, rich, and romantic he treat juliet just like a princess he buy her expensive clothes, invite her to Verona, etc Juliet enjoy it, til she feels that its not the rite thing she feel guilt, and decide to leave Sykes and back to will and will changes too he loves juliet and she want juliet to be happy so he do things to make juliet happy and to fix their relationship everything just going well, till Will found the photos of Jules and Sykes He hurt and decide to broke up But after then, they can t forget each other, so after 6 months later they back again happy end the point is no matter how boring your relationship is, never cheat actually as a woman i understand how juliet feel she feels unappreciate, unhonour, and unloved but however she cant do that i know will its wrong but cheat is something crucial.but everyone can do mistake, so its natural the most important that jules know that she wrong and admitted her mistake but actually they realize their mistake after jules went to verona if not, perhaps will never realize his mistake and jules still the same so, theres a good point too and also, i don like sykes i mean, nothing wrong with him he s not evil or what, but he flirt with somebody s girl it just wrong and when he still do that after know the truth i know exactly that that type of guy is not good for juliet or anybody. Romeo, Oh No RomeoJuliet Is Already Wondering Whether Her Live In Boyfriend Will Has Lost His Lust For Life And For Her When Tragedy Strikes He Stands Her Up On Valentine S Day Then Some Jerk In A Fancy Car Splashes Her With Icky London Rain Water, Takes A Good, Hard Look At Her, And Drives Away What S Worse He Was Gorgeous, The Kind Of Guy You Dream Would Sweep You Off Your Feetor At Least Remember You On Valentine S Day On Top Of Having To Win A Big Advertising Account At Work It S A Wonder Juliet Doesn T Collapse Into A Puddle Herself The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth To Juliet S Surprise, The Mystery Driver Turns Out To Be An Adman Named Sykes Her Competition For The Hot Account And He S Awfully Sorry About The Splashing So Sorry That He Whisks Juliet Away For A Romantic Weekend In Verona, The Storied Home Of Her Shakespearean Namesake A Funny Thing Happens, Though When Juliet Gets Back, Will S All Sweet Again And Sykes Pitches An Ad Campaign Suspiciously Similar To Juliet S Suddenly It S Time For Fair Juliet To Decide Whether She And Sykes Are Meant To Be Star Crossed Lovers Or Whether Romeo Has Been Right By Her Side All Along