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Excellente dition num rique Les illustrations sont bien mieux scann es et int gr es que celles de l dition Arvensa C est un r el plaisir de pouvoir se plonger dans la lecture de Jules Verne avec des illustrations plein cran Et le co t est d risoire.Attention, cette dition p se tout de m me 230 Mo.Plus de 24 000 pages format poche , sans compter les illustrations. I ve never read anything by Verne that I didn t like February 17, 2016 Read six of them eons ago, but there are still many voyages extraordinaires novels I haven t got the chance to read So tonight I watched Discovery s Prophet of Science because it is about Verne And apparently he did made other scientific prophecies aside from the moon landing, submarines, fuel cell cars and so on Robur the Conquerer was mentioned steampunk airplane so I gotta read this one Then, in Kindle store, I found this collection for only 0.99 That s like the deal of the century despite the end of copyright, but still, having it in bundling, electronic form is so much easier, plus I got to carry the father of sci fi s writing everywhere I go.March 2, 2016 I just finished reading Robur s story and while it was fascinating, especially at the stard and the end, there were not many things happening during the journey It became rather sluggish to say the least Funny that Discovery says he was something of a villain, I was expecting an egomaniac with violent behavior but I only saw a genius whose invention proved to be the best But maybe Verne wanted to show the other people s behaviour, ignorant, ungrateful and selfish as they were.Rating for the story itself 2.5 5 Classic. Cada historia tiene lo suyo y la hizo especialLa que mas me entretuvo fue la de la vuelta al mundo en 80 dias,habia veces en las que me desesperava que el policia se aferraba a meter a mr.philleas a la carcel mientras que l trataba de cumplir su viaje junto a su mayordomo picaporte mi parte favorita fue fue un final satisfactorio ya que se queda con la chica y no le importaba la recompensa. To be clear, I haven t finished the entire tomb, just Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, I decided to read this due to Jules Verne s writings being referred to in both of the novels I just completed, Bedtime Stories by Joseph Blum and the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini Although each came from very different backgrounds, the main characters in both stories had enjoyed Verne s writings while growing up, as I had, over 40 years ago My thought was, time to read him again, and slip back to my teenage years, a time when I was joyously amazed by the stories and the imagery presented by adventure authors.Most readers will be familiar with the common belief that Verne wrote of things not yet discovered or proven, as if they were, in some cases, standards of technology at the time TV s, submarines, etc I m told the list is quite long This allows him to write in a style, that after 150 years, is still incredibly enjoyable, and with great suspense.I was pleasantly surprised to find a story that was well written, had good character development, and has stood the test of time. This Superb Volume Of Classic Science Fiction And Adventure Represents The Best Of Jules Verne, The Master Of Imaginative Literature Who Has Been Called The Father Of Science Fiction The Stories In This Volume Are Complete And Unabridged The Original Novels As They Were First Published Illustrated By Hundreds Of Rare, Exciting And Atmospheric Th Century French EngravingsThe Books Of Jules Verne Created Characters And Formulated Ideas Which Have Stimulated And Entertained Countless Readers Since They First Appeared They Have Been The Subject Of Films, Radio Dramatizations And Have Even Been Presented On Ice Read The Originals Now And One Of The World S Greatest Ever Story Tellers Will Give You Hours Of Pleasure And EnjoymentStories Included Are Around The World In Days, The Clipper Of The Clouds, Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, From The Earth To The Moon And Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea Interesting historical referencesSome themes are repetitive and the endings are not usually surprises but he still keeps you reading on In their day they were the best entertainment due to their vision of the future today a window to the past but still entertaining. DatedBadly dated but that is to be expected Drags a bit but still a classic.add to your collection and save Con este libro comenzamos mi aventura en el mbito de las letras Ya que por toda la traves a de la aventura yo me encontr en el Submarino con el capit n nemo