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A Cautionary Tale For Mice Reminiscent Of Carroll S JabberwockyOut In The Open, In The Clear,Where Any Wisenmouse Would Fear,Jam Licks His Paw, He Grooms An Ear,And Never Hears Approaching HisssssWhat Will Happen To The Brave Mouse Jam When He Breaks The Rules And Goes For A Moonlit Adventure Against The Advice Of The Elder Mice Award Winning Illustrator Barry Moser Has Created A Dark And Vivid Mouse World To Complement This Cautionary Tale Full Of Clever Nonsense Words And Rhyming Prose That Will Keep Kids On The Edge Of Their SeatsBook Details Format Hardcover Publication Date Pages Reading Level Age And Up I love Doyen s way with creating words that you ve never heard before but are completely intelligible. Fantastic wordplay, reminiscent of jabberwocky Would be great for reading aloud I can take or leave the cautionary tale, but maybe the point is that the dangerous near misses make for a great story to tell the young uns. What wondrous fun with words this plays,Mice hide beneath the moon strous rays,Doyen and Moser duet amaze,A book worth reading thrice twice I like to have fun with wordplay, nonsense verse and rhyme At times I have come up with some rather brilliant snatchets But to weave it all together in a meaningful, poetic and well paced narrative that tells a great story takes mastery And Denise Doyen shows it in spades with Once Upon A Twice Her nonsense defines itself You find yourself speaking this new language that you understand perfectly well And it teaches a great lesson Jamagination can be a good thing but you don t want to let it runscurry away with you Once again it was the intriguing title and incredible cover art that first grabbed me Barry Moser s cool night shadows with just enough warm light painted the world of Jam Boy perfectly.It must be read aloud Sure that is true of most every picture book It is especially true of this one Have fun with the wordplay, the meter and the lyrical quality And then do it again I intend to. Unlike my sister, who unfairly gave this book only 2 stars, I love this piece Lyrical poetry with beautiful language, even the nonsense words which I prefer to call derived words tone that s just right nice theme character development beautiful illustrations What could you ask for How about a teaching connection This is perfect for teaching context clues with upper elementary and middle school students Give students the derived words on index cards prior to reading, and have them predict the meaning from the clues they find within the words themselves scoutaprowl, runtunnel, etc Read the book aloud maybe even twice then let them decide from the full context if their predictions were accurate Ask them to substitute a synonymous word or phrase for each of the derived words Read the book again with the substitutions Discuss whether the book is better with the derived words or their substitutions I would venture that the verdict will be unanimous in favor of Doyen s beautiful wordplay Close by reading the original one time because once just isn t enough for Once upon a Twice Jam goes against the advice of his elders and decides to take a moonlit walk In doing so, he finds out that the warnings they made were for a good reason the world can be a dangerous place Doyen uses a fun rhythmic language and made up words reminiscent of Lewis Carrol or Dr Seuss I enjoyed the poetry of the book but not as much as the illustrations They were rich and dark, conveying the sense of fear and the risks that Jam was taking However, this book may be a little to dark or scary for some children. Unless you re interesting in discussing the meaning behind the layered text to a five year old which is about the interest level for this book this is not a fantastic read to share with your kiddo Maybe this would be a wonderful bedtime tale to share, guaranteeing sleeping toddlers before books end It would have been better received if it were in a different format like a compendium of poetry for older children. The title is the best thing about this book I love it.The illustrations of the moon and water and foliage were lovely, the snakes and turtles and frogs were nice too, but I didn t like the way the mice were drawn.The story just didn t do it for me The message of a warning not to take stupid risks seems as though it should work okay enough, but I don t like the way it was told, and I wasn t wild about the poetry that makes up the story.I see that I m very much in the minority here Perhaps it was my mood when I read it I d give it another try, but there are too many other books I d rather read. Reminds me of Jabberwocky with the made up words in this poem I read it to 4 year olds and they could figure the story out from the pictures Wonderful illustrations It was hard to read out loud the first time It could be used to study word play and teach poetic verse form.