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Time traveling story of a boy, who has trouble accepting his newborn sister Strange things happen when Otto wishes his sis to never be born, when she overshadows his 6th birthday On Thursday, Otto s mother put their dinner in bags and delivered it to the supermarket Going back in time Otto realizes he d rather grow up with his sis than grow down without her Thin black contour lines characterize the sketch like cartoon and caricature illustration style. Sussman, Michael B., and Scott Magoon Otto Grows down New York Sterling, 2009 Print Ages 8 Otto grows down is a great and fun book for kids who complain about having younger siblings This book is great because it tells the story of Otto and how he wishes he was the only child because his younger sister, Anna is getting all of the attention This, in turn makes Otto jealous, so when he turns six, and on his birthday he wishes that his sister wasn t in the picture So, this is exactly what happens This book is a journey of how Otto goes back in time and how he is regretting making that wish This book I really enjoyed, but also made me sad at the same time, because of the fact that while wishing a sibling isn t the way to go, even though they are so frustrating at times, I wouldn t wish away any of my siblings This made me really appreciate and realize how much my family means to me. Very peculiar from an adult point of view, but totally understandable from a kid s point of view that s how I d describe the premise of this book It was strange and funny and I liked it. Otto gets a new sister, and she s just in time to ruin Otto s sixth birthday Otto is not happy about the new addition, which is made abundantly clear when he uses his one birthday wish to, wish that Anna was never born True to the secret power of birthday wishes made under the correct conditions, Otto gets his heart s desire Unfortunately, when Otto rewraps and returns all of his presents, he starts to get an idea that something may have gone horribly wrong From leaving the barber with longer hair than he started out with, to getting out of the bathtub dirty instead of clean, Otto s un growth is producing than a few undesirable consequences.As Otto arrives at his fifth birthday he attempts to fix his fateful wish No luck Fourth birthday No Third No Otto is stuck and the situation isn t looking good as Otto s second birthday also comes and goes.Now, its Otto s last chance his first birthday, but what can he do, he can t even talk any Find out by checking out this delightful, sometimes disgusting book on being careful of what you wish for and learning that maybe that new baby isn t so bad after all.Why 4 stars instead of 5 The artwork is just not my style A personal thing. This is a great book in which little Otto, on his 6th birthday, wishes his baby sister Anna disappears In wishing in her disappearance, Otto in turn grows down and starts to get younger Everything happens to Otto backwards, and every birthday Otto wishes or tries with his decreasing speech abilities to wish the reversal of his original wish This is a humorous book that gets a LOT of laughs from students, and even has a few gross out moments they love This would also be a great recommendation for a student that has a new addition to the family and is having a hard time coping Maybe at the end of the book, they will love and appreciate their sibling as much as Otto loves and appreciates Anna. Otto Grows Down is a story about a boy who feels left out, because his parents have a new baby He wanted his birthday just to be all about him and instead his little sister he thought was ruining it by crying and getting all of the attention Otto wishes that his sister was never born Otto thought that he would just wake up and his sister would no longer be around, but instead he begins to go back in ages He learns that he would rather have his baby sister around than to be without her I think you could spark a great writing activity with this book The prompt could be, Was there a time when you felt left out because of your baby brother or sister Then, after they finished writing some student could discuss about their experiences As a wrap up activity, the students could write about their favorite time with their sister or brother. This is an interesting book Otto doesn t want his baby sister, wishes her away, and starts to go backwards in time all the way back to being in a diaper It might be a tad on the long side, text wise.The climax of the book is nearly wordless, and my kids did not actually get that Otto wishes to have his sister back at first I asked them what Otto was wishing and they said, to be big I had to point out that the baby sister was in the thought bubble and ask them the question again It may be easy for some kids to miss the key turning point of the book. Dude, it s just like Benjamin Button Sort of On his sixth birthday, a boy wishes his sister was never born as he blows out the candles And it really happens Time starts moving backwards from then on out They bring in the garbage, take a bath when they are clean to get dirty, etc It s all good, until the boy gets younger and younger, then realizes that he too will never be born soon. Otto s baby sister spoils everything Just as he is about to blow out the candles on his 6th birthday, Anna jangles the rattle that Otto loved when he was a baby A birthday wish gone wrong causes his baby sister to disappear, but backfires when time starts to go backwards, taking Otto with it Will Otto figure out the solution in time Read and find out Ever Wish For Something With All Of Your Heart And Not Have It Come True Otto Might Consider You Lucky He Wished His Ruinous Little Sister Was Never Born And It Comes True When Time Starts Going In Reverse If He Doesn T Think Of Something Fast, He Ll Disappear Entirely Otto Is A Modern Benjamin Button Who Reminds Us To Love The Ones We Re With