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A Cafecito Story Is A Story Of Love, Coffee, Birds And Hope It Is A Beautifully Written Eco Fable By Best Selling Author Julia Alvarez Based On Her And Her Husband S Experiences Trying To Reclaim A Small Coffee Farm In Her Native Dominican Republic, A Cafecito Story Shows How The Return To The Traditional Methods Of Shade Grown Coffee Can Rehabilitate And Rejuvenate The Landscape And Human Culture, While At The Same Time Preserving Vital Winter Habitat For Threatened SongbirdsNot A Political Or Environmental Polemic, A Cafecito Story Is Instead A Poetic, Modern Fable About Human Beings At Their Best The Challenge Of Producing Coffee Is A Remarkable Test Of Our Ability To Live Sustainably, Caring For The Land, Growers, And Consumers In An Enlightened And Just Way Written With Julia Alvarez S Deft Touch, This Is A Story That Stimulates While It Comforts, Waking The Mind And Warming The Soul Like The First Cup Of Morning Coffee Indeed, This Story Is Best Read With A Strong Cup Of Organic, Shade Grown, Fresh Brewed Coffee

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    Besides the beautiful woodcuts, there is really nothing to this very, very short story about shade grown coffee in the Dominican Republic It s much too short to be a book it would be better suited as an informative pamphlet on sustainable and responsible coffee farming and buying.

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    Alla fine si rivelato una pubblicit progresso per piantagioni di caff fatte da contadini.Speravo anche in illustrazioni migliori.

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    Kind of a Peace Corps type story It DOES make you want a good cup of coffee.

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    As a parable about fair trade coffee it reads a bit like environmental propaganda, which isn t necessarily a bad thing per se It s a very nice little story, but it connects with me because I lived in the mountains of the Dominican Republic for years not far from where Julia Alvarez has her farm That personal connection makes the story for me as I have met my own Miguel and Carmen and sipped many a fantastic cafecito.

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    Beautiful Very short, only about 45 pages I don t even drink coffee but this really made me think I had no idea how much time, love attention go into creating a perfect cup of coffee made from organic beans raised on a cooperative farm in the Dominican Republic The book s artwork is lovely, too.

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    I love some things than others Among those things steep green slopes knock you down strong coffee community that exists solely to support its members This had all three, with some solid writing to boot so of course I loved it 4.5 stars for making me want to consider a move, to grow coffee in the sun.

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    Quaint little parable, which one could easily read in one sitting in less than an hour It has the tone of a bedtime story to me, if the kids had any appreciation for strong coffee, traditional farming, and fair trade It felt a little heavy handed with the moral.

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    I don t even drink coffee, I just really admire Julia Alvarez and was pleased to come across another thing by her I hadn t read As a professional woman who often wonders about returning to the farm I m extra interested of stories by others who have been through a similar process This is a very short and direct story, kind of parable like, that explores the authors and her husbands experiences with sustainable agriculture in the Dominican Republic If you pick it up be extra sure to read the afterword by her husband One thing I ve learned from the life I ve lived The world can only be saved by one man or woman putting a seed in the ground or a story in someone s head or a book in someone s hands.

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    Julia Alvarez s A Cafecito Story is an incredibly straightforward story Presented with the English and Spanish translations interwoven and led by intricate woodcuts, readers follow Joe in his journey of learning how coffee is made and eventually finding his true love through coffee The language is intentionally simplistic to allow the whole story to feel like a fable of sorts Ultimately a short story that presents the message of consuming in the way that does the least harm to the planet and people that live in it Although this is an incredibly fast read, the beautiful woodcuts will stay ingrained in the reader s minds for days to come, as they re beautiful and elevate the story to new heights.