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This Is The Story Of Willoughby, Whose New House Feels Too Small And Very LonelyIt S Also The Story Of An Enchanted Lion And Spectacular Wishes Come True Of Roller Coasters, And Fast, Fast Shoes, And Enormous Crowds Of PeopleBut Most Of All, It S The Story Of One Important Question What Is The Most Wonderful Thing Of All Award Winning Author Illustrator Greg Foley Grew Up In Austin, Texas, And Attended The Rhode Island School Of Design He Now Designs And Creative Directs Visionaire, V Magazine, And VMAN And Lives In Greenwich Village, New York Willoughby The Lion Is The First Book In The Willoughby Series

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    When Willoughby moves to a new house, small and isolated, with a treeless yard, the young boy isn t particularly happy Then he encounters a golden lion who offers him ten wishes, telling him that if he wishes for the most wonderful thing of all, he the lion will be freed from the rock on which he sits Willoughby wishes for all sorts of wonderful things, from a palace to a roller coaster, but it is only with his tenth wish, made after he spends some time with the lion, that he hits upon that most wonderful thingAlthough I would describe the conclusion of Willoughby The Lion, in which the eponymous hero wishes for a view spoiler true friend hide spoiler

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    What would you do if you had 10 wishes That s the premise of this picture book Reading this to my class I got the vibe I was enjoying this story a little bit than they did The premise was a nice springboard for discussion.Not sure this will be part of my friendship week read aloud for next yearunless I move to a higher grade level I think older students may pick up on the moral than my still fresh first graders did.

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    Willoughby is a young boy who just moved to a new small house that he doesn t like He has no friends close by and there is a huge, mysterious rock in the backyard One morning was quite a bit interesting than usual, Willoughby spotted a lion sitting on the big rock The lion granted Willoughby 10 wishes however, if he doesn t wish for the most wonderful thing, lion is stuck there forever Willoughby wishes for a bigger house, a roller coaster, fast shoes, a hot air ballon ship, yummy food, and X ray vision Lion becomes sad because he misses his family and home Willoughby and the lion became best friends It was that night that he whispered his last wish into the lions ear and the next morning everything was normal again There was a coin laying on the rock where lion used to be It said true friend The gold, black, and white colors in the book really made the pictures pop It adds nice contrast and gives the book a unique twist Willoughby was a cartoon figure with just an outline of his body, whereas had dimintion This was consistent through out the entire story Because of this, most of the pictures were flat I thought the storyline was somewhat strange However, this story made it work In my opinion, the overall theme of the story is that you can wish for everything in the world, but true friends are really the only thing that matters This book would have to be for older readers because the storyline requires deep imagination for them to understand the purpose.

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    This book is on the Golden Sower Nominee 2011 2012 list This book is geared toward a younger crowd prek 1st grade The boy in the story makes wishes for things such as candy and fast shoes.

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    Willoughby the Lion uses complex and engaging illustrations to teach a very simple lesson you can have everything under the sun, but nothing is worth than a True Friend Young Willoughby is bummed he moved into a house he doesn t like and is far away from everything, including his friends One day, a mysterious lion shows up in his backyard saying he ll grant Willoughby 10 wishes Willoughby wishes for a big house, fast shoes, a roller coaster, sweet treats and Willoughby soon learns that no matter what he wishes for, they re worthless without a friend to share them with Greg Foley s illustrations are both spare and multifaceted with a limited palate of white backgrounds, bold black lines and metallic gold accents They merge illustration and graphic design in a way that might appeal to older children The cover is a little confusing, an embossed gold coin, but makes sense when you get to the end of the book, which includes a gold coin as a keepsake.

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    Willoughby thinks his new house to small, and very lonely A golden lion appears one morning, and grants his ten wishes, but the tenth wish must be for the most wonderful thing of all As each day passes, and wishes are made, and granted, Willoughby final makes the most wonderful wish of all, and the lion vanishes leaving behind a small coin with two words on it.

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    Willoughby gets 10 wishes and uses 9 to ask for some typical childhood dreams He finally figures out a wish that brings him happiness and contentment on the 10th.The illustrations are lovely black and white line drawings pen ink , accented with gold objects and shapes.

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    Love, love, love this book This is a story about a lion who had huge wishes and dreams This lion was enchanted Willoughby lived a lonely life However, Willoughby wanted his wishes to be granted I recommend you read the story to truly understand it

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    Willoughby Smith hated his new house And so begins this story about a boy winning the proverbial lottery and finding out what is really important to him.He finds a sad golden lion sitting on a rock outside his house The lion has the power to grant ten wishes, but unless the boy wishes for the most wonderful thing of all the lion will be a captive forever.Black line drawings are embellished with gold foil depicting the various wishes In the end the boy receives a special coin.

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    It was a cute children s story, and it was rocking and rolling until you got to the quite ambiguous ending, which is not what you want or need to have in a children s story.