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Where Do You Go Once You Ve Clawed Your Way From Obscurity To The Pinnacle Of Success When You Ve Finally Found The Woman Of Your Dreams When The Ethical Rules Guiding Your Life Need To Be Broken In Order To Have Her When You Ve Eloped To Avoid The Stigma Of An Inter Racial Marriage Among Alabama S Elite If You Re Odell Moore, One Of New York S Most Successful Lawyers, The Entire World Is Watching Your Inevitable Descent And Two New York Detectives Will Be Waiting To Greet You In HellLove, Jealousy, And Deceit Lead To Murder In A Penthouse Apartment But Did Odell Do It Even He Can T Be SureOthello Has Re Emerged In Modern Manhattan Will It End Better For Him And Desdemona This Time Follow The Clues And Beware The Plot Twists And Turns To The Very Last Page In Norman Bacal S Debut Novel

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    When I heard about this book, it was pitched to me as a retelling of Shakespeare s play Othello but set in a law firm And all I can say is this THIS is how to write a good retelling It had enough traces of the original play for me to see how it connected, and how the characterisation could be compared to the original characters But the novel also went off on its own tangent enough for the storyline to become unpredictable despite me being so familiar with the play Enough similarity to be a retelling but enough uniqueness to be its own story I loved it.The book seems to go in two separate parts In the beginning there is a lot of build up and setting of the groundwork for the rest of the story Things quickly get complex and tangled Everything seems to be closely following the events of the play But then the murder happens, and it suddenly becomes its own murder thriller mystery, which intrigued me from beginning to end I wanted to know if the novel would follow the original play with whodunnit, or if it would be someone else entirely As this novel added a lot of new elements and relationship complications to the original play, it made it unpredictable The novel is also incredibly layered We get themes of family, friendship, and the careful work play balance which no one has ever seemed to master It is a very plot driven book as well I did like Odell s character a lot and rooted for him, and I also liked a lot of the main characters But what mostly intrigued me with this book was admittedly the suspense and brilliant pacing.I do want to give a fair warning though, as not every reader is like me The author knows the insides and outsides of the law well, and it does mean it can get a bit technical heavy on the lawspeak in this one I liked it because it meant everything to do with the law firm and their reactions to events was incredibly realistic and accurate It might be boring to some, but it intrigued me all the I loved knowing how the little details about law came into play with the situation.This book does its fair share of head hopping and I think the shifting perspectives worked well for the book Every character had their own motivations which were believable I understood why they did what they did at every occasion It made me question on multiple occasions whether the murderer could truly be someone whose inner thoughts I understood so much I wanted certain things and this book sure did give me a very satisfactory ending I put aside all responsibilities in order to finish reading the book The writing in this one is very straightforward and simplistic It is very much a tell it as it is kind of story While that may not work for everyone, I personally, think it works very well for thrillers It kept up the suspense and moves the pace forward And as a Shakespeare fangirl, I was clinging to the edge of my seat throughout reading this one Definitely a recommend This review and others can be found on Olivia s Catastrophe

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    To the General The paragon of thoughtful leadership Canadian author Norman Bacal stands tall as both an attorney and an entertainment world advisor A graduate of McGill University s Faculty of Law he joined the prestigious law firm of Heenan Blaikie, founding the Toronto office and propelling that firm as the national co managing partner to become Canada s most visible and respected law firms His expertise as a tax attorney aided the financial foundations of Canadian films and television as well as his becoming an advisor for Warner Bros, MGM and Lions Gate Entertainment Fortunately for the reading public, Norman has retired from these endeavors and devotes his time to writing first his superb BREAKDOWN, his account of the rise and fall of a major Canadian law firm Now he uses his experience and expertise in coping with the innards of a major law firm in transposing his gut level story from Canada to New York TGO law firm could easily be Heenan Blaikie Bacal s debut novel ODELL S FALL is a stunning epic novel that embraces many important subjects as well as offering a vivid tale of love, deceit, murder and other crimes with a fine trajectory that recalls Shakespeare s OTHELLO Bacal invests the readers attention from the opening paragraphs, setting a tone that will flow through the pages of this fine novel Odell Moore stood alone, back against the wall His broad shoulders sagged, his eyelids drooped, and the champagne glass slipped out of his grip, triggering an electric shock His long fingers grasped for the stem just before disaster struck, spilling a few drops on the beige boardroom carpet He was not in much of a party mood He studied the busy movements all around him No one seemed to notice Men and women of all sizes, ages, and colours, his army, reached for hors d oeuvres from the floating silver trays offered by the wait staff Some of the lawyers smiled on the way by, careful not to make too much direct eye contact Odell nodded and tipped his flute That was the Odell they d come to expect Alert to all contingencies In control This was home base central command the offices of TGO, on Sixth Avenue, the focal point of the business universe A hundred hour plus workweek, minimum No complaints TGO fed you and, if necessary, se duced and bedded you in order to service the clients and their enormous deals No question this was home, though this was not family This was better than family And Odell was their leader Title character established, we gradually learn that Odell is African American, married to Dee Brabant, a Southern white woman whose father is a racist Alabama senator, in an atmosphere where the men delivered the social status The wives were supposed to shut up and keep the smile pasted on between affairs Divorce led to excommunication Showed a lack of backbone You also didn t marry out of class And you certainly didn t marry out of race Not if you expected to keep those friends The provided synopsis hints at the intrigue to come Where do you go once you ve clawed your way from obscurity to the pinnacle of success When you ve finally found the woman of your dreams When the ethical rules guiding your life need to be broken in order to have her When you ve eloped to avoid the stigma of an inter racial marriage among Alabama s elite If you re Odell Moore, one of New York s most successful lawyers, the entire world is watching your inevitable descent And two New York detectives will be waiting to greet you in hell Love, jealousy, and deceit lead to murder in a penthouse apartment But did Odell do it Even he can t be sure A gripping legal novel with superbly crafted twists and turns that rivet attention up to the final page, this is one extraordinary debut novel by an author who gains leverage on the platform of the finest writers of the day Highly Recommended.

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    Loved the book Thoroughly enjoyed the book and had trouble putting it down The characters were so vivid that it was easy to love hate them Can t wait for the next book

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    A gripping rollercoaster ride of a legal thriller Already a bestseller, Odell s Fall is a murder mystery thriller, written by a top notch attorney, that will grab you and not let you go until the last page.Filled with strong characters, author Norman Bacal s debut novel examines the complexities of an interracial relationship between a southern white woman Dee whose father is a racist, and her African American attorney husband Odell Thrown into this mix are people who are involved in lies and deceit as they all interact in the delicate dance of life and work, and the overlapping and strained relationships that come with fast paced, highly traveled careers Bacal does a fantastic job of looking deeper at his characters, stripping open their hearts and laying in front of us the regret, shame, tears, and heartbreak that come from wrong choices, the desperate grab for power, and the desire to be in control.Add to that a murder mystery, and you have one heck of a novel.The author offers us an insider s view of the inner workings of law and lawyers, writing from the experience of being an attorney himself Odell s Fall will open a door into a story of legal intrigue that you won t want to leave, and I believe will soon be a favorite among the fans of its genre, and beyond Highly recommended.

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    A very good book I LOVED the ending Just kept me going until I finished.Thank you, NetGalley for the advance copy to review.

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    Norman Bacal s debut provocative work of fiction, Odell s Fall is a hybrid of ambition and psychological trauma patterned after Shakespeare s Othello.The story features a successful corporate lawyer, Odell Moore who is a partner in the prestigious international law firm, Torrance, Gottlieb, Overton TGO His colleagues think very highly of his negotiating skills and have nicknamed him The General As the yarn unfolds, Odell is celebrating with his associates his success in putting together a transaction known as the Bounty that is going to create hundreds of jobs in Mobile, Alabama We learn that immediately after the deal had been consummated, Odell had rushed to Las Vegas with his future wife to be married without telling her folks Odell had met and fallen in love with Dee Brabant at a fundraising event held in her parent s home Odell had been at the party to lobby Dee s father, Senator Brabant to convince him to back his client s plan to invest in an Alabama infrastructure project He needed the Senator s support at the Senate Appropriations Committee to make the deal work.Odell knew, however, if the Senator found about his interest in his daughter, the deal would be toast He would never accept his daughter having an affair with the descendant of a slave, particularly that the Senator s family were involved with the Klan.At the office celebration, we meet Jackson Sherman, who considers Odell, his mentor and who desperately has his eyes set on becoming a partner at TGO Sherman is quite ambitious, perhaps too relentless to succeed, even though he has all the tools and requirements to become an equity partner He describes himself as a hard core deal junkie It was Jackson s family s connection to the Senator that helped set up Odell s relationship with him.When Dee returns home to her folks to tell them the news that she had eloped with Odell, all hell breaks loose Her father blows a casket and is not prepared to accept the marriage of his only child to an African American He tells Dee that Odell is a bewitchin man, interested in you only until he gets what he wants He promises to do everything in his power to undo the marriage, which perhaps is a clue to readers as what will unfold.Tension mounts as the story shifts back to Sherman, who is disappointed that Odell did not choose him to run an important file but instead gave him a secondary role Michael Cassidy, who is a former football teammate of Odell and is from the TGO s Los Angeles office, was given the chief position Sherman realizes that his path to equity partnership is threatened by Cassidy as the firm only appoints one equity partner when there is an opening This leads him to uncharted waters with devastating ramifications which not only involves himself but also the hidden demons and secrets of Odell.What I found fascinating about Bacal s plot is that he creates a world where the reader is held hostage It is a plot fueled by incertitude where you never know where Bacal is going as he slowly weaves a devious scheme and a painful frightening revelation He spins a tale in a fluid narrative style with well paced, well blocked flurries of exciting action laced with disturbing undertones of mystery and doom where every detail has been put into play for a reason.Follow Here To Read Norm s Interview With Norman Bacal Author of Odell s Fall

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    Odell s Fall is a story set against the background of racism in modern day Alabama, involving love, jealousy and deceit, culminating in a murder in a rich lawyer s apartment But who did it Odell Moore leads his diverse team of hardworking lawyers in midtown Manhattan, based on trust His moves come carefully calculated He is the master of legally preying on adversaries but in the game of romance, politics, and dangerous associations, who is the cat and who is the mouse In order to have Dee, the woman of his dreams, Odell, a successful African American, must break the ethical and social rules still governing southern life in order to have her He has risen from a troubled past to become a leader Can he and his new bride make a life in a big city with the past still haunting his choices This question, asked early on in the story, becomes one of its central pivot points as Odell faces challenges and changes that redirect the course of his career and life.Readers anticipating a staid mystery, courtroom drama, or legal office political discussion will quickly discover that the tone, setting, and most of all, the ethical conundrums presented in Odell s Fall make it a little bit of all the above, but none of these, exclusively.Dee s father, a racist Alabama senator, who opposes the marriage, joins forces with Odells s protege, Jackson Sherman, to unsettle this marriage and change its course, and the entwining of political ambitions, wealth, devious plotting and murder create a complex, absorbing read that relies on no familiar genre atmosphere, but challenges its readers with delightful twists and thought provoking confrontations.As Odell s Fall unfolds, Odell is revealed to be a strategist, perfectionist, and clever man whose remorse changes everything in his life Revelations are presented in chapters which capture almost moment by moment changes as Odell traverses an uncertain course into disaster, faces an internal rational response system which hits the wall over Dee s fate, and questions his own role in what really happened Between his lack of memory, an unbelievable story and premise, and losing battles of credibility among his colleagues and mother in law, Odell faces not just a personal and professional downfall, but one of the biggest puzzles of his life.From political deals to corporate takeovers, to detective investigations, clues about motivations and entwined lives, and the history of Odell s reactions to adversity, Odell s Fall does than play cat and mouse games with the protagonist s psyche it translates these matches into challenges for readers pulled into the complex interactions and motives of everyone around Odell.Odell s Fall covers romance, partnerships, lives lost and won, the legacy of Odell s heritage and its influences, and the mystery surrounding his actions with a deft attention to detail.Under another hand, these multifaceted subplots might have proved confusing but Norman Bacal excels in seamlessly entwining different perspectives, motivations, and personal, political and legal affairs His ability to capture the personal and professional conundrums of a man with a secret to hide not only from the world, but from himself, makes for a riveting production from beginning to end a story that will leave readers thinking long after the final revelations come to light.

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    AmazingCould not put it down All of the characters and description draw in the reader for an ending not expected.

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    As soon as I opened the first page of this exciting legal thriller I knew I wouldn t be able to put it down Straight away the lead character Odell Moore s incredible presence and power as one of New York s most successful lawyers captured my attention Little did I realise that underneath the formidable, confident, presence which is Odell s face to the world, lies a much complex character, one which continues to unravel and offer new surprises right until the very last page.The story begins with a celebration, it s champagne all around as the lawyers at the prestigious international firm TGO congratulate themselves on having won the Bounty deal, and as their leader Odell Moore, affectionately known as The General, must celebrate this a major victory with them However today Odell s mind is elsewhere, it is with his new wife, beautiful southern belle Dee The couple have just returned from their secret wedding in Vegas and Dee is on her way to break the news of their marriage to her parents How will her mother react, and what impact will their marriage have on her father, a deeply racist Alabama senator, when he learns her new husband is an African American Odell s rise to the top of his profession has been achieved by sheer determination and he has fought for recognition and respect every step of the way This is the way it is if you want to succeed in this business, in a profession which is ruthless, cut throat even However, Odell is not the only one fired with a deep hunger and ambition Jackson Sherman, Odell s young underling, is hungry for success, sure of his own potential and unwilling to let anything get in his way His rise through the ranks at TGO seems destined to succeed, but will it When the seeds of doubt are planted in Jackson s mind he discovers his darker side, a side which will stop at nothing in order to succeed.The author s best selling first book Breakdown told the story of the rise and fall of the iconic Canadian law firm Heenan Blaikie, and in this his first work of fiction he uses his vast experience in the world of law to treat his readers into a glimpse of what life is really like for these high achievers, the glitzy and glamor, the toll on relationships, and what really happens in their lives both inside and outside the boardroom This story is a modern day take on Shakespeare s famous tragedy Othello, and Odell like Othello is soon to learn that you can trust no one, and when you are sitting high up on your pedestal, there are plenty of people who are watching, and waiting for you to fall I just loved this exciting fast paced thriller Right from the first page there s a wonderful mix of excitement, revelation and expectation as the plot evolves and new discoveries about the characters are made Highly recommended

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    Othello had been one of my favorite plays by William Shakespeare so when I read that this is pretty much a modern version, I could not help but give this a read The story follows Dee and Odell The two fell in love right away and married quickly Odell is extremely successful and rich and charming and Dee comes from a prestigious Alabama family However, due to his race, they knew they wouldn t find acceptance so they eloped They move to New York and things don t get better Jealousy and deceit start plaguing them.The beginning was a drag for me if I am to be frank here Maybe we are supposed feel bored alongside Dee and Emily They live lonely existences because their husbands, Odell and Jackson, are busy successful men and simply just want to work all day and all night Booo They are just the wives at home and we barely got to see Odell and Dee just be together and be in love I think I was missing that bonding time with them to see the love However, after a certain event started unfolding at the store and then at the beach I was intrigued again and I knew it was beginning to happen IagoI mean Jacksonwas beginning his insidious plan to ruin Odell s life Ooooo that baddie Always so bad I was ABSOLUTELY hooked at this point The intrigue and the drama Ooooooo that father in law I hated him Horrible, horrible man.I felt for Dee She was just a dumb, rich girl who just wanted to be happy and in love Odell has a lot of issues and I felt for him Poor guy I also felt for his friend Michael Poor everyone Except for our baddie and the father in law Heck I even felt for Emily She was equally a victim The ending was awesome TOTALLY didn t see that coming I loved the detectives The ending made me happy What else to say without giving away spoilers MMMmmmmmMMMYes, this was a good one It was like the original play but with many different twists and turns and we got to see a lot character development The modern take was fun and done well Kuddos to the author for not just copy pasting this story The author truly found a different way to tell this story and make it different You don t at ALL have to read the original play This was its own story All in all, I really enjoyed this book The beginning was dragging there for a bit, but once the ball got rolling I was totally glued to the pages I highly recommend this if you are looking for a good people story I ll stamp this with 4 stars with a touch of romance and a bunch of mysteries.