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I did not know what to expect when it came to this book I have to admit that I m a bit obsessed with Ms Faith Hunter I love everything that she writes so I was a bit excited but yet nervous when she told us that this was coming out I do not know why I wasn t sure since she has not written a bad story since I have been following her but it s a different genre so I guess that is where the fear comes from When I first started this I was a bit confused She started off talking about ants I m from Florida so I know how vicious ants can be but I had no idea where she was going When I got over the ants introduction I understood where she was going As the story progressed I was just shocked that the world has collapsed Since it is 2020 I am not overly surprised but this dystopian world that she created I am all for I loved the main character and I loved all the cats Mateo, a person robot something or another is than he seems I am looking forward to figuring out how this entire world unravels and where Ms Hunter decides to take us because the way it ended had me hot I politely said out loud, Is that it I thought that the book was longer but it is not and I am just angry that it was just trying to get really good and the fight scene was going to have me get my life however it just abruptly stopped I forgot that Miss Hunter does cliffhangers very well.I have no idea when Part 2 is coming out but best believe I am ready and excited Junkyard Cats is the first in a brand new series by Faith Hunter Naturally, that means I couldn t have been excited to get my hands on this lovely bit of fiction I should probably mention that right now, the only way to get your hands on Junkyard Cats is through Audible You see, it s currently only in audiobook format, though I believe that it will be getting adapted in the near ish future On the bright side, if you re an Audible member you can get this book for free So go nab it Junkyard Cats is a post apocalyptic science fiction novel in the best of ways Though I might be a bit biased there, thanks to the significant inclusion of cats in this novel All things considered, I m okay with that Set in the far flung future, this is a world that has been once again torn apart by war Technology has allowed humanity to limp along, though the world is much changed Shining Smith survived the latest war, and has created a little home for herself out in the middle of nowhere But that doesn t mean her life is all peace and quiet No, that would be too easy Her past was always destined to catch up with her Shining knew it But she never quite expected the series of events that occur here You may have noticed that this description didn t bring up the Junkyard Cats element in this book Trust me, they re well worth the wait, and their introduction is absolutely perfect and not something I want to ruin I was swarmed and survived and had the scars to prove it I ll be honest with you here I had no idea what to expect with Junkyard Cats Being that it s written by Faith Hunter, I expected to like it But other than that, I really didn t know This is the first time I ve read a book that was an Audible exclusive, so the whole thing was a new experience for me.What I got Was something amazing I absolutely adored Junkyard Cats and every element that Faith Hunter wove into the story I would have happily listened to this audiobook for another five or hours, given half the chance.So my short answer is this this novel is worth grabbing, even if you ve been hesitating because of the change in format Or, worst case scenario, it s worth the wait for a readable format Either way, get this book and read it.I was fascinated by Shining s story, and will say that Faith Hunter did an excellent job of leaving hints to keep us grasping towards her backstory There is still so much to learn that I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on the next novel in this series.Obviously, I adored the cat element in this book Perhaps a little bit too much It was fun and quirky, while also making Shining that much human in my eyes And okay, the cats themselves were pretty funny and full of personality I loved them.I ve spent all this time talking about the writing, but have yet to give credit to the narrator Khristine Hvam did an excellent job bringing this story to life I especially loved the vocalization she came up with for the cats that was not what I expected at all But it worked It worked better than I would have ever imagined.Junkyard Cats may have been Faith Hunter s first foray into writing speculative science fiction, but you can t tell by reading it I already love the edge she s added to this series, and am very much looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next For reviews check out Quirky Cat s Fat Stacks Listening Length Hours And MinutesFrom The Author Of The Best Selling Jane Yellowrock And Soulwood Series Comes A Tough New Heroine Who Is Far Than She SeemsAfter The Final War, After The Appearance Of The Bug Aliens And Their Enforced Peace, Shining Smith Is Still Alive, Still Doing Business From The Old Scrapyard Bequeathed To Her By Her Father But Shining Is Now Something Than Human And The Scrapyard Is No Longer Just A Scrapyard, But A Place Full Of Secrets That She Has Guarded For YearsThis Life She Has Built, While Empty, Is Predictable And Safe Until The Only Friend Left From Her Previous Life Shows Up, Dead, In The Back Of A Scrapped Tesla Warplane, A Note To Her Clutched In His Fingers A Note Warning Her Of A Coming AttackSomeone Knows Who She Is Someone Knows What She Is Guarding Will She Be Able To Protect The Scrapyard Will She Even Survive Or Will She Have To Destroy Everything She Loves To Keep Her Secrets Out Of The Wrong Hands I like science fiction and cats, just maybe not together Format Audible Warrior Nano bot Enhanced Cat Lady in Post Apocalyptic Survival Tale Review of the Audible Original audiobook edition Jan 2020 of the eBook expected July 2020Junkyard inhabitant Shining Smith is a veteran of a future earth war upon which a sort of peace has been imposed by alien invaders Her somewhat peaceful world with a retired war bot Matteo, starship AI s and a huge pride of cats presided over by great great great grandmother cat Tufts is invaded by an apparent hunter and then a gang of scavengers The ensuing conflict is the follow through in this inventive cyperpunk audiobook novel I don t know Faith Hunter s previous work at all but her specialties appear to be either paranormal fantasy especially in the Jane Yellowrock series or thriller suspense under her other pen name of Gwen Hunter Junkyard Cats appears to be her first cyberpunk novel and hints at being a further continuing series with its open ending that leaves a primary foe intact Junkyard Cats incorporates allusions to several sci fi and post apocalyptic tropes which will make it easily adoptable for fans of the genre There is something like a Ghost in the Shell Major Batou bond between Smith and Matteo for instance, the whole setup is very Mad Maxian, the alien Bugs allude to Starship Troopers, the interaction with space ship AI s is everything from 2001 A Space Odyssey onwards etc The neatest part was the mind meld with the cats though That allowed for some comedic relief as did the snippy exchanges with the AI All very well done Khristine Hvam narrated all voices effectively throughout Junkyard Cats was one of the free Audible Original audibooks for members in January 2020 It is available to everyone for a standard price According to the author s Facebook, the novel is expected to be released in eBook format in 6 months time ie July 2020. Junkyard Cats is a new departure for Faith Hunter She s freed herself from the super nat saturated universe that both the Jane Yellowrock and the Soulwood series take place in moved from Urban Fantasy to Science Fiction and broken with the tradition of bringing out the print version first and gone straight and only to audiobook I think all these changes are good It seemed to me that I could taste the energy and excitement freeing herself from the complex world she built and populated in thirteen Jane Yellowrock novels and four Soulwood novels with a fifth being published this summer gave to Faith Hunter This novella crackles with energy and is stuffed with ideas Faith Hunter has embraced Science Fiction in a way that makes it her own There s the same level of weapon s lust that was a constant in the Jane Yellowrock series but THESE weapons are truly scary Set a few decades in the future and with the intervention of scavenged alien tech to speed things along, Faith Hunter has imagined AI Hive Mind directed Nano technology enabled weaponry that is both plausible and innovative Then she s rolled in biker culture with the Motorcycle Clubs becoming a line of defence against the invading machines sent by the Chinese Finally, she s come up with a kick ass heroine, this time one trying to live a quiet life, who is no longer quite human nothing supernatural think tech mutation and a pride of junkyard cats with enhanced sentience and the ability to share what they re seeing with each other So great weapons, biker culture, than human female fighter and spookily smart cats What could I want How about two or three major threats, a pressure cooker deadline, dizzyingly rapid and complex worldbuilding, a full on assault and a huge body count Yep, I got all of those too The icing on the cake was the decision to go straight to audible Normally, I have to wait a while after the publication of a Faith Hunter book before I can have Khristine Hvam s narration bring it alive for me This time, I was able to start the book the day that it was published I enjoyed Junkyard Cats , consuming it in two days and finishing it with a Wow, that was good feeling that was rapidly followed by, When do I get I would have prefered it if this had been a full length novel the audiobook is five hours long so about 140 150 pages I enjoyed the intensity of the novella but I d have appreciated a little time to breathe and to get to know the characters a bit There were also a couple of clumsy I m being briefed on the war by my computer bits of info dumping that might have been avoided with a little space BUT these are minor things This is a remarkable, action driven, near future Science Fiction story and I want of it. Great Dystopian Sci FiI love Faith Hunter and I particularly enjoy listening to Khristine Hvam s narration of her books Buying this book was a no brainer despite being a different genre from Ms Hunter s usual works.This work is set decades in the future, after several world wars and invasion of bugs from space Shining Smith is a survivor of the wars, she lives in a junkyard left to her by her deceased father and is kept company by an office AI, called Gomez, a war bot inhabited by a very damaged Matteo and dozens of cats.This story starts with Shining discovering a dead body in the trunk of a car she bought on the black market, covered in bi coloured ants, a dangerously genetically modified creation that seeks human flesh to consume Shining survived a bi coloured swarm attack as a child and still remembers the pain Not many people survive swarm attacks.In the footsteps of the dead body an OMW enforcer arrives Shining and her father were part of the OMW and fought alongside the Government against the People s Republic of China, but Shining was supposed to be dead and things were beginning to mount up, with no time to think.This story is gripping, filled with drips of information about Shining, her life and the world in which she inhabits It s drip feed nature keeps you riveted throughout, and Shining is a complex and compelling character, that you root for from the start.As this is an audible original, you can only get the book in audio format, so if you are a Faith Hunter fan, you have probably heard several of the accents and voices used before in other books by Ms Hunter However, this did little to detract from the great story.I hope a future book in this series comes out soon, because I really enjoyed this one. An absolute pile of trash I was attracted by the concept of a female led sci fi, completed with cats Sounded very exciting But it was incredibly disappointing.I personally love sci fi But many times, especially when talking to other women, I came across a very negative reaction to science fiction I like all the genres, except science fiction they would say And I really struggled how anybody who has an interest in the world we live in and the future not like science fiction Pretty much everyone loves Black Mirror and that s science fiction After I tried to listen to this book, I finally understood why sci fi has such a bad rep with some people For me science fiction is an informed exploration of existing trends, a mental exercise in continuing building the world we live in, twisting some aspects of it What if Trump gets re elected, and the alt rights take seats in all the big European countries What if Russia has another revolution and starts building a feminist green state What if the global warming heads towards its worst possible scenario Answering those questions with attention to detail and careful world building is very interesting However, when people I talked with said no sci fi for me they probably thought about BOOM BOOM BOOM ALIEN MY BIG GUN I SHOT THE FUCKER DOWN AND LOOK AT MY BOOBS THANK GOD I AM STILL SEXY IN MY RED LEATHER COMBAT SUIT WHO IS THIS SEXY GUY RIGHT THERE BOOM BOOM BANG ANOTHER DANG ALIEN KISS KISS SEXY MUSCLES What you just read is this book in a nutshell This is not sci fi, this is very low brow trash I do not understand who has time for this, I definitely don t Couldn t even finish this book. I m in love with this new series The world is intriguing the characters well developed I m looking forward to book 2 I d highly recommend this series to those who enjoy Sci fi, dystopian worlds, space, Evolutionary biology Artificial Intelligence Fans of Shoot the messenger by Pippa DaCosta will enjoy this new series 5 stars There s an interesting, if busy, post apocalyptic world here runaway nanotech, combat bots, alien invaders, bio engineered insects, militias, rival biker gangs but also loads of jargon and info dumping and a YA feel that turned me off The heavily armed young female protagonist, replete with overactive hormones and smart guardian cats, is kind of bad ass on one hand, yet on the other her top priorities seem to include her outfit and personal hygiene Anyway, much of the story is an intense battle scene, with no time for things to get dull, making for a quick, fun listen.