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In The Bleak Future Of West Angel City, Vanity Rose Is Having A Great Time She Has A Loving Robot Caretaker, A Fake Elf For A Sister, And She Roams The Walls Of West Angel S Endless Skyscrapers Every Night, Thanks To Her Precious Gravity ShoesWhat Vanity Doesn T Have Are Money And Adventure, But She Has A Plan To Get Both She S Going To Walk The Dark Side, Joining The Thieves, And Mercenaries Who Get Paid To Do All The Little Jobs That Make A Corrupt City Go Around She Ll Only Have To Deal With Killer Robots, Vengeance Crazed And Not Very Bright Computer Programs, Cyborg Vampires, Telepathic Capybaras, Mean Girl Mech Pilots, And Have Every Homemade Weapon In The City Pointed At HerFourteen Is Old Enough For That, Right ChaosThe first half of the book is much like the MC ADD plus rebellious streak plus impulsive young teen girl plus edgy plus it s hard to track what is going on as the world is being formed in bits and scattered pieces Very manic, very declarative, very mercurial.The plot really only hits its mark about midway through the book Even from there it can be a rough ride.It ended rather abruptly Not unfinished, uninterested in happily ever afters.The cautionary bits about AI were fascinating.I will likely read the author s next novel Very imaginative worlds. Let s get this out of the way In a great book with an intriguing and engaging main character the true star of the show is still somehow the setting It feels rich and detailed with everything from grandiose ideas like a Mars colony to little everyday things like an app to make sure your cat isn t drinking the acid rain.I ve mentioned Vanity definitely not Vanity Rose and it s through her eyes that we get to know the city, usually at 90 degrees to the vertical and fifty stories up as she parkours around in her gravity boots One or two such scenes were so well written I got a trace of vertigo If you liked Penny from Please Don t Tell My Parents I m a Supervillain then you ll like Vanity, but she very definitely has her own unique voice.The story itself is very good Unintended consequences both good and bad ripple out to affect almost everything that s going on, and that s part of what makes the world feel real and unbounded The theme of the book for me was that whilst it s set in a dystopia the people in it are all still people, even if they re not human any or never were Vanity meets as many good people who help her out because it s the nice thing to do as hardened souls who only look out for themselves, almost like real life.In summary, an excellent book and one I d encourage anyone with the slightest interest to read. Richard Roberts has yet again taken an already fantastical genre to even wondrous and whimsical lengths, this time with an over the top blend of cyberpunk and fantasypunk elements full of great characters ranging from standard issue humans to robots, catpeople, elfs and every point on the spectra between, with the perfect blend of quirkiness, darkness and sincerity that fans of the author know and love The protagonist is a confident, daring teenager who revels in her moments of freedom and is intent on becoming independent, but she is also compassionate and when needed selfless and doesn t fall into the insidious, harmful not like other girls trope.Between the literally gravity defying action sequences and heartfelt moments of vulnerability, the book is difficult to put down you want to keep reading until the next clue or moment of character growth One of the things I love about Roberts writing is the way he leaves breadcrumbs and builds up to to the big reveals, and You Can Be A Cyborg When You re Older absolutely delivers. GeniusThis book is pure genius An young adult sci fi with cyber punk elements, fantasy elements, a distopian future reminiscent of Jhony Mnemonic ,and Blade Runner, intricately carved in amazing detail, plenty of action, teenage optimism, spunk, style and weird but well made characters An excellent book well worth it. Every page of this book made my reader heart happy Vanity Rose is an engaging, superawesome, beautifully snarky, heartrendingly vulnerable on the inside young woman with all the cyberpunk trials and tribulations one could ask for Roberts crafts a world that is absolutely fascinating in its vivid, unusual detail Cyborg capybaras, elf people, and doctors made of chocolate It doesn t get any better than that Also, watch for the Roberts version of an ancient nemesis we all learned to hate back in the 1990s I highly recommend this novel. Another solid bookSet in a world that reminded me of a lighthearted version of the old Shadowrun series, this book is superior to anything the book description might remind you of Many of the sensibilities of his terrific earlier books carry over into this new world. Wizard of Oz meets CyberpunkA YA dystopic future coming of age story, with the heroine dealing with elves, vampires, and homicidal AIs in an effort to fix her biggest mistake. All We Wanted Was To Make You Happy I m not much one for synopsizes I really don t feel I can do this or any story justice by trying to cram it down into a few sentences Suffice to say that the book is an examination of the life of one Vanity Rose A fourteen year old in some nebulous future version of California In tone, this book falls somewhere in between Roberts earlier works It s not as light as the Please Don t Tell My Parents I m a Supervillain series, nor is it as dark as Quite Contrary Vanity lacks the sheltered innocence of Bad Penny, but also lacks the fatalism of Mary One of the most amusing points in the book, is that it s carefully screened for younger audiences, lacking blatant swears or bad language However, this is actually lamp shaded in the book because the main character has a profanity filter built into herself It s not clear how, but the results are amusing, and occasionally even hilarious, as Vanity wrestles with rage and attempts to curse, only to be stymied by her own profanity filter The other amusing point of note is that this is one of the best Cyberpunk books I ve seen in years It examines both post and transhumanism in detail It looks at how AIs might be used, and tragically, what might go wrong with them And even at the intersection of AI and humanity More to the point, it looks a what cybernetics and bio genetic manipulation might end up being used for when they pass beyond the realms of the theoretic and medical and into the nity grity everyday world Calling to mind Bruce Sterling s Mechs and Shapers The book looks at fads and trends present in our everyday world, and wonders what the world might look like and act like in a day when today s cos players have thousands of times the power to act out their dreams and visions I think I liked Bad Penny better, but this was still a fun read, with lots of fascinating ideas Highly recommended.As always I paid retail price for the Kindle version of this book, my thoughts on it are my own They were neither solicited by, nor compensated for, by the author or by the publisher.