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    This is so sweet A gentle, cozy read The illustrations and the overall tone of the book made me long for a heavy snowfall and experience the quiet stillness that often follows I read it to my two year old and she begged me to reread it three times, until I said, No, it s time for bed We can read it again tomorrow.

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    Dumb Viruses cause colds Playing outside in all sorts of weather builds one s health Now, if it there were another reason to stay inside all day, then go outside after the snow stopped falling and the sun had set, I might have given it one star But I m not particularly fond of the art, either Why Because fresh snow is brilliantly reflective, and the home would be all lit up, not gloomy as portrayed.I think it s really a story about a mom who is vulnerable to depression but fighting it.

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    A little bunny wakes up one morning, only to be told by his mother that he can sleep late Kindergarten has been canceled due to the snow So begins a quiet day, as the bunny and his mother play cards, and watch the snow fall Mother bunny has promised that when it stops falling, they can go outside, and when it finally does, late in the evening, they share a magical night time walkOriginally published in Japan, Komako Sakai s attractive picture book pairs a gentle, pitch perfect narrative with lovely illustrations The grays and whites, relieved by an occasional yellow, are well suited to the snowy world being depicted, as is the sense of quiet evoked throughout Any child who has enjoyed the beauty of a walk through freshly fallen snow, when the world is hushed and seemingly abandoned, will appreciate this book, and identify with its understated and elegant depiction of a Snow Day.

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    I probably should have read this when we had our snow day yesterday today it is ICE day and I still can t go out In any case, I read it a few days ago and while I enjoyed it and can certainly see why the artwork has won such accolades this was recently named one of the NY Times Ten Best Children s Books of 2009 I was not quite as wowed by it as I thought hoped I would be Some of the illustrations such as the cover art really touched me, and others were just so so Still, I think it s wonderful to expose children to a variety of styles and this is certainly different from most picture books out there It s also cool because it was originally published in Japan and I love imports Mostly, though, I think children will just enjoy that it s a story about snow being home from school but not able to go out in the snow oh, such a deliciously painful state It s sweet how the mother and the little rabbit interact, too.

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    DolceQuesto libro mi piaciuto per l equilibrio fra i morbidi disegni a pastello sui toni del bianco e del grigio e il realismo minimale della storia e nel complesso mi ha ispirato un profondo senso di pace Un bimbo e la mamma, conigli, abitano in un appartamento di una citt ferma per una grande nevicata A questa notizia, il bimbo salta gi dal letto, deliziosa immagine dinamica, perch vorrebbe correre fuori La tenera et del coniglio viene espressa con piccoli dettagli rossi sul pigiamino, il suo pelouche un dinosaurino imbronciato Trascorrer la giornata con la mamma, aspettando che la citt riprenda a muoversi.

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    You know when a picture book is successful When it can conjure up a feeling or a memory you didn t even know you had I remember playing in the snow at night as a small child The contrast of bright white snow lit by the streetlights, and the jet black sky above In my experience, picture books that deal with simple subjects generally have a hard road to hoe They either are accused of glutting the market with of the same, or they are so unique that they re told that they won t find their readership I find it hard to believe that The Snow Day by Komako Sakai will share either of these fates, though A Japanese import from the creator of the equally compelling and mesmerizing Emily s Balloon, Sakai s title turns gray to gold Any child who has ever watched flakes fall in rapid succession is going to get a kick out of this book A title capable of finding the dreamlike beauty in stark reality.When a little rabbit wakes up early one morning its mother assures it that there s no reason to get up Kindergarten s closed It s been snowing all night, and the school bus got stuck A snow day But rather than be allowed to run outside, the rabbit s mother informs it that it will have to wait until the snowflakes stop falling So together they play cards and watch the flakes fall from the balcony At night the little rabbit is just about to go to bed when it realizes that the snow has stopped falling So together, in the well lit dark, the two of them go outside to play in the snow They ll play again tomorrow, and tomorrow daddy stuck in an airport will be home, because it stopped snowing Since we are dealing with a child wearing a snowsuit playing in a mass of white fluffiness there are bound to be people who equate it with The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats That s an unfair comparison on so many levels, though I mean, both books have that slow, methodical feeling you get when you walk outside and the sounds of the world are hushed by the fall of the flakes When the little rabbit in the book says, Mommy, we are all alone in the world, that could sound twee or quaint, but instead it feels exactly right Snow reinforces the loneliness that comes with silence And while Keats chose to beautify the ugliness of a city with his white canvass, Sakai seems far interested in beautifying the seeming ugliness of an apartment complex It s a different world and it inspires a wholly different feel Keats book was all about experiencing the snow Sakai s book is all about waiting to experience it.My edition of this book did not say how the art was made, but we can infer a little Some paint looks like it came into play The clusters of snowflakes falling as light masses of white are definitely painted Crayon also looks like it was a medium The moment when the little rabbit changes into a snowsuit ears on his hoodie and all , a single red crayon line curls and pools on the ground, becoming the red stretch of yarn that connects one red mitten to another And is that a thick smear of some kind of oil based crayon or paint I see as well It s hard to say Whatever its make up might be, the book s illustrations bring to life that cool gray light that comes on overcast days The kind of light that seeps into every corner of your home, no matter how many lamps you turn on to banish it I am always impressed by an artist s skill with figures and landscapes, but lighting is the hardest of these And the most impressive.Sakai has cleverly avoided giving the little rabbit a gender Lest you doubt me, this is not an easy thing to do It takes a very very particular art style to make a convincing any old gender will do child in a book, regardless of what animal they might be The downside to this is that because the artist has made the bunnies here look pretty much like real bunnies, however, they initially appear to be a touch expressionless As the story continues, however, their faces melt a little, as when the little rabbit jumps out of bed for joy, or when the two go outside and make snow dumplings and monsters Particularly in the latter scene there s a great image of the mother rabbit watching over her little one, an identical smile on both their faces.Children understand waiting They don t like it, but they understand it They may not all know what snow days are like, or even what snow itself is, but the feeling of having to wait to do something fun is universal This book is universal A class unto itself, if you want to get lofty about it If these are the picture books the Japanese are putting out these days, I think we should demand to have of them translated and put on our bookstore and library shelves A book that will please both grown up and child and happens to be a little beautiful, just for kicks.Ages 4 8.

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    The feelings of a small child are here But,it is not geared towards children in practice rather than in theory Perhaps using a small child instead of a blobby bunny might have given this the universal feel the author is aiming for with the bunny But instead the juxtaposition of an animal on a very real world somehow clashes.Sorry, no one has ever done it better than Ezra Jack Keats did it in The Snowy Day You can read that to a bunch of 2009 high tech, overstimulated preschoolers and they will still thrill to the emotion it evokes This one is an exquisite work of art you could hang some of the illustrations in an art gallery But it just doesn t have the heart and soul of a children s picture book.

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    Mommy, we re all alone in the world I really like this author s books They are simple and sparse yet have a strange melancholy to them.

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    Loved the cozy illustrations Did not love the story.

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    Read in digital format.What is it about rabbits in children s books that makes a person go aaawww The cover reminded me on one of my favorite children s books about another rabbit, so I decided to read this book and see if it was just as good it was The main character is never called by his name in the text, yet the story is based around a snow storm that prevents the main character from being able to go outside or to school As I flipped through the pages and looked at the simple but lively illustrations, I reflected on my own childhood and shared the main characters excitement to play in the snow Although the snow is fun to the main character, it keeps him from some things that are important to him I won t tell you any because you should read it for yourself This would be a great story to read to a kindergarten classroom to talk about the weather.