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Calwyn Has Never Been Beyond The High Ice Wall That Guards The Sisters Of Antaris From The World Of Tremaris She Knows Only The Rounds Of Her Life As A Novice Ice Priestess, Tending Her Bees, Singing Her Ice Chantments, And DreamingBut Then Calwyn Befriends Darrow, A Mysterious Outlander Who Appears Inside The Wall And Warns Of An Approaching Danger To Help Darrow, To See The World, And Perhaps To Save It, Calwyn Will Leave The Safety Of The Wall For A Journey With A Man She Barely Knows And An Adventure As Beautiful And Dangerous As The Music Of Chantment Itself

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    this book was spellbinding for me.not only was the content gripping, enchanting and original with singers as weavers of magic but also, it was the writing style of the author that, coupled together with the plot, made reading the book magic itself from the start with the seemingly impenetrable ice walls of Antaris which was fine description, and the vivid portrayal of feelings of main character, to the new friends met along the way, and the noble quest set out for, it was simply beautifully written and very engaging.the feeling of waiting for the next book in this trilogy to come out was terrible, by far the worst wait of my life

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    This is the first book in a young adult fantasy triology by Kate Constable I read the first two last year before I realized the third book hadn t been written Why I usually wait for ALL the books in a series there are starting to be exceptions to my usual rule these days The third book is now available It s a story of chanters Calwyn is an ice chanter and the main character There are nine power of chantment the power of tongue, beasts, seeming, winds, iron, becoming, fire, ice, and the Great Power I read so much nonfiction that it s nice to drop into some other invented world once in a while I also like stories that show strong female characters.

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    Second Review read in December 2015Almost two years separate the two times I ve read this book Over such a long period of time, people s tastes change mine certainly have and so I was a little bit apprehensive about starting this one again I remembered quite a bit of the storyline, and I remembered how much I loved the author s writing style, but I wasn t entirely sure if it was as good as I had remembered it to be I was a little afraid I was looking at it with rose tinted glasses.For the first, at least 40, possibly 50%, this was true I found the characters incredibly annoying and while the writing was beautiful, the world was a bit unoriginal and clich Calwyn, the main character, was a whiny, immature little brat I honestly despised her she constantly blamed others for everything and kept getting them into trouble, all the while denying that she ever did anything wrong She was absolutely infuriating The other characters weren t much better Darrow was too cold and distant for me to ever get fond of him, and none of the other characters are well developed enough for me to judge them Samis, I thought, was a very one dimensional, tropey character the ubiquitous evil, dark sorcerer who appears in every second rate fantasy book I read a ton of fantasy and I m not content with one dimensional villains any They need to a be interesting, b develop just like the protagonists, and c genuinely make me scared because that s the point of a villain, right Sadly, Samis wasn t any of those things I also thought that the world needed something It was fairly interesting, and I liked the idea of the nine chantments and the walled city of Antaris, but at times it seemed too clich and unoriginal I know said in my original mini review that I thought the setting was really interesting, but I d changed my mind the second time around.Added to that, the storyline was quite dull it suffers from that ever present syndrome in fantasy, The Endless Walking The characters were just walking from one country to another, not really doing anything, and there s nothing fascinating than watching two characters wander up and down, up and down, with nothing to do but bicker sarcasm All in all, I wasn t particularly enthused Around this point I considered putting it down and reading something else, but I decided against it and I m very glad I did.The second half of the book picks up considerably I m not entirely sure why, because the pace doesn t really change, and there s still a fair amount of travelling, but the whole book just felt slicker, better, intriguing I loved the character of Mica and the writing was just stunning Hands down, Kate Constable s writing is the best part of the book Would I recommend it Yes, I would Does it have its flaws Yes, definitely If the writing is the book s main strength, the characters are its weakness they were all pretty annoying and one sided, and I was disappointed to see how little Calwyn changed by the end of the book I also found her romance infatuation thing with Darrow disappointing first of all, they barely knew each other, and he wasn t exactly very pleasant to her most of the time he s downright unkind and careless But aside from that, I didn t really like the age difference she was what, barely sixteen and he was nearly thirty It might just be me, but that didn t sit well.Despite all that, I still enjoyed it, and I m keeping my original rating and placing on my favourites shelf I m less keen on reading the sequels, because to be honest, it doesn t seem to me like it needs to be a trilogy I say this a lot, but really three books sounds unnecessary tack on another fifty pages to this one just to wind things up, and it would be fine, because view spoiler the villain was dead There wasn t really anything left to do hide spoiler

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    If you get the strange feeling that you ve already read Kate Constable s first installment of the Tremaris trilogy, it s probably because you ve read Garth Nix s Lirael There is very little original or imaginative in Calwyn s episodic journey to destroy yet another one dimensional Basic Evil Guy this novel is not novel Calwyn, a cloistered novice who has spent her first seventeen years behind a magically maintained ice wall, plays the gawking spectator on what is basically a tour of Constable s made up world But because not enough time was spent establishing Calwyn s world view, and because most of us have read any number of books set in magical fantasy worlds, we are not surprised when Calwyn is surprised, not filled with wonder along with her We re left out For example, very early on in the book Calwyn finds a Sorceror on the wrong side of the wall This causes much consternation inside the book, but not out here in the real world because we were not given to understand that it was not widely known inside the wall that men, or even anyone outside the wall, could work magic That kind of sloppiness permeates the entire book If it s available, and you re one of those people who just needs to be reading, don t hesitate to pick it up It s not as bad as a withdrawal headache Just don t bother seeking it out There are other books much worth the effort.

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    I loved the poetic way that Constable wrote this book It s beautful And it s mysterious and exciting and interesting and fresh and amazing

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    I really wanted to love this one, I did.I think that some things were just awkwardly placed and then, later on, even awkwardly explained The writing style was pretty but had its ups and downs I did skip over some paragraphs were the details got particularly elaborate The dialogue was stilted a bit like when something bad was happening once of them would go faint and yell No A few eye rolling moments, but nothing too bad.Calwyn was pretty good and Trout was really funny Darrow was sulker, mates The romance had so much potential but I think of that is being saved for later books Calwyn and Darrow had a couple awww moments but spend most of the time dodging each other The worlds that they traveled around to were really interesting.I was quite distracted while reading this book and this review isn t giving you much insight into the characters, plot, etc It was just kinda meh for me, maybe I should try some of Kate Constable s contemporary books Anyway, sorry for the musings that I have substituted for a review I just wanted to say something about this bookI think you should try reading it if you just have an uneventful afternoon to spare or somethingBut anyway.It wasn t bad.2.5 stars.

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    Ahoy there mateys I don t remember who convinced me to give this series a chance but I do know that it was the discussion of music that led to it I was warned that the series was read when much younger and so she didn t know if it would hold up I listened to this one on audiobook with narration by Karen Ziemba They actually excluded samples of the chanting which was cool They unfortunately used the exact same versions of the chanting for the entire book Not so cool I ended up thinking that this was just an okay read I did like the magic system and the main protagonist But the plot was not good for me at all Serious problems with it At least enough time has passed that I threw whole sections out of me noggin So won t be readin any others in this series I am glad I read it and satisfied the curiosity I always had for the series I do think that if I was in middle school, I would have liked this series a lot .Check out me other reviews at

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    What if you could sing magic into being High, pure notes for ice or coldness gravelly low tones for metal whistling alto songs for wind and the silent music of dance for healing The Singer of All Songs takes the idea of song based magic and weaves it into a mythic toned young adult fantasy novel reminiscent of Alison Croggon s The Books of Pellinor.I don t quite remember how I came across The Singer of All Songs, but I m glad I borrowed a copy despite my ultimately mixed feelings on it I ve been struggling with fatigue lately work during the summer is exhausting in a children s library, y all, no matter how fulfilling it is , so its short length and nostalgic to me tone let me plow through it Plus, this title had a few things going for it that helped me enjoy it A musical magic system I may have mentioned in other reviews that I don t really mind if a magic system is codified in an almost scientific way ala Brandon Sanderson , but I ve always found magic systems that are somehow tied to music or language really appealing The world of Tremaris and its various types of music based magic disciplines was beautiful the descriptions of how they all interact with each other and what they sound like when sung were done well An interesting, flawed protagonist and a varied supporting cast I don t think all readers with like Calwyn, the protagonist, at least not at first blush She starts off relatively secure but a bit mischievous, and her restless nature almost borders on whiny To me, that s fine she s 16, and based on her upbringing, it makes sense that her outlook on the world is sheltered There s also such a thing as character development, and Calwyn certainly does learn and grow over the course of the novel I wasn t as fond of Darrow Calwyn mentions not getting a good read on him, so to speak, and I agree with her assessment He holds himself apart from the group, and this book never really resolves why other than just saying he s aloof, which just seemed to kind of hand wave it away Luckily, the other side characters are fleshed out and likeable, though I do hope they develop past being fantasy archetypes in future books I think Mica, the brash windworker, is my favorite at the moment The descriptive prose This is another thing that will really vary from reader to reader I think others might find the prose too far on the purple side but I liked it It painted the people and landscapes of Tremaris in vivid colors to me.Now I want to talk about some things that I wasn t as fond of.I mentioned above that sometimes, the cast felt like fantasy archetype characters Trout, for instance, felt mostly one note as the bookish, reluctant tagalong Darrow was the terse and mysterious mentor figure Mica and Tonno, luckily, developed past their first impressions, especially through the found family they seem to be building with each other Like, this wasn t terrible or anything, but I do look for well fleshed out characters when reading fiction, and this book fell just a bit short for me in that regard The hints at a romance between Darrow and Calwyn were another thing that I was on the fence about For one thing, Darrow s personality felt as lively as a blank stone wall view spoiler once he and Calwyn escaped from Antaris hide spoiler

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    I was looking at the ratings and it seems that the younger the reviewer, the stars they gave it Perhaps it is because I have read A LOT of fantasy, but this was just ok for me I liked the world the author created It was innovative, but not really fresh I felt like the places where we wanted a deeper understanding of the world, Constable skipped over what could have been interesting The societies she created were very two dimensional, as were her characters and their struggles, but for a debut novel, it was ok I will probably read the other books in the series, but only if I have nothing else in my TBR pile this would be fine for kids 10 to read.

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    3.5 stars I have slightly complicated feelings about this book I read it when I was younger, then bought a copy at a used book sale on a whim and reread it I still enjoyed it, but now that I m older, I noticed a couple things that I didn t like about it Some spoilers.GOOD STUFF I really like the world building The idea of magic through song is a really interesting and unique one The scenes where Calwyn and other characters are using chantment are well described it really does feel like a combination of magic and musical talent It s also nice that each type of chantment is clearly described fire, ice, illusions, etc and have distinct limitations, since I ve read a lot of fantasy novels where the magic systems were very loosely defined and just did whatever the plot demanded it My greatest weakness is ragtags bands of misfits, and the crew of the Fledgewing fits right into that category Mica and Trout were my favorite side characters Although we don t see much of Samis, he s a pretty good villain His motivation to unite Tremaris is understandable, but also selfish since he wants to make himself emperor He can also be genuinely creepy in the scenes where he uses the Power of Seeming I also always find villains interesting when they have a personal connection to the characters, and his former friendship with Darrow definitely qualifies as that Minimal romance Some books I like romance, some I don t I don t really think it was necessary in this book it s about Calwyn making friends and seeing the wider world so I m glad there wasn t much The ending is satisfying and wraps up a lot of stuff and just some questions and conflicts to be explored in future novels I dunno, it sometimes bothers me when books end with a blatant sequel hook.SOME LESS GREAT STUFF Potential romance weirdness Calwyn is sixteen Darrow s exact age isn t given except that he s closer to thirty than twenty, meaning he s at least nine or ten years older than she is I m reserving judgement because the actual romance doesn t happen in this book Still Teenage girl grown man not my thing Disability stuff I m not disabled and therefore can t speak for the disabled community, but there were two things that bothered me 1 The first is that Halasaa s people are all mute, and even use a different kind of chantment that works through dance instead of words However, they can easily communicate telepathically to anyone they want to, meaning all conversations with them are exactly like regular speaking but in italics Again, I m not disabled, but this still felt slightly off to me.2 Darrow goes throughout the novel with a badly broken foot that didn t heal entirely right, causing him pain and leading him to sometimes walk with a cane He dislikes that it sometimes impedes his ability to travel, but seems to mostly accept it after a while However, Halasaa demonstrates his ability to heal through chantment by completely healing Darrow s foot so it s like it was never injured I don t claim to be an expert on disability representation in fantasy, but for those unfamiliar with why magically healing disabilities isn t good, you can look up articles like the one posted on Disability in Kidlit, called Not Engaging with Disability Convenient Approaches in SFF.End verdict on the novel enjoyable, and I would like to reread the sequels, but has some stuff I found problematic Also, please feel free to tell me if you think anything in this review is incorrect or offensive I want to be a good ally, and I understand that means growing, changing, and listening to the opinions of others who know about certain topics.