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Kiskeya Burgos Left The Tropical Beaches Of The Dominican Republic With A Lot To Prove As A Pastry Chef On The Come Up, When She Arrives In Scotland, She Has One Goal In Mind Win The Holiday Baking Challenge Winning Is Her Opportunity To Prove To Her Family, Her Former Boss, And Most Importantly Herself, She Can Make It In The Culinary World Kiskeya Will Stop At Nothing To Win , That Is, If She Can Keep Her Eyes On The Prize And Off Her Infuriating Teammate S Perfect LipsSully Morales, Home Cooking Hustler, And Self Proclaimed Baking Brujita Lands In Scotland On A Quest To Find Her Purpose After Spending Years As Her Family S Caregiver But Now, With Her Home Life Back On Track, It S Time For Sully To Get Reacquainted With Her Greatest Love, Baking Winning The Holiday Baking Challenge Is A No Brainer If She Can Convince Her Grumpy AF Baking Partner That They Make A Great Team Both In And Out Of The Kitchen Before An Unexpected Betrayal Ends Their Chance To Attain Culinary Competition Glory

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    An f f novella set in a Great British Bake Off type reality show In other words, it is right here to offer you comfort which may be much needed in these God awful times Two Dominican bakers with very different experiences working together in pursuit of victory and falling in bed then love along the way It s not cosy the heat level is high and the relationship is often quite jagged and awkward as one of the women struggles to let the other in and, well, not be a jerk but that means it shows us forgiveness and listening and the real effort to do better by each other I think I find comfort now in people screwing up and managing to forgive and doing better than in books where everything is angst free I want to know there s a way back when all seems lost, and Herrera does that terrifically, here and in her stellar Dreamers series Also, the food descriptions are amazing The cake I really need the cake Please send me cake.I had an ARC from the author.

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    Mangos and Mistletoe is a sexy and awesome Christmas novella The two heroines, Sully and Kiskeya are in Scotland to participate in a baking competition show They are assigned to be partners and Adriana packs a lot into the novella It s a Novella, so there s a bit of insta lust, but when they are assigned to be partners in the competition, sparks fly It was super hot and I liked that and also ONLY ONE BED Both women are Dominican, but they disagree on how much flavor from their culture should be included Kiskeya is worried that if they overdo it, the judges will mark them down, while Sully isn t going to hide her her culture from anyone The exploration of these difference and their families and the role of toxic masculinity and how it impacts them is really engaging I was impressed by how these explorations of how each woman is impacted by her family and culture vs her own drive were so deftly handled Anyways, it s a pretty quick wrap up, but that s how novellas are It was a great holiday read, lots of cooking action in the kitchen for those of you who like that, and lots of cooking action in the bedroom for those of us who like that ARC provided by the author in exchange for a fair review Full disclosure Adriana is a friend of mine and has appeared on the Fated Mates podcast a few times.

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    I finally finally finally got to read the Great British Bake Off inspired romance of my holiday dreams Yay Extra special because it is from Adriana Herrera and features a buttoned up professional patisserie chef who is completely unwound by her baking partner, the ray of sunshine and confident Sully who I totally have a book crush on now The push and pull between Sully and Kiskeya s differing opinions on expressing their Dominican heritage, both in their personal lives and for the baking show, showcases Herrera s amazing ability to write romances that are both delightfully sexy and emotionally poignant.My only regret is that I wasn t immediately able to don an apron and get into a kitchen after reading, but reading this story made me feel like I was there anyway Is it too soon to ask for stories set in this world Thank you to the author for the ARC My own copy is on preorder

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    3.5 stars.An adorable F F romance novella following two Dominican women who meet at a baking show, feat dislike to love dynamic And, did you know that there was only one bed I really liked this one the writing might not always have been the best the sense of setting was completely lacking , but the food descriptions, the relationship and the sex scenes were all well written.While Kiskeya and Sully are both Dominican, they have very different relationships with their culture, as Sully was born in America and Kiskeya grew up in the Dominican Republic, and have different experiences with growing up queer and Dominican as well I loved seeing how this influenced their dynamic, made them clash just as much it made them understand each other and fit together.Overall, a light, fun holiday read This book was making such a big deal out of the fact that the show took place in Scotland that it reminded me of Her Royal Highness Then it barely bothered to talk about anything at all that would have made it feel as if it actually had a setting.

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    Rated 4.5 StarsMangos and Mistletoe was amazing I loved it It was heartwarming and relatable I loved the tension, the smoking hot sexy times, the heroines, the issues that were highlighted, it all just worked for me I must mention the food, I ve never been hungrier while reading than I was with this book, all of the food sounded so good and the fact that I grew up with some of these foods just made it that much sweeter This was my first book by this author and have every intention of devouring her backlist I highly recommend this book to one and all.Copy provided by the author

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    3.5 stars Thanks so much to the author for the ARC of this book I enjoyed this holiday romance novella about two Dominican women who find themselves in Scotland together, paired up in a TV holiday baking challenge As they clash over how much of their culture to incorporate into their baking, they also feel building attraction to each other There were some things I didn t like the villains seemed like paper thin caricatures, and the final conflict the two leads had seemed way overblown but overall this was fun and exactly what I was in the mood for The detailed descriptions of the food were delicious just to read, and the sex scenes were steamy If you re looking for something romantic to get you into a holiday mood, this might just hit the spot.

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    ARC kindly provided by Adriana HerreraRep Dominican lesbian mcs, mlm side characters, Japanese side character Mangos and Mistletoe is an f f hate to love novella, so you know I m kicking myself for not liking it as much as I hoped It s a case of the it s not you it s mes again, where what I liked less about the book is completely personal yadda yadda yadda you know the drill Though, just a side note, three stars is still a good review and that s a hill I would die on The novella follows Kiskeya and Sully, two contestants in a Christmas cookery show However, from the moment they meet they clash, and it s only made worse when they re paired up for the challenges.What I liked Sully was a sweetheart and I loved her a lot In fact, she was easily my favourite character not that that s hard when there aren t so many characters because it s a novella but Favourite all the same The progression of the relationship felt very natural They went from being antagonistic to learning to work together better while also sleeping together, of course to a little way in love And it was the softest What I liked less Let s get this one out of the way because it s the most personal Me and the writing style didn t get along There Done Moving on Kiskeya always felt a little like she was teetering on the side of too rude to Sully for me to actually root for her I mean, it s not like I couldn t see where she was coming from for at least some of it, but she just felt a little too rude at times when she needn t have been.So yeah Read the novella Ignore my review Do it.

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    Review at the Alliterates Set in Scotland Great British Bake Off but Scottish and Dominicana queerness There s only one bed Food porn Grumpy heroine Heroine thirsts after fellow Dominicana chef You ll want a Coquito Bouquets of chili mangos and mistletoeListen I am a whore for contemporary romances set in Scotland I need of them This time there s snow, an f f romance, and Dominicana ownvoices involved The stars aligned and Adriana Herrera came into existence to tell romance stories This is divinity Culture and FoodKiskeya Burgos, our heroine, is from the Dominican Republic She joins a holiday bake off so she can extend her visa in the United States Black and brown immigrants have to go above and beyond to get the same rights Sully Morales is also Dominican but she s from the States Kiskeya and Sully are complete opposites Kiskeya is a masculine girl and Sully is feminine They agree on one thing they have the hots for each other.Unlike Kiskeya, Sully embraces her culture Sully s open enthusiasm for Dominican culture makes Kiskeya miss her home She s a curmudgeon and tends to lash out when uncomfortable Sully really pushes her buttons so it s all super adorable We re going to work magic with some mangos and coconuts Bring the tropics to Scotland.Dominicanas in a Scottish set romance is activism The romance genre tends to section off BIPOC to America and makes Europe exclusive to white people That s changing but not nearly enough Herrera s decision to set this in Scotland is feminism She s making it known BIPOC exist in spaces white people excluded them from.The heroines discuss Dominican culture in a place white people tell marginalized folks they aren t supposed to be a part of In America, black and brown immigrants face hatred because of the anti immigration and racist rhetoric, impacting their right to exist and live in America A similar but still different rhetoric happens in the UK Discussing whether to be too loud about their culture in a place that typically views marginalized people s flavors as too loud is a message Herrera is saying their right to express their culture or to exist in Europe is not loud or invasive It s their right I m not going to downplay my culture for anyone.Kiskeya feels pressured to downplay her culture Her past experiences impacts the way she presents her food in the chef world Whiteness is praised as art The world often views marginalized cultures and their food as a lower status of art Kiskeya is aware of how the western world sees her culture s food She also knows the difficulties of being an artist and adding in Dominican flavors to her food The pressure of balancing respect for her culture and being an artist makes embracing her culture difficult Then walks in Sully and she wrecks this grumpy heroine She is unabashedly Dominican She uses flavors and love to heal our dear curmudgeon Did I talk about the food descriptions Lets talk about how I drooled the entire time We can put a little cayenne in it, make it like a Mexican hot chocolate Now, it was my turn at an eye roll That s not Dominican I know, but it s got a hint of Latinx flavors We can do a marshmallow nougat, crush it up, and roll it into the chocolate spread The sex scenes are not the only things sexy about this book And there are lots of sexytimes Chefs definitely do the dirty talk Privilege and PowerUnlike some of the other people in the contest, Kiskeya and Sully are not privileged One of the interesting aspects of this story is the privileges white women receive when they enter the field of baking versus the lack of reception BIWOC receive The Beccas, so named because they both have the name Rebecca, are famous Instagram baker influencers They have citizenship, they have status, they have huge followings, and they have money Kiskeya, on the other hand, does not have citizenship in either the UK or the U.S She does not have money or the followers to grant her large opportunities like the Beccas This championship could grant her opportunities that the Beccas would take for granted.This is a critique on the privileges given to white women White women can receive success for cute bakes, like cupcakes White people can use the flavors of BIPOC and get credit for their artistry while the very people who come from those cultures are confined to the space of lowbrow cooks BIWOC s flavorful and original food doesn t get nearly as much attention Some reviewers may think the descriptions of the Beccas to be internal misogyny It s not The Beccas names are not a coincidence Becky is code for a white privileged woman This is not a snide against feminine women but a discussion on the power imbalances between BIPOC and white women Some things I wanted of or things I took issue with I wish there had been of an emphasis on atmosphere There should have been way snow and scenery descriptions I dislike the trope in romance where the hero in m f romances intentionally says something offensive or rude to the heroine in order to protect themselves from becoming too attached or close to them This reminds me too much of the toxic tendencies of men I don t like the idea that an f f romance is internalizing the toxic behaviors of men I m not saying queer women aren t nuanced or complicated, but this trope is used to fight misogyny and toxic behaviors of men It s not something authors should be normalizing in romance The antagonists in this novella are a little too mustache twirly Antagonists, in my opinion, are much interesting when they re nuanced and complicated There are so many interesting themes in this novella Herrera could have explored the portrayal of antagonism a lot than she did.This novella has discussions on culture, privilege, and identity while also having a sexy f f romance at the center It s obvious you re going to pick this up right

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    A dominican f f done right with a lot of baking.Except for some really obvious twists , a great holiday read with a LOOT of steam.RTCI got this ARC from the author and this has not affected my opinions.

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    A book with two Dominican girls, filled with Dominican culture and talking about how two people can be from the same background and have vastly different experiences with it Sign me tf up This book was so freaking cute and I flew through it There were some grammatical errors throughout but I enjoyed it enough that it didn t affect my reading I could definitely see myself rereading this again and it was the perfect read for the christmas winter season.