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My summary This retelling of Tchaikovsky s Swan Lake is set within the big city ghetto Amiri, our prince, has his mom wanting him to get married and escape the gang life he needs to settle down and have a family A big party is hosted all the eligible, worthy guests are invited from which Amiri can pick his girl Told in a lyrical, jazz, rap poem, Amiri has eyes for only one girl Odette whom he saw while playing basketball Drawn to her, he swears to declare his love for her in front of all his guests However Big Red owns her and sends a decoy to throw off Amiri A confrontation happens as Amiri refuses to give up Odette With illustrations conveying the gritty, street scenes of the poem, young adults can appreciate the harshness of life and the sink holes that threaten to drown the spirit But even in this place, love can thrive My thoughts What I liked about this story were the unique illustrations Drawing on gravel conveyed the grittiness that the illustrator and author want to communicate in this street alleys and ghetto background for the poem I also liked how the poem was sometimes free verse and other times rap Since I like stories so much, I would have preferred story to the poem, such as explanation about Big Red and clarification regarding his role in Odette s life But that aspect probably contributes to the sense and spirit of the poem and what Walter Dean Myers wants to share All in all, a good YA poem which brings up topics and issues that are worth discussing plus being a retelling of the classic ballet Swan Lake Just some notes for me Content Amiri young man playing basketball, who represents the Prince Odette young woman, in the power of Big Red, slave love story street living life hardships and obstacles hope within violenceTopics love, struggles, minorities, drugs, gang violenceArrangement pictures, colors, font verseUnique pictures, fonts, retelling of Swan Lake, artwork reflects grit, noice and urgency of the streets read last page of book Quotes from the introduction by Walter Dean Myers This juxtaposition of great beauty and grace within a backdrop of pure evil stayed with me for years magic of a story to heal and caution. Dawn States Picture Book Amiri and Odette is a re telling of the beautiful and near tragic love story of Swan Lake Walter Dean Myers does a wonderful job putting the story in verse form and setting the tale in the streets instead of the forest The artwork in this book is by Javaka Steptoe who uses a unique combination of materials to make his street inspired drawings The book is not than 20 pages long, making it a great picture book for teens with a theme that they can relate to Amiri is a young man growing up in the projects His Mom would like better for him and is throwing him a party, and wants him to make the right choices and settle down Amiri agrees, and then heads to the basketball court It is here he sees the beautiful Odette Completely enchanted he invites her to his party, though she warns him that the sinister drug dealer Big Red has a hold on her When a girl that looks like Odette comes to the party, Amiri unwittingly dances with her This is a mistake, and it seems as if Big Red has won But will Amiri and Odette s love triumph and lead them to a better life out of the projects I can t unknow the story of Swan Lake, so I am not a good judge of how clear that story in in Amiri Odette to the non balletomane I can, however, say that there are a lot of little touches that hark back to the ballet in beautiful ways, such as Odile s who is never actually named in the book black mask at Amiri s party, but nifty connections to the ballet are not the strongest part of this telling What Myers does fantastically is really make this a story that isn t about princes and magic he makes it real The curse is drug addiction and the evil wizard, a dealer This makes the cause and effect of Amiri s profession of love for Odile a bit nonsensical Odette s addiction and debt to Big Red will not magically go away if Amiri loves her and only her, nor will she be trapped in that life with no possible means of escape if Amiri doesn t love her , but it also leaves room for non magical consequences There is no but the spell said moment that makes Amiri s mistake irreparable Just because the deal is broken, doesn t mean that the curse is everlasting or that Odette is doomed Myers telling makes way for a change in the ending.The artwork in Amiri Odette is fabulous It is dark and gritty and portends doom in a way that dozens of classical white tutus never could The artist s note says that the collages that make up the illustrations were painted on slabs on asphalt They are large and hardcore each a complete work of art on its own The texture of the asphalt shows through and Chinese food menus, feathers, pieces of jewelry and other street flotsam are used throughout The feathers surrounding Odette as she tells Amiri about her entrapment make her look like both an angel and a beast, much like the swan woman Prince Siegfried is initially afraid of in the original story, even if all the audience sees is a ballerina in white Or a girl watching a basketball game.Book source Philly Free Library GreenBeanTeenQueen Says I picked this one up mainly because it was on my cart of new books at work and because it was an updated version of a story typically told through ballet this seemed like an interesting concept and I wanted to see how Myers pulled it off Plus, the artwork caught my eye The story is told beautifully, and even though the book is short coming in at 40 pages it s a powerful one Swan Lake is a housing project and Amiri s mom is worried he won t settle down with the right girl, so she opts to throw him a party Amiri meets Odette, but instead of being cursed to turn into a swan, in this tale, Odette s curse is a drug addition and she can t escape the clutches of the dealer Big Red I really didn t know much about the story of Swan Lake, which I read the summary of after I read this one and I think I should have read it before Since I knew it was based on Swan Lake, I kept taking some of the things as fantasy and kept thinking about the swan curse, because that s what I knew of the story, so I wasn t really clear on Odette s drug addiction until the end I guess I just need some things spelled out for me sometimes I really loved the artwork the artist makes it look like graffiti and the paintings were done on asphalt, which has a really cool effect This is a quick read, and it s worth it awesome retelling of Swan Lake set in an urban neighborhood. Darien MundenPicture Book Amiri Odette A Love Story, by Walter Dean Myers is a modern day re telling of the poem Amiri and Odette The setting for this story takes place in the Bronx Amiri, the story s prince, and main protagonist, is a basketball player and one of the popular guys During one particular game he hears the voice of beautiful maidens singing Turning around, at the other end of the basketball court, is Odette surrounded by young women, all of them are singing Amiri is instantly smitten with Odette and runs to her, professing his love, and begging her to stay with him Only to have her spirited away by Big Red s curse The drawings for this beautiful book are actually done on slabs of asphalt using acrylic paint The artist for this beautiful work of art is Javaka Steptoe, who illustrated the entire book All the characters in this story are African American, which gives the story not only a different feel, but tells it from a different, perhaps meaningful, angle A wonderful story Give it a try I liked it but did not love it It s great that a whole new generation of children will get to experience the Swan Lake storyline I liked the texture in the art and I enjoyed the rhyme and verse Not sure how I would even changed it Myers, Walter Dean Amiri and Odette A Dance for Two New York Scholastic Press, 2009 Paintings by Javaka SteptoeThis picture book is paired with another book by Walter Dean Myers It shows the scope and creativity of a well known author Unlike the serious nature of Monster, this book is a love story It will also continue to enlighten young readers, as it is a modern take on the ballet classic, Swan Lake It is cleverly versed, has colorful illustrations, and is dubbed the Urban Swan Story It will inspire its readers to continue their journey into Myers classics I would put this in the hands of any youngster who has had the pleasure of reading other Myers book or someone who has an appreciation for a modern take on a classic Students of art, music, and poetry will like the urban love story If a reader enjoyed a classic like Romeo and Juliet or West Side Story, he or she may also like this picture book This may also appeal to readers who want to learn about Walter Dean Myers as a writer and literary activist, as he is a positive example of an accomplished African American male Accuracy The idea of forbidden love, unfortunate coincidences and bad timing is a well known storyline Myers approaches it from an urban side He bring compassion, honesty, and depth to these characters The format of a picture book allows him to use illustrations to help detail the passion in his characters Authority Myers knows his audience and his craft well The laundry list of awards and praises he has speak for themselves He writes about what he knows He grew up in Harlem and was the product of foster care He is real and writes about real struggles and tragedies I always wonder about what personal experiences he must have had to have such a grip on social and cultural behavior, even into his late ages Relevance A take on a modern classic is always a welcome addition to a curriculum It helps students understand complex storylines like Romeo and Juliet or the classic Swan Lake Appropriateness A picture book invites a variety of reading interests and abilities It s the best of both worlds a compelling storyline that is accompanied by a visual representation The colors are bold like the storyline and the use of verse in four acts makes the reader feel like he she is sitting in an audience watching a ballet or play Scope Romantics will love the forbidden love storyline while artists will appreciate the detail in the illustrations Not to mention the poetry and the rap like verse There is something for everyone Literary Merit Myers s reputation as a well known and respected writer will be the reason some even pick up this book He has won a variety of awards including a Newberry, Printz, and a Coretta Scott King Award Value The illustrations run rich in color and the attention to lines and shadows helps create depth in the characters Although the backgrounds seem dark, the newspapers and other items make the work feel like it has its own texture The prose is naturally woven into the story, so it feels almost like watching a musical on stage AIV.10 AIV.19 The student will justify personal perceptions of an artist s intent, using visual clues and research The student will describe how art and culture reflect and influence each other.ENGL 9.2 The student will produce, analyze, and evaluate auditory, visual, and written media messages.Analyze the cultural or social function of a literary textHazel Rochman Booklist, Dec 1, 2008 Vol 105, No 7 Kirkus Kirkus Reviews, December 15, 2008 Vol 76, No 24 Jonatha Basye VOYA, October 2009 Vol 32, No 4 Call Number PZ7.5.M94Ami 2009Dewey Decimal FICISBN s 97805906804170590680412Scholastic 17.99 Amiri and Odette is a modern retelling of Swam Lake with Amiri as a popular, basketball player prince who has fallen in love with a doomed swan who is tied to a drug dealer Myers employs a sentence fragment poetry format paired with Steptoe s sometimes bright and sometimes muted paintings of street scenes and Amiri s party Contrasting colors in font against a black background highlight different speakers and emulate the theme of hope in a dark neighborhood with little opportunities Naturally it provides an opportunity to compare Myers as a novelist and as a poet.For the adolescent reader who was enchanted by the haunting, poetic writing of Monster , Amiri and Odette is a parallel struggle of young men and women striving to find success and happiness in the projects The retelling echoes the juxtaposed themes of doubt and hope from Monster What Myers says of his prince Amiri, the boy is young, and his vision is bright He hasn t failed yet speaks of Steve, waiting to hear his fate in jail The reader who connected with Steve s feelings of isolation and despair will be drawn to this tale Amiri and Odette casts a wider net, pulling in students who are fans of modern retellings of classic tales and of poetry.Accuracy Though tough topics are alluded to, opinions are withheld and the love story is told.Authority Both Myers and Steptoe are award winners in the literary world Myers has won acclaim for his depiction of urban characters in tough situations such as Monster.Relevance The story follows some traditional elements and provides a foundation to example classic pieces such as character, plot, confliction, and resolution.Appropriateness Though there are illusions to drugs and possibly prostitution it is dealt with delicately Scholastic states the reading level between 6 8 and it provides some good vocabulary for discussion.Scope The book tackles the topic of drugs and living in the projects with a classic, tragic love story It provides a new connection for young readers.Literary Merit The illustrations are fascinating, Steptoe has won numerous awards including the Coretta Scott King award for illustrations The hybrid of modern poetry and the classic tale of Swan Lake are a unique juxtaposition.Value A unique synthesis of classic stories, art, and poetry There will be few books like this in any collection. intense, breathtaking but difficult for someone accustomed to Peter Rabbit and Ramona QuimbyRecommended but unrateable. In This Modern Retelling Of The Swan Lake Ballet, Acclaimed Author Walter Dean Myers Explores The Sweet Sharp Spark Of Love Between Two TeensA Boy Searches For His Newfound Love Among The City Streets, To Find That, Unwarily, She S Been Caught In The Arms Of An Evil Street Lord Who Means Her Harm It Is Only Through Perseverance And Undying Love That The Girl Is Returned To The Safety Of Her One True Love Lyrical Text And Stunning Mixed Media Artwork Make For A Powerful Recasting Of The Classic Ballet Swan Lake