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Ernst Loves The Carousel Near His House, And His Favorite Animal Is The Dog When The Dog S Wooden Tail Comes Loose Just Before Winter, Ernst Is Given The Important Job Of Keeping It Safe Until Springtime But The Tail Looks Sad Sitting On Ernst S Shelf Without Its Dog, And Ernst Can T Help But Try To Cheer It Up It Isn T Long Before He Has Transformed The Lonely Tail Into Something Wonderful As Spring Approaches, Ernst Wonders If He Will Have To Give Up His Special Creation And If He Doesn T, What Will The Poor Dog Have To Wag The Imaginative Crocodile From Ernst And The Puddle Pail Shines Once Again In A Story That Children Will Treasure

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    I absolutely loved this tale about a carousel TAIL, the tale of a young Ernst and the wagging tail of his favorite carousel animal, the dog Ernst loves the dog, especially because his tale wags even though his older brother says it just wobbles because it is old and broken Ernst is heartbroken when the carousel is put into storage for the winter, but as he leaves the fair he sees the dog s tail on the ground The carousel owner kindly offers to let Ernst watch over the tail until next season But Ernst s creativity soon transforms the tail into a beautiful work of art, one that he becomes fond of in its own right What will he do when it s time to put the tail back on the dog This is a gentle and generous tale that shows just how attached children become to objects how truly ALIVE they are in the child s mind and heart, and how even as children we have a need to love and care for something one other than ourselves I found the illustrations colorful and imaginative and full of emotion One of my favorite reads of the year thus far

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    You know, sometimes I question how easily I am entertained, but I really enjoyed this story I read it because I liked another book about Ernst the crocodile The Puddle Pail.Ernst is imaginative and creative and artistic, and kind The dog on the carousel would have been my favorite animal too I love that Ernst and his brother Sol have a pet cat, and I love all their toys, I love that the carousel keeper is an elephant I love everything in the book I especially appreciate how Ernst s creation and his concerns are both valued, and I love how the dog receives a new tail, importantly still wagging.The illustrations are lovely and fun to view very colorful and with a lot of detail.

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    A young blue crocodile named Ernst takes the broken off tail from his favorite carousel dog and makes it into a pet bird He treats the severed dog tail bird like royalty This story is a little strange.

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    A mighty refutation of Klein, where the partial object rather than fantastical, rather than simply waiting to be wholed is a potential for production Or both a function of, and potential for, production I think Kleven is extremely deft in pulling this off Due in large to the willful obscuring of what constitutes a sign of life For example, it would have been one thing to illustrate the difference between living beings and dead matter by drawing the distinction between the dragon protagonists and the otherwise animal carousel pieces But this is troubled by the fact that the carousel keeper, the elephant.As a result, everything from the objects of enjoyment carousel characters to the works of art the bird seem imminently capable of taking flight And, in the case of Ernst s earnestness, who are we to say they don t

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    This cute little story is enhanced by the wonderful artwork The colors are softly bright I know that seems like an oxymoron but that is the best way I can describe it and there is always something pleasant to see in the background of each page.

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    In this book there was a crocodile named Ernst that loved a honey colored dog in a carousel Everyday Ernst rode on the honey colored dog, his favourite Another day when he came to the carousel there was a blue tent that covered the carousel for the winter He was really sad that the carousel was gone On the way home he was kicking an old scrap of a branch After a few kicks, he realized he wasn t an old scrap of a branch He realized it was the dog s tail His favourite The honey colored dog He ran back to the carousel to tell the carousel keeper She was sad that the dog s tail was gone She gave the tail to Ernst for the winter His big brother Sol said, What do you have there, Ernst The dog s tale The carousel keeper let me keep for the winter, said Ernst Ernst turn it into a beautiful bird with paint and paper for the eyes and tail He felt really happy about that bird.One day Ernst forgot that his bird had ever been a tale When he saw the carousel he remembered that his bird HAD been a tale The carousel keeper said hi to him and said that he could ride on his dog again His big brother Sol said, you re in trouble now The carousel keeper told him he could keep the bird and they would make a new tale for the dog.I thought the book was really good because it was fun I really like Ernst because he was so nice.

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    Kleven s illustrations are gorgeous, supporting a very sweet story about little blue crocodile Ernst s love for a wooden carousel dog His favorite part, the wagging tail, falls off and he is asked to care for it over the winter He adds some decoration to it, to keep the tail from becoming lonely , and the tail is soon transformed into a beautiful bird Ernst also has to overcome the pessimistic attitude of his big brother Sol, which has its own lesson.

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    Ernst transforms the wooden tail that has fallen from his favorite carousel animal into a bird I like the bright, whimsical art, the grown up who doesn t get mad at Ernst s creativity but instead helps Ernst with a solution, and the act of making cool art out of something another might see as junk.

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    Ernst adores riding the carousel When they close the carousel for winter, he sees the tail of his favorite wooden dog He is allowed to take care of it for the winter and decorate the tail to the point that it becomes his toy bird My favorite picture is when Ernst makes a carousel out of items in his room as it is colorful and cute.

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    A gift from our cousins for Tommy s third birthday Beautiful watercolor illustrations for this story of a blue alligator and a carousel in the park.