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This book has beautifully captured Eleanor Roosevelt s determination to change from that quiet, sad young girl into a determined woman who was the voice for many people in need Reading this, I learned things about her that I never knew before I was amazed to find that she had a deeply insecure upbringing She didn t receive affection and love from her parents, became an orphan at a tender age She was a shy girl who was unhappy and lonely Her story gives evidence to something I always believed Not everyone who had tough childhoods ended up being destructive people in their adult lives. Eleanor Roosevelt Was Raised In A Privileged But Stern Victorian Household, With An Affectionate But Mostly Absent Father And A Critical Mother Who Made Fun Of Her Daughter S Looks Alone And Lonely For Much Of Her Childhood, Eleanor Found Solace In Books And In The Life Of Her Lively And Independent Mind Her Intellectual Gifts And Compassionate Heart Won Her The Admiration Of Many Friends And The Love Of Her Future Husband, Franklin Delano Roosevelt While Other Young Women Of Her Class Were Spending Time At Dances And Parties, Eleanor Devoted Her Energies To Teaching Children In New York City S Poorest Neighborhoods Later, She Became The Most Socially And Politically Active And Controversial First Lady America Had Ever Seen Ambassador, Activist, And Champion Of Civil Rights, Eleanor Roosevelt Changed The Soul Of America ForeverIn Her Eloquent Prose, Doreen Rappaport Captures The Essence Of Eleanor S Character And The Deep Significance Of Her Legacy With Beautiful Paintings By Gary Kelley And Selections From Eleanor S Own Writings, Eleanor S Big Words Is An Extraordinary Tribute To An Extraordinary American NOTE While the publication date of this book was 2009, it won an award for 2010, so I used it Just wanted to clarify, thanks Audience primary Genre non fiction biographyFiction Twin Text Pearl, S Sheckels, A 2012 Hope somewhere in America the story of a child, a painting, and a president Rockport, MA Twin Light Publishers.The book Eleanor Quiet No More is an biographical account of Eleanor Roosevelt s life It describes her rocky childhood Her mother was not kind to her, and both of her parents died before she was ten years old She didn t feel seen or heard until she went to school overseas It was at this time that Eleanor began to feel sure of herself and made many friends at school Rappaport, 2009, p.6 What really began to inspire Eleanor was a feeling of inequality in the United States when she returned from school overseas At this time, it was the early 1900 s She met her husband, Franklin Roosevelt, and moved to Washington D.C for his occupation When he was elected president of the United States, Eleanor was was outspoken in defending the poor, the weak, and minorities This was the time of the Great Depression, and she was committed to helping others Later in her life, she was appointed to the United Nations, where she fought for human rights I chose to pair this non fiction book with Hope somewhere in America a story of a child, a painting, and a president I thought that it would be appropriate for students to first read the biography of Eleanor Roosevelt, because it is inspiring and paints a broad picture of what it may have been like to live during various times in our country, including The Great Depression Following this, students can read the fiction book, which takes place in the time of The Great Depression It follows a girl named Hope, an African American child who lives in Harlem It illustrates the challenges that many Americans faced at this time, but Hope also demonstrates perseverance I think that a character like Hope would be relatable to many students Hope eventually meets President Roosevelt and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, connecting the two books I think a good follow up activity to these twin texts would be a written assignment or drawing illustrating The Great Depression, and compare it to their lives today Students can explain why they incorporated certain elements into their drawings or written pieces This would be an assignment that exemplifies an evaluating question in Bloom s Taxonomy. Eleanor Quiet No More by Doreen Rappaport follows the pattern Rappaport has used in her other biographies for children her biographical passages about the subject are punctuated with actual quotes by the biographee.Rappaport s book gives biographical data about ER, describing her unhappy childhood her mother thought Eleanor was ugly and too serious , the death of both parents before she was ten, and how Eleanor then grew up in the loveless house of her grandmother.When Eleanor was 15, she was sent away to boarding school, and was fortunate to have a teacher who believed in her and encouraged her When Eleanor came home at 18, she was a different person, and one who had developed compassion for those with less than she had.A distant cousin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, proposed to her, and she became a politician s wife, and then a behind the scenes politician herself She continued to crusade for poor and minorities even after her husband died, meeting with world leaders and advocating for human rights.End notes add a list of important dates in ER s life, selected research sources, and suggested further reading.The muted pastel illustrations by Gary Kelley are adeptly done.Evaluation Generally in her biographies Rappaport emphasizes the positive and elides the negative, but she does a balanced job here and in truth, there isn t much negative to say about Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor, Quiet No More, is a richly illustrated biography of one of the most memorable and politically active first ladies in our nation s history This book takes the reader from Eleanor s victorian upbringing through her education, meeting her husband, and her work as first lady This book utilizes Eleanor s own words by incorporating direct quotes on each page This brings home many of the points in the book about Eleanor s intelligence and social conscience Eleanor was from a time when most women did not pursue education, they focused mainly on finding a good husband Eleanor was not content to sit by while there were social injustices going on She was an avid support of civil and women s rights This is an excellent and engaging biography that I would recommend to any upper elementary school teacher to incorporate in a unit about any of the causes that Eleanor was so passionate about, or a unit about influential women in our history. Thanks to a life long obsession with Annie, I ve always had a warm spot in my heart for the Roosevelts Unfortunately, I ve had very few facts to support my affection since I try to avoid anything involving politics This well done biography of our former First Lady, however, drew me in with it s beautiful pictures and quotes that jumped off the page By the time she had met with soldiers over seas, promising to take home messages to their families, and saw her beloved husband die, I was in tears Turns out, picking your favorite President and First Lady based on their willingness to sing with a precocious red head isn t a bad way to do things after all. This has got to win a Caldecott next year Gary Kelley s illustrations are a beautiful accompaniment to Doreen Rappaport s description of the life of Eleanor Roosevelt I love the way she puts a quote from Eleanor on each page to accompany the text Eleanor Roosevelt has long been one of my heroines, and this book brings out her most admirable qualities I ve read that she always felt herself ugly and unattractive, but I think she was beautiful I think I ll have to buy a copy of this for myself Very highly recommended This book tells Eleanor s story so poignantly, gently and true Eleanor is someone I do think I would have enjoyed having a cup of tea with and listening to her share her thoughts and ideas She truly was a remarkable woman. Excellent book about Eleanor Roosevelt Love the pictures and this not in any way boring factual text. A children s picture book biography At this point Eleanor Roosevelt is mostly known for having been her husband s wife But apparently she did a lot than that An interesting choice for a children s biography The writing was direct and kind of brutally honest the first page says her father drank a lot and wasn t home much and her mother thought Eleanor was ugly and too serious This set the tone for the rest of the book as well This book definitely made it clear that Eleanor Roosevelt and her role in the world is worth remembering.