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Life In The Magical Mess Of The Detroit Free Zone Is Never Easy When You Re Laboring Under The Curse Of A Certain Prideful, Overbearing Dragon, It Can Be Down Right ImpossibleMy Name Is Opal Yong Ae, And I M A Cleaner At Least, I Used To Be Thanks To The Supernatural Bad Luck That Turns Everything I Do Against Me, These Days I M Of A Walking Disaster Getting Rid Of This Curse Is The Only Way To Get My Life Back Unfortunately, Dragon Magic Is Every Bit As Sneaky And Deadly The Monsters Behind It, And Just As Hard To BeatBut I Ve Never Been One To Take Her Doom At Face Value Cornered Doesn T Mean Defeated, And In An Awakened City That Rules Herself, Dragons Are No Longer The Biggest Powers Around

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    This review was originally posted on Books of My HeartPart Time Gods is the follow up book to Minimum Wage Magic, which was storage wars in a magic city where someone seemed bent on killing the main character This DFZ series is set in the same world as the Heartstrikers series, after the events of the last book You don t have to have read the Heartstrikers series to enjoy time in the Detroit Free Zone DFZ , but it is great to see some cameos of characters I liked from that series cough Bob cough and see what the mortal spirits are up to You you mean you weren t sent to save me Sorry to bruise your ego, but I m not actually entirely sure who you are, the dragon said cheerfully I was just cutting through because the vending machine in the employee lounge next door is the only one in the building that sells the right brand of sunflower seeds I keep telling my brother to stock , but he s all Bob, you are the greatest, most powerful, most handsome dragon in the world Go buy your own sunflower seeds Can you believe it One of the coolest things about this series is the setting The DFZ is a city run by a magical God, it has buildings that move and change If you default on your rent, then your place goes on the auction block, for someone like Opal and her newly acquired partner, Nick, bid on it against others, for the opportunity to make money on anything left inside and clean it up for the city to rent out again.Opal has a few problems in her life right now She tried to outwit a dragon, who just happened to be her father long story and ended up with a huge loan to pay off to him She was doing really good at it too until said Dragon put a curse on her to make it even harder for her to make the money to pay him back Dragons Now with the help of Nick, a cybernetically enhanced human with a questionable past, Opal is trying to find a way to not default on her load so she can be free from under anyone s control What was I supposed to tell him That I d gone on a journey of self discovery through a never ending forest and received a magical potato from a dead Shaman who was also a satellite body for the god of the DFZ Even I thought that story sounded fishy, and I d been there I do like Opal for the most part She has a lot of magical power potential and has tried her entire life to do anything with it but unfortunately most of the time it just ends up blowing up in her face Girl also has some HUGE daddy issues, probably to be expected when you know you were named Opal because you are seen by your father as a pretty stone of little worth Opal has a huge chip on her shoulder and she is going to prove to everyone that she can do it all on her own What in the world did you do to make Yong so mad The Dragon of Korea normally loves mortals Seriously, last I heard, he had two hundred of you death bound critters scampering around his lair That s the dragon equivalent of being a crazy cat lady, you know Opal has a lot of things to overcome in this book and her own stubbornness might be one of them Growing up with a Dragon as a father, I can see how why Opal has such a huge stubborn streak, but it definitely isn t helping her in a few instances in this book Seriously she paints herself in some huge corners and it got a little frustrating.Good news is there is a smidgen of a romance happening between Opal and Nick It has a few kinks in it but I liked the start up of a possible relationship between them We also get some time talking with the Spirit of the City and we get to see some of the motivations of a god walking among the people The downfall is this story doesn t wrap up at the end, we are left with a bit of a cliffhanger and will have to wait until the next book to see how all of the events play out I enjoyed Minimum Wage Magic just a little than Part Time Gods, just because of the situation Opal was in, how laser focused she was on the tree she missed the forest Still a lot of things happened and I have some big hopes for the next installment Narration Emily Woo Zeller did a great job with Opal and the rest of the cast I really liked her portrayal of the story and she lent some authenticity to Opal s Korean heritage I liked her enough to look up her catalog of work to see what else she has done I look forward to listening to her narration of The Bride Test and The Poppy War as I ve already got those in my library.Listen to a clip HERE

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    I got quite surprised by Rachel s Surprise release day bitches the other day and I legit dropped everything I was doing and bought the book.I LOVED IT TO BITS This series is a delight to read and everything is perfect with it It even got dragon than last one but still not enough dragons.I do feel slightly robbed because about 24% of the book is bonus content and not actual Part Time Gods content.This picks up about where Minimum Wage Magic ends Opal and Nik doing their Cleaner business and Opal trying to fight her dad s curse and her own screwed up magic And all the shenanigans that comes with that The DFZ is such a fun and messy world Also Opal s and Nik s relationship is stepping up its game and I am here for it They re so heart fuzzingly cute together my heart can t handle it view spoiler and my heart is hurting from their parting at the end of the book and I completely blame Opal s stubborn ass for it hide spoiler

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    Rachel Aaron s talent in creating effortlessly enjoyable and engaging character driven stories with fascinating worldbuilding is yet again evident in Part Time Gods, the second book in the DFZ trilogy.I probably sound like a broken record by now, but Rachel Aaron is my go to author whenever I needed a pick me up There is just something inherently comfortable and engaging about her writing and her stories that allow me to immerse myself into an intriguing world with its compelling characters right from the start, and it doesn t let go until the end I ve pretty much devoured every single book she s written in no than 2 to 3 sittings and over a couple of days at the most, depending on the length As Part Time Gods is not a long book, by fantasy standards, I finished this in a day And it was a great sequel.The story of Opal continues with her curse plaguing her every move, the partnership with Nik notwithstanding The plot in this sequel focussed on Opal doggedly determined to find any possible method of countering and working around the curse to gain freedom from her father I have to say that Opal did get on my nerves quite a bit in this instalment, despite understanding her predicament and the reasons behind her persistence Meanwhile, I was delighted when a visit to the chaotic Rentfree district sparked some revelations surrounding the deliciously mysterious and badass Nik True to Aaron s promise, we did get of Nik, but I still want .Now, the characterisation remains excellent in spite of what I said about being annoyed with Opal She is a compelling character The reason for my annoyance was because she is a likeable person, one who I can see myself befriending, but her stubbornness rivalled that of her obstinate father It was a tug of war of draconic proportions and consequences where I feel sympathy for one and empathy for another.Have you ever read a book where an element of the worldbuilding itself can be considered as a character Then let me tell you that the city of DFZ is, in my opinion, the best character in this trilogy The Rentfree district that I mentioned above was one of the craziest things I ve ever read Just imagine that you can live in an area for free or however little you can afford to pay, hence the name, but the buildings are constantly shifting around subject to the whims of the city yes, you read that right You ll never know when you will need to evict yourself to the next available place, but it will happen for certain The atmosphere just screams seedy, chaotic, and discordantly vibrant Those who have read the Heartstrikers series will know what the DFZ has become, and the development of the city since then had been astounding It pained me not to mention too much about it as I do not want to spoil readers who have not read Heartstrikers As far as worldbuilding is concerned, this has one of urban fantasy s finest.Speaking of Heartstrikers, we finally had the long awaited cameo appearances of well loved characters from the prior series These characters had been so well established that they felt so true to the ones whom we knew and loved, even in the several pages where they appeared I had this feeling of exuberant joy and wistful nostalgia all at once.The pacing of these books had been remarkable, giving readers just the right blend of humour, tension, action and contemplative moments to make it a fun and absorbing read The narrative maintains a steady forward momentum either with progressing with some development around the characters, the worldbuilding or the plot The ending of Part Time Gods seemed rather abrupt, and while it was not exactly a cliffhanger, it did leave me feeling a bit on edge about the implications of the events that transpired in the final chapter The next book is going to be really intense and exciting, and I can t wait to read it You can purchase a copy of the book from US You can also find this, and my other reviews at Novel Notions.

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    I am so happy to be back in the world of the DFZ So it was a happy surprise that the author did a surprise release Opal has literally been cursed with bad luck, and she is working to find a loophole She s working with Nik, her partner in Cleaning, to make enough money to payback the debt to her family Opal is a great character She wants independence and she s not obnoxious about it and has her reasons She s also stubborn and determined This book focuses on Opal and her strained relationship with her father The best parts of the book dealt with him, the rest was good but those parts truly shined The dragons are easily the most entertaining part of the series.My only cons with the book are the characters can get really preachy in explaining their motivations It s a minor complaint for sure, but sometimes it takes me out of the story Note the book ends at 75% on the kindle The rest are backads and previews of the authors other books I looked at the table of contents and was glad I did The ending of the story didn t really feel like the ending It s not really a cliffhanger, I would have liked to see it continued I am eagerly awaiting the next book If you want to read a fun, funny, and unique urban fantasy with lovable characters, this is a great series But start with the Heartstrikers Nice dragons finish last.

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    A good sequel with cool cameos from Heartstrikers Bob, Peacemaker, mentions of Amelia Why four starts well, Opal s stubbornness irritates me and I m not partial to romance subplot It changes nothing, though I ll buy any DFZ Heartstrikers related book Aaron writes as soon as it s published.

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    I nearly rated this 2.5 3 stars for how it ended Why because it just kind of ends and then there s sample chapters from previous books In fact according to my e reader 25% of the epub file is basically advertisement for Ms Aaron s other novels Which means my 4 star rating is a very salty 4 stars because I feel gypped out of a quarter of a book despite it being a fun read I think the world that Rachel Aaron created would make an amazing setting for a hacked together Shadowrun esque tabletop RPG game She should contact someone about that.

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    4.5 stars Loved it butSigh Almost perfect But the father annoyed me again only it was much , and Opal was REALLY stupid, and there was drama for the sake of drama So I hated those three things, but the rest was so good I don t want to bump it down any.Wish Opal used her brains some though, and the one thing was just too much But despite those issues, it was still a great book and I love the series and I want .

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    This series continues to be amazing I m not writing a full review, but don t sleep on Rachel Aaron s work

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    Good story Abrupt endingLove the world Great story Like the characters Had a bit of whiplash when I hit the end at 88% Cue the next reel 1 star for ending.

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    Fun and engaging as always, I devoured this in less than 24 hours I enjoyed the storytelling and the interesting world of the DFZ The touch of romance was nice as well However, I spent the majority of this book feeling so frustrated, purely for the situation that the heroine was in And then to have it all end with a cliffhanger Why, Rachel Aaron, why would you do that to me, I mean all the readers Being a non masochist, I don t enjoy feeling super frustrated for extended periods of time, but of course, I wait for the third installment of this series with bated breath.