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[BOOKS] ⚣ Girl Genius Vol. 3: Agatha Heterodyne & The Monster Engine By Phil Foglio –

The Collection Begins As Agatha Finds A New Ally In Krosp The Cat A Genetic Experiment With A Smattering Of Napoleon S Brain Cells And Becomes Better Acquainted With Gilgamesh, The Baron S Son Who Gently Breaks The News That Agatha Has The Spark For Mad Science Othar Tryggvassen Escapes The Baron S Lab As The Monster Engine Is Activated By A Revenant, And Pandemonium Ensues On The City Sized Airship As Agatha And Gil Battle The Awakened Behemoth Adam And Lilith Arrive In Time To Make Crucial Explanations About Agatha S Identity And Attempt Her Rescue, But Are Devastated By The Baron S Forces, And Agatha And Krosp Must Make Their Dramatic Escape Alone

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    In which Agatha learns a heck of a lot about herself, her cat, the problems of a too fast romance, and the downsides of rescuing a hero.

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    Most of the payoffs from the initial book happen in this episode, as Agatha stops doubting herself and agrees that if she is causing trouble just by existing, well then, as she says in the last line of the book, Let s go make some trouble I also loved this explanation for the character Krosp, a genetically engineered cat created to be the emperor of all cats Think about it Cats can go anywhere They re invisible Nobody thinks twice Imagine if you could use them as spies saboteurs messengers and I give the orders but they re cats Their attention span can be measured in microseconds If I can get them to understand what I want, they re completely gung ho until they fall asleep, or see something move It was a moronic idea

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    The romance part of this story comes into play as things spark up between Agatha Clay and Gilgamesh Wulfenbach Things become complicated when both Tryggivssen and Agatha s parents show up to rescue her, revealing their true identies, and of Agatha s past All of these factors compel Agatha to get off the Wulfenback airship as soon as possible Amidst this wacky environment, Agatha faced a classical dilemma for strong women in patriarchal settings involving marriage and political alliances Much as she likes Gil, she s in the no hurry to be bound by wedding vows and a ring At the same time, I could understand Gil s urgency in getting hitched He d finally found a girl who s a spark that he likes He wants to hurry up and marry her before his father marries him to someone else In the middle of this romantic conflict, the Baron continues to develop nicely as does everyone on the airship Readers meet a new character first introduced in the last volume, Krosp, the King of all Cats, whom graciously accepts Agatha as his new minion We also meet Captain Bangladesh Dupree seriously who can give Von Pinn and the Jagermonsters a run for their money in her zest for violence For world building, character development, and overall enjoyment, this gets four stars.

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    Finally In Volume 3, Agatha finally learns that she is a Heterodyne and a Spark Seriously, girl This whole time what did you think I mean really Sometimes, her innocence and ignorance really annoys me And then she does something SUPER AWESOME out of nowhere, and I stop being annoyed for a little bit.In this volume, we continue to meet new characters, and get to know some old ones better It s a great place for developing relationships, and I think a few key new characters are introduced That said, there are definitely some gaps in this story for me I think since I m reading this in a very segmented fashion I m seeing of the gaps All in all, we learn about The Spark and Agatha s backstory, even though it is barely addressed It s a pretty fast paced volume In retrospect, I was entertained, but frequently frustrated I find a lot of the characters self absorbed in a revolting way I hope that we can expand from that soon When do we find the Hugo winning volumes

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    Read at least 2 timesThis is volume where sh t goes down I mean, really.

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    Set in an alternative Europe, Girl Genius combines steampunk, dieselpunk, sci fi pulp, fantasy, alternate history, penny dreadful schlock, and comedy in a gorgeous comic about one girl and a mad spark The writing is funny itself, reminiscent of screwball comedy, but the sight gags in the drawings add to the atmosphere, and each time you pick up a volume again, something new is revealed, so its always a new read The comics are brightly colored, and so richly detailed you have to step back and take in everything One of the best comics ever created, the Professors Foglios have outdone themselves.

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    HUGE improvement over the first two books Finally Agatha learns what was so painfully obvious from about page 5 of the first issue Sad that she didn t figure it out, but then, these books don t seem to think that women are capable of complex thinking And all the arched back ginormous boob poses are getting a little tiresome though at least less underwear in this issue But still, an entertaining book.

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    This is where the series started to lose me The number of plot twists and random double motive characters kept increasing beyond the realm of what seemed reasonable or followable, and the constant chaos can be tough to keep up with But at this point I just wanted to know where it was going as an overarching, full plot.

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    I take it back This is where the action starts Adventure Ho

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    Girl Genius 3 A continuation of the first 2.