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➥ [Ebook] ➠ Go, Dog. Go! By P.D. Eastman ➯ –

A fantastic colorful book filled with wonderful illustrations and little sub stories.It stimulates a child s imagination while teaching him numbers, colours and social skills.How about the child is counting the dogs in the bed and the ones underneath the bed.Or seeing all the things the dogs are doing in their treetop party the big dogs, little dogs, yellow,red, blue, pink and green dogs.This will be great fun for any child aged 4 8 , and will not only be educational , but it is somethingshe will remember for the rest of her life. Reading Goes To The Dogs In This Timeless Beginner Book Edited By Dr Seuss From Big Dogs And Little Dogs To Red, Green, And Blue Dogs, Dogs Going Up And Dogs Going Fast Who Knew Dogs Were So Busy And Laughter Will Ensue At The Repeated Question Do You Like My Hat Like P D Eastman S Classic Are You My MotherGo, Dog Gohas Been A Go To Favorite For Over Fifty Years, Leaving Audiences Of All Breeds Wagging Their Tails With Delight Originally Created By Dr Seuss, Beginner Books Encourage Children To Read All By Themselves, With Simple Words And Illustrations That Give Clues To Their Meaning The Canine Cartoons Make An Elementary Text Funny And Coherent And Still One Of The Best Around School Library Journal Since the school year started, I ve been forced to read this to or, accurately, read along with my daughterabout 4 million times.Ok Maybe I m exaggerating.She s a BIG girl now, so they have to read for 15 minutes every day after school, which I think is GREAT Except for the part where I have to listen to this story, and others like it, for the rest of the school year.Yes, the end result hopefully, a literate child is totally worth it.And for whatever reason, Go, Dog Go has become her favorite choice for this assignment.The great thing about this one is the repetitive use of sight words that every kid needs to be able to quickly recognize.For that reason alone, this thing is worth its weight in gold for beginning readers.Then, of course, it has wacky dogs doing wacky dog things.Can t go wrong with that, can you Not if you re a kid My favorite part of the book is the Two Dogs and the Hat stuff.No, it s not exactly comedy gold, but my daughter always does this funny little high pitched voice for the girl dog, and a low which still sounds squeaky coming from her manly voice for the boy dog.It s adorable.Then again, I m probably just biased If you ve got a little kid who s learning how to read, go get this sucker.Sure, you ll be ready to tear your hair out after a few readings, but they ll love it It s called sacrifice Now suck it up, and grab this for your kid. All of the plotlessness and pointlessness of One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish but none of the wild creativity or language play.I mean, I know an easy reader needs to have simple language, but there are tons of books that manage that without being this insipid.And why oh why does the female dog have to win the approval of the male dog by changing her hat, until they ride off into the sunset at the end when he finally likes her hat I could go on I wouldn t even bother to comment on this, except it s a classic and that scares me. Neo literally sped through this book, leaving no word unpronounced or page unturned Dogs are all over zooming around town in cars, sometimes obeying traffic laws, but also hard pressed to listen They congregate together in parks and on the outskirts of town, reds with blacks, greens, and blues There is no rhyme or reason, but there sure are dogs Neo loved this one, even after he told me that he s read this book at school many times, so he knew all the words Still, it was a fast paced story for us both to enjoy When I first met Erika, for some long forgotten reason and situation, someone said, Do you like my hat I answered No I do not There was an awkward pause and I added, Good bye Good bye again, with some totally bizarre, guttural, kiddie voice It became a fun inside joke for Erika and me, but for the life of us, we couldn t remember where it came from It sounded familiar it didn t sound me invented, but we couldn t place it Then we had babes, and I picked up a bunch of board books and there it was Hello Hello Do you like my hat I do not Good by Good by It wasn t quite how I remembered it, not quite the way my mind had twisted it over all those years, but we had finally found the source, and we were stoked 5 years later my boy is reading it to me It is a great book to foster reading , but even if I didn t have a prior bond with the book beyond learning to read, I would still love Go Dog Go because of my son.It is a fave No question. The following lines from the book made it too cute Do you like my hat I do not. Truly, nothing has captured the scope of emotion that encompasses Romance such as Go Dog Go Part tragedy, part romantic comedy this is a love story for the ages With such memorable wit and dialog such as the belly laugh inducing Do you like my hat and the heart wrenching reply, No I do not You will laugh, and you ll cry It s not all romance though, the book deftly weaves in several subplots which serve as complex metaphors for various political and philosophical debates For example, there is a seen in which The dogs go to sleep They will sleep all night is clearly an obvious metaphor for female hegemony towards the oppressive male dominated society of the early Mad Men era 1960 s in which this book takes place In other portions of the book it explores how the effects of how economic success and failure in the brewing industry plays out among moderate Democratic congressmen, for example The blue dog is in The red dog is out Clearly a throwback to Prohibitionist sentiment and history At it s climax, Go, Dog Go explores how runaway consumerism, and out of control automobile industry have set American society on a one way path to self annihilation Not even the power of the newly formed Green Movement can help society The Green Movement here symbolized by a Giant Tree , is consumed and polluted by society in a hedonistic Tree Dog Party In the end we are teased with one ray of hope, as the male and female protagonists escape this debauchery together, their budding romance at long last blossomed, providing hope that someday through the verisimilitude of their mutual affection a new generation will be born that can overcome the pettiness of their forefathers, and set society on the path to salvation. Go Dog Go is an exciting tale about a dog on his journey through life It encompasses all of the major obstacles we confront in our modern western society from his first period to a heart attack at thirty Most of the text requires use of a dictionary however if you have an internet connection available then looking up the obscure words becomes a snap Overall, I found the overarching message of this masterpiece insightful and full of ethically sound judgments I would without question recommend this book to anyone looking for a critical self examination of one s self and or a substitute for toilet paper.