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On A Petrified Stump From A Tree Felled By A Lance Of The Gods Is The Story That Her Sisters Weave For Innogen This Tall Tale Is The Only Link That Innogen Has With The Reality Of Who She Really Is Left To Live With Nymphs Between This World And That Of The Immortals, Innogen Started Her Young Life In A Fairy Tale World That Ended The Second Her Father Walked Away From Her As She Slept In The Forest Innogen Forest Is A Story Of Surviving The Ultimate Betrayal In An Ancient World It Is The Time Of The Grandeur Of Albion Brutus Has Just Driven The Giants From The Isles And Established A New Troy It Is A Time Before The Kings Of Rome Ruled The World It Is A Time Of Mystery, Intrigue And Immense Suffering When The Immortals Left This World And Stopped Guiding Our Destiny, A Chasm Formed Between Their Light And The Darkness That Lived Within Us The Half Gods Who Remained Between Our Worlds Could Rarely Intercede Until Innogen Found Favor With Venus Herself As The Dust Of Immortals Was Left To Innogen And Her Sisters, Magic Was Created For All Of Us All By The Suffering Of These Ancient Mortals Innogen Faces The Toughest Obstacles In Her Life As She Is Grows Up In This Vast Wilderness Will She Survive Dance Wearing Crowns Of Myrtle With Innogen As Innogen Finds Strength, Hope And The Magic Of The Immortals In The Forest Of Her Sisters Based Upon The Play Cymbeline By William Shakespeare, Innogen Forest Is An Epic Tragedy Innogen Forest , A Novel By Camilla Margiana Kindle Storyteller Award Entry Cover Art By George Dawe Imogen Found In The Cave Of Belarius, Circa

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    Shakespeare fan as many people are and I enjoyed this retelling It s different enough from the original to be interesting, and the author s prose has mystical overtones The city dwellers and the forest dwellers are the focus of the story The innogen live in the forest and are thought to be attached to the otherworld They are treated as if they re lesser than beings If you want to read a good account of good vs evil, mixed with reality and magic, Innogen Forest is it

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    Innogen Forest is a captivating novel, largely because of the enchanting world created by the author While reading, I truly felt like I was in a world of faeries and cruel men The style of writing is simple and straightforward which I found appealing, and in many cases it feels poetic I also liked the dialogue There are some amazing conversations that take place and give the reader a feel for the world.There are a few grammatical issues and at times it feels like the pacing is off when the story skips forward and leaves the reader lost for a few paragraphs This may have been a stylistic choice by the author, but I personally was left wanting a bit detail from time to time.

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    To be honest, I had never heard of Shakespeare s Cymbelline prior to reading Ms Margiana s Innogen Forest I daresay Shakespeare would be proud of her interpretation The research and love Margiana imbues into this story emanates in every page Without giving too much away, it is a classic tale of the city dwellers and the forest dwellers The innogen live in the forest and are thought to be attached to the otherworld Neither side has had an easy existence since the gods have forsaken the Isle of Albion The innogen are exposed to the atrocities of humanity as much as the bliss of the magic within the forest that only they are privy too The city dwellers treat the innogen as less than human Only their cnit sons are worthy of keeping and are roughly treated to make them strong enough to knights in the King s guard The daughters, or innogen, are left in the forest as newborns to be taken by the otherworld Margiana did an exceptional job balancing good and evil, reality and magic The story takes unexpected turns and will leave you guessing until the very end I highly recommend this book.

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    Will would approve, good read.

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    I like a bit of Shakespeare, not so much the histories, The Tempest, Twelfth Night and in particular A Mid Summer s Night s Dream, with Titania, Oberon and of course Puck So when I read this book had its root in Cymbeline one I hadn t read, I was intrigued.I haven t read anything like this for a long time and I loved it, it also brought back many happy memories for me too of times when I did read from this genre style often There s something earthy about the folklore mysticism elements that connects, engages and gently draws you in, in a very natural way The writing style is solid and it s clear that a lot of thought and deliberation has gone into this thoroughly wonderful tale which keeps you there right to the end and with a good pace I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this read.

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    Camilla is an amazing writer Definitely someone I ll be watching

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    Admittedly I did not know much about Shakespeare s Cymbeline so I read a quick synopsis before reading this book to know what I was getting into I also did not know what to expect from this book, but as I began reading it did not take long for me to be swept up into the world of Innogen and Cnits.The story is well done and kept me interested in all the characters as well as leaving me wander what s next at the end of each chapter Adding in the lyrical poetry of the Innogen gave the story a stronger voice.There were a few grammatical errors but they did not pull me from the story itself The intricate, but easy to read plot was refreshing compared to trying to read works of Shakespeare himself I do recommend this read if you are looking for a good folklore story with love and betrayal that will keep you interested until the end

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    Based on Shakespeare s Cymbelline as interpreted by Ms Margiana, Innogen Forest is an epic tale of tragedy The battle of good vs evil is timeless and Margiana is exceptional in finding the perfect balance The descriptive prose ties together the realistic and magical overtones that set this debut novel a cut above fantasy into literary fiction A classic tale of the Haves and the Havenots, the city folk and the forest folk The Innogen are the abandoned daughters who dwell in the forest with otherworldly beings, while the city is comprised of sons cnits and the ruling class, the king and his knights Margiana cunningly crosses their paths with unexpected twists This novel of love, murder and revenge best served cold is utterly entrancing.

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    Innogen Forest by Camilla Margiana is a wonderful, magical story I wish I had this book available when I was teaching English in middle school up to young adults It is a magical, tale to fuel the imagination, writing appreciation, and the love of reading Book available here s 33ICnlSFull review here

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    I love Shakespeare, I love re tellings, and I love this