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[[ Audiobooks ]] Girl Genius Vol. 4: Agatha Heterodyne & The Circus Of DreamsAuthor Phil Foglio –

This story is moving slowly The Barbie doll style of depicting women has bugged me since the very first book, and I just can t take it any The combination of the story not getting to where I feel it will be interesting, and an art style that I dislike, means I will not be searching out of these books. So the Heterodynes were bad news until the boys and the Baron was friends with her dad The story is developing a lot of layers as it progresses The art continues to be gorgeous, my little girl s heart just loved many of the circus panels And Agatha continues to be a great hero, totally not cute in any way, smart and savvy and brave and just a cool girl I m really enjoying this serial, I m so glad it came to my attention. I was so drawn in by the uniqueness of the story in the first three volumes that the beginning of this one was a big let down There were a lot of hackneyed plot points such as, Oh, now we must train you to fight, and Gee, you re so good at most everything without even trying It was disappointly familiar The end of the volume began to pick up a little of the mystery for me again I hope the next volume or two improve or I will likely move on Also I find the artist s depiction of the female figure really annoying The art as a whole is still very inconsistent sometimes beautifully detailed and sometimes awkwardly wrong One thing that always makes me smile though is the connection between being a scientist and being mad We tend to see scientists today as detached and analytical so the different perspective in this story is refreshing. since I promised myself to write reviews for every book I read I think I ll write one for this volume, since I now have a good idea what this series is about this is my first time ever to read a comic book, and it s also my first time reading steam punk, so it was all new to me, the drawings seemed a bit childish and the situations humorous and I was afraid the the whole tune of the books is, but I didn t need to be afraid, for while it is a bit to the YA side, the concept and the story are making me interested enough to seek out the series and keep reading.though it s my first attempt at comic books, I d recommend this one to first timers like me Another exciting installment in the adventures of Agatha Heterodyne, Girl Genius Fleeing from Wulfenbach Airship, Agatha and Krosp the talking cat crash into the Wastelands Pursued by Gilgamesh Wulfenbach and Captain Dupree, Agatha finds herself joining a traveling circus and faking her own death to evade capture Loaded with humour from the colorful author blurbs which put me in mind of a much less melancholy Lemony Snicket to the banter between the characters, punctuated by a few moments of genuine pain and tragedy, Agatha is taken on as an apprentice by Zeetha, Skif warrior, toughening her up a bit Zeetha and the other members of the traveling Heterodyne Circus are introduced, adding another thread to the tapestry of this intricate world The Baron, Gil, Dupree, and the Jagermonsters are developed a bit , deepening the mystery around Agatha, as a sinister side to Lucrezia Mongfish Agatha s mother and the Heterodynes are revealed.For plot and character development, weaving in with an ever intricate setting, this gets four stars. I like the travelling show setting of this one, and it s fun seeing her mysterious background unfold slowly in little hints and tiny revelations. I actually started out reading the novelization of this you know, the version without pictures When I went back to look at the comics, I hated the art I thought it was cartoony and silly and busy and hard to understand what s going on But I d enjoyed the novelization, so I skimmed the first and second volume of the comics, then skipped to volume four This series had won three Hugo Awards so I figured there had to be something to it By volume 8 I was sold I ve now read the first thirteen volumes and am officially a die hard fan I think the art did get a little better as the volumes progressed, but mostly I think I just got used to it I can t say I like how much Agatha ran around in her underwear in the first volumes, or that all the women have perfectly globular gravity defying breasts, but after a while we get a lot of shirtless princes which sort of evens the playing field. Set in an alternative Europe, Girl Genius combines steampunk, dieselpunk, sci fi pulp, fantasy, alternate history, penny dreadful schlock, and comedy in a gorgeous comic about one girl and a mad spark The writing is funny itself, reminiscent of screwball comedy, but the sight gags in the drawings add to the atmosphere, and each time you pick up a volume again, something new is revealed, so its always a new read The comics are brightly colored, and so richly detailed you have to step back and take in everything One of the best comics ever created, the Professors Foglios have outdone themselves. This is the fourth volume in the TP Girl Genius series I read the first three books as an omnibus and absolutely fell in love with this series It s a wonderful blend of steampunk, fantasy, and humor.Agatha s airship crashes in the Wastelands during her escape from Wulfenbach castle Her only companion is the King of Cats, Krosp They are relieved when they stumble upon a traveling circus However, the circus members have secrets of their own and they don t want someone who is fleeing from Baron Wulfenbach drawing attention to them.This series continues to be laugh out loud funny Seriously I was laughing out loud for numerous parts of this story Krosp, the King of Cats, cracks me up over and over again For example he steered the airship to crash into land instead of water because getting wet is worse than dying in a crash Agatha is a hilarious character as well I am always intrigued to see what new steampunk device she will come up with next One of the circus members, a warrior woman named Zeetha takes Agatha under her wing Zeetha is determined to teach Agatha that ways of a warrior again these scenes were pretty darn funny.My favorite character continues to be Krosp Although I do find Baron Wulfenbach s son Gilgamesh and his rather vicious traveling companion the pirate queen Bangaldesh DuPree to be highly entertaining as well.The illustration is done in very bright colors which I enjoy The illustration is a bit cartoony than I like in my graphic novels It also still bothers me that all of the women characters have very manly buildsthey almost look like men with fake boobs and women s heads put on top Despite the fact that I am not completely taken with the illustration style, it does fit the zany story and quirky characters fairly well.The graphic novel includes a The story thus far at the beginning which I love It is a brief synopsis of the story to this point and reminds of all the important story elements This is so helpful to me because I do read so many different series I think I am reading 80 some different series at last count.Overall I am loving this graphic novel series I really enjoy the steampunk elements, the humor, the adventure, the quirky characters, and the crazy King of Cats I would definitely recommend this graphic novel series to all graphic novel fansit is just so entertaining I will admit I am still not a huge fan of the illustration style, but the crazy story and world definitely makes up for that I can t wait to see what happens next The Adventure, Romance Mad Science Continues As Agatha Heterodyne S Damaged Aircraft Comes Roughly To Rest In The Wastelands She Encounters A Traveling Circus And Proves Her Mettle By Destroying A Massive Spider Clank As It Attacks Back At The Airship City, A Frustrated Baron Wulfenbach Dispatches His Son Gilgamesh And Deposed Pirate Queen Bangaldesh DuPree To Capture Agatha, Whose Very Existence Threatens The Peace But The Cunning Circus Folk Succeed In Hiding Agatha, Who Quickly Discovers She Is Only One Of Their Many Secrets She Begins Warrior Training With The Circus S Expert Swordswoman Zeetha, Meets A Strange New Breed Of Jagermonster, And Attracts Unexpected Attention In Saving Them From The Grimmest Of Fates