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Author Of The Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant, One Of The Most Acclaimed Fantasy Series Of All Time, Master Storyteller Stephen R Donaldson Returns With This Exciting And Long Awaited New Series That Takes Us Into A Stunningly Imagined Future To Tell A Timeless Story Of Adventure And The Implacable Conflict Of Good And Evil Within Each Of UsAngus Thermopyle Was An Ore Pirate And A Murderer Even The Most Disreputable Asteroid Pilots Of Delta Sector Stayed Locked Out Of His Way Those Who Didn T Ended Up In The Lockup Or Dead But When Thermopyle Arrived At Mallory S Bar Sleep With A Gorgeous Woman By His Side The Regulars Had To Take Notice Her Name Was Morn Hyland, And She Had Been A Police Officer Until She Met Up With ThermopyleBut One Person In Mallory S Bar Wasn T Intimidated Nick Succorso Had His Own Reputation As A Bold Pirate And He Had A Sleek Frigate Fitted For Deep Space Everyone Knew That Thermopyle And Succorso Were On A Collision Course What Nobody Expected Was How Quickly It Would Be Over Or How Devastating Victory Would Be It Was Common Enough Example Of Rivalry And Revenge Or So Everyone Thought The REAL Story Was Something Entirely DifferentIn The Real Story, Stephen R Donaldson Takes Us To A Remarkably Detailed World Of Faster Than Light Travel, Politics, Betrayal, And A Shadowy Presence Just Outside Our View To Tell The Fiercest, Most Profound Story He Has Ever Written

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    This was my second attempt at reading a Stephen R Donaldson novel My first attempt was way back in my teens when I picked up Lord Foul s Bane My read of the first Thomas Covenant book went so poorly that I never even finished the story I had loved the concept and found Donaldson s writing to be fairly engaging, but I was too disgusted with the character of Thomas to continue reading his story It was my hope that The Real Story would have of what I liked and less of what I did not Unfortunately that was a forlorn hope The Real Story was incredibly dark and brutal and proved to be an uncomfortable read Mostly due to all the abuse and rape depicted within the story I m actually convinced that Donaldson might have a bit of a rape fetish The characters did not help matters as none of the three main characters were particularly likeable The main character Angus Thermopyle was even loathsome than Thomas Covenant Despite a whole host of issues I did still find the actual story fairly intriguing and engaging On the surface it is the tale of how the handsome swashbuckling pirate Nick Succorso outwits fellow pirate, and a man of dark reputation, Angus Thermopyle and in doing so saves the trapped beauty, Morn Hyland The structure of the story was intriguing We got the tale from the perspective of the casual observer, and then the tale from the perspective of the discerning observer, before finally getting the real story from the POV of Angus himself The story was one of rivalry, deception, and treachery I found the story quite engaging I d likely have enjoyed the tale if the characters had been likeable and the content less disturbing I m not sure if I ll press on with the rest of the series I can tolerate a bleak and depressing book when it is short like this one was, but the sequels are far larger in size The slight glimmer of hope might be that the second half of the story focused less on the abuse of the captured Morn and on the battle of wits between Angus, Nick, and Morn Rating 3.5 stars.Audio Note This was narrated by Scott Brick This story actually played to Brick s strengths as a narrator The cast was tiny and the story was bleak so it suited Brick s wonderfully mournful sounding voice.

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    3am Surely the right time.Call me completely insane, but I ve agreed to read this I wrote a few months ago.after a conversation that went like this Me I hate Thomas CovenantNoela But you have to read the Gap seriesMe Huh Noela It is about a girl who has the most appalling things happen to her You read a bit, put it down thinking that s it No but then you can t help yourself You have to know what dreadful thing is going to happen to her next You have to Me Grumble, grumble, grumble, butokay Maybe But.The fact is, I have to confess, that I could scarcely stop thinking about anything else I scoured Melbourne bookshops looking for copies, but TC is it Donaldson just might as well not have bothered with writing another interminably long series I asked everybody if they had a copy I could borrow Have you ever tried doing this on the tram Coffee shops In the street It doesn t work.Finally, I happened to be in Hatchards and there it was Sorry, so sorry I m made a plug for a bookshop that isn t This isn t usually done on goodreads But GO TO YOUR LOCAL BOOKSHOP Hesitates before saying this next thing I don t know if Donaldson is a good enough writer to be doing this incredibly ambitious thing, creating the superbly flawed Angus Thermopyle But if that is so, it doesn t matter It is quite impossible to put this book down Having finished book one, I m desperate to read book two, but for logistical reasons I can t Not until I ve read HP AND the second two volumes of Northern Lights I m being held hostage, you see In the attic bedroom of a house in Didsbury hellllpppppppppppppppp I m not allowed out until I finish these books.Actually, it isn t dissimilar to what happens in this book to Morn, except that nobody is doing despicable thing to degrade and break me Well, anti Northern Lights readers might disagree there.If you re a boy you ll love this because it is about space ships and stations and pirates and desperate adventures and a girl who is trapped by a zone implant into doing whatever your um heart desires If you are a girl, I m buggered if I know why you ll love this, but you will.

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    I d had the Gap series on my radar for a while, so when I came across the 55 essential Space Operas according to Barnes Noble and saw The Real Story on there I decided to have at it.Having finished the book fairly quickly as it turned out it s not a very long read I m a bit out of sorts as to how to review it It certainly was nothing like I had expected It also isn t the easiest of reads despite reading quickly it contains a lot of scenes depicting things like rape, um, rape and rape I guess it s integral to the plot, which deals with control and fear and submission and the like, but this kind of thing always makes me uneasy The author basically places the reader inside the head of someone who commits any number of twisted deeds, expecting the reader to eventually identify with the character and, well, feel something akin to empathy for him when things start going awry and after he has provided the inner motivations of the character Or something to this effect.It makes sense to read this for literary merit, I suppose, since the author pulls a bit of a switcheroo with his character types There aren t many characters here only three, of which only two feature prominently , so it s of a chamber space opera than a proper space opera It s a grim and edgy read, with some serious psychological tension, if a bit screwed up Thing is, you ll have to decide for yourself what is excusable acceptable and just how willing you are to forgive , if you will If I m rambling, it s because I clearly haven t sorted out my thoughts about all of this yet.As such, I find it hard to rate I have to try and view it without letting personal bias interfere There are some interesting elements, and it looks like the series only really picks up from the second book which I may actually read, since the grimy used future feel of the story appealed to me Even so, I can hardly give this book much than 2.5 stars.

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    I have a negative past with Stephen R Donaldson s work I loathe the Thomas Covenant series and I could only read the first book of the Mordant s Need duality I had the second book on my TBR until I realized that the thought of picking it up depressed me profoundly and I decided to let it go.So it was with distinct reservations that I picked up The Gap into Conflict and no one was surprised than me when I actually enjoyed it The subject matter is difficult, but the insights into the main character, Angus Thermopyle, were worth the struggle And, as Donaldson promises, we get the real story about what is going on in his psyche It s not pretty, but it is truthful, as he confronts his feelings and admits to himself that he maybe isn t as rough tough as he likes to think It was kind of like getting a peek into the mind of someone like Ariel Castro, the Cleveland kidnapper I liked that no character was locked into a role, that everything kept shifting as the novel unfolded Morn Hyland starts as a victim, but certainly doesn t end that way Nick Succorso is set up to look like a hero, but a small foreshadowing by Donaldson indicates that he is no white knight I never thought I would ever say this I m looking forward to the next book in this Donaldson series Book number 266 of my Science Fiction Fantasy Reading Project.

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    The Gap really explores the cycle of hero victim villain Between the first book and the last, the cycle has turned atleast twice, with the main characters exploring and fulfilling all the roles.The Real story is a brutal book No mistake, its a hard read But between Donaldson s writing, and the compelling back story, it really sets the stage for a wider story The characters do develop and change over time This is a dark book, with dark characters, and is by no means a book that is intended for non mature readers The rest of the series is in much the same vein.

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    Interesting sci fi story featuring numerous pirates and Morn, a female cop captured and implanted with a mind control device At the mercy of the depraved Angus she is horribly brutalised too much in my opinion Salvation might be in the form of another pirate the mercurial Nick but will she live that long Interesting premise but the violence spoilt things.

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    I will tell you what I don t like about this book right up front, to warn those who might wish to be warned there s a LOT of raping and psychological abusing of the main female character In fact, it s an essential element of the story most of the way through the book I don t criticize the actual book for it, because it was necessary in order to tell this particular story about this particular man who was acting fully within his character to do such a thing But it s still really unpleasant to read If you can t stomach that sort of thing, steer clear.Now, on to the good stuff.The first thing I loved about this book was its structure First, we are told about a very brief scene and its subsequent aftermath from the point of view and therefore, pure opinion of most of the casual onlookers who witnessed it Then we dial back and are told about the exact same sequence of events from the point of view of the onlookers who were observant, and noticed things the casual bystanders did not They have a slightly different hypothesis about what happened because they observed differently Then we dial back AGAIN and see the same sequence of events from what the investigating security and official staff were able to piece together afterwards, using records and personal interviews, as well as their professional intuition and experience Again, they paint a slightly different picture than the other observers, because they have slightly different information.Then we get the real story, from the points of view of the two and later three players involved But even here, there are three different versions of the story being told, because each person has a very different perspective on what is happening So now we know the actual events that occurred, and yet we re still left facing the idea that there is no actual conclusive true story, because each of them experienced a different version of the same events.I Freakin Love that Yes indeedy.The other reason I really liked this book was that Donaldson wrote a totally unlikeable main character, and succeeding in making the reader care about him In general, people like to root for people they identify with somehow, at least in part That s why we root for the underdog because we all feel like life hasn t really given us our fair shake So its rare to find a book where the protagonist is completely detestable, because what reader would desire to root for him It s even rare to find such a protagonist that is written so well that we actually do want him to succeed These rare successful attempts are one of my favorite things to read.This little novella is the first of a series, which I may or may not continue to read, but it also stands on its own as a fantastic open and shut character study Bravo.

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    I have been a fan of Stephen R Donaldson since I read the Thomas Covenant Chronicles in the 70s In this new series, the Gap Chronicles, Donaldson moves to science fiction from fantasy Be warned, this is a brutal series to read like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo , but it is also a phenomenal study in character development The first book is the most difficult, and really only sets the stage for the rest of the series I read this series after it was completed so I was able to read it straight through and my copy of The Real Story included a forward by Donaldson on why he wrote it Basically he takes a victim Morn Hyland , a villain Angus Thermopyle , and a hero Nick Succorso and reverses their roles He makes the victim the hero, the villain the victim, and the hero the villain in a stunning saga that takes place across the vast exapnses of space in the midst of a struggle between humanity and the aliens bent on humanity s annihilation This is one of the best science fiction stories I ve read The characters stay with me I ve never forgotten them and think about them often, even though I read this series years ago I purchased it recently for my son, who also really liked it, but I was dismayed at the time that some of the volumes had gone out of print I now own them all in hardback, thanks to s marketplace and Half Price Books

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    Another recommendation from my husband, with the caveat that The Gap series can be a pretty dark and brutal read I asked, Dark and brutal like A Song of Ice and Fire but with spaceships His answer Actually, that s not such a bad comparison, in the horrible things happening to the main characters kind of way So I picked this up knowing exactly what I was in for This first book, originally meant to be a standalone novella, only reads like an introduction to the three main characters However, it s still a great story, meant to explore the classic archetypes of hero, villain and victim by presenting a scenario in the first chapter and then telling the real story behind it in the rest of the book Things are not always what they seem and characters are not always who you think they are.I look forward to reading the second book so I can start getting to the actual story and meat of this series.

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    If this were a longer book, I m not sure I would have finished it There s an awful lot of rape and murder going on, and it s not always clear that it s serving the plot The main character casually murders people by the dozen In the middle of the book there are almost a dozen scenes in which the main character rapes one of the other major characters This isn t described in excruciating detail, but it s stomach churning and probably makes this book something to avoid for anyone personally dealing with sexual violence trauma My biggest criticism of the first Thomas Covenant book is that I couldn t bring myself to care about a protagonist who is a rapist Indeed, one wonders whether Donaldson is capable of writing a book in which the main character isn t a rapist But at least with The Real Story it doesn t seem that you re supposed to sympathize with the rapist at least at first I suspect that Angus will become sympathetic in later books.Despite all this, I can appreciate the quality of Donaldson s prose and his skill with character development, which is probably what prevented me from putting this down although I seriously considered it several times My edition contains an afterward in which Donaldson explains some of his ideas behind the series, some of which honestly sound pretty cool I m particularly intrigued by the aliens as well as figuring out what s going on with Morn and Nick Nonetheless, I m still not sure if I ll pick up the sequels It will depend how I feel about this one after I ve had time to digest it.