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To me, Foul is Fair is the Mean Girls retelling of Macbeth, or specifically, if Mean Girls became a horror movie and was also a Macbeth retelling It s on the dark and violent side, so be warned, but the way that it s written had me fully invested from the beginning, and this rare horror reader could not put this down I thought this was such a creative and smart way to revisit Macbeth, and since this is technically young adult, could possibly help pique interest in Shakespeare s work In a nutshell, Sweet Sixteen is when the claws come out Also, this is part of a series and I cannot wait to see what s next I received a gifted copy from the publisher Many of my reviews can also be found on my blog and instagram tarheelreader Ladies, it s time to sharpen your claws When 16 year old Jade is gang raped at a St Andrews Prep party by a bunch of rich, over privileged pricks she doesn t withdraw, she doesn t even cry, but she does vow to take bloody revenge With the help of her four best friends a.k.a the coven they will exact their revenge on those that drugged, that raped, that guarded the door, and that turned a blind eye For these young ladies aren t your average young ladies They are the shriek you hear in the middle of the night They are the talons that will rip through your skin They are light and glitter They are vengeance You have all been warned First of all a huge FUCK YES to Hannah Capin The story, her writing style everything worked perfectly here I can find no faults Obviously this isn t the most realistic of stories but it s a war cry for women everywhere We don t have to be silent when we can be powerful 5 Fearless Stars Thank you to NetGalley and St Martins Press for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review. Elle And Her Friends Mads, Jenny, And Summer Rule Their Glittering LA Circle Untouchable, They Have The Kind Of Power Other Girls Only Dream Of Every Party Is Theirs And The World Is At Their Feet Until The Night Of Elle S Sweet Sixteen, When They Crash A St Andrew S Prep Party The Night The Golden Boys Choose Elle As Their Next Target They Picked The Wrong Girl Sworn To Vengeance, Elle Transfers To St Andrew S She Plots To Destroy Each Boy, One By One She Ll Take Their Power, Their Lives, And Their Control Of The Prep School S Hierarchy And She And Her Coven Have The Perfect Way In A Boy Named Mack, Whose Ambition Could Turn Deadly Foul Is Fair Is A Bloody, Thrilling Revenge Fantasy For The Girls Who Have Had Enough Golden Boys Beware Something Wicked This Way Comes If Macbeth pulled a Kill Bill on the movie Heathers, Foul is Fair would be the scene of the crime This book is f cked the f ck up.So, obviously, I LOVED IT Think Sadie by Courtney Summers on a meth binge This is a story about the ultimate revenge And, much like Kill Bill and Heathers, it s over the top craziness that couldn t possibly happen in real life, which is exactly how it should be told This book is a revenge fantasy and if you aren t chill enough to appreciate that style well then, that sucks for you We re magic I can feel it right now in the dark We re invisible when we need to be and then so firework bright no one can look away We re patience and brilliance We never forget.We never forgive Hell to the mf ing yeah I love our main character Jade She is the badass best friend that you re secretly kind of scared of but you re simultaneously addicted to the rush I m a guardian angel who fell from heaven before I ever got inside the gates Yes girl, yessssssss Omg y all, before I forget, Hannah Capin can write her ass off I could read her words all day I did read her words all day And all night I m pretty sure I highlighted passages from this book than any other before it Her prose is just that damn good It s really something you need to experience for yourself Pure magic THANK YOU to Jordan Hanley with St Martin s Press for providing me with a ARC in exchange for an honest review. Described as a feminist modern re imagining of Shakespeare s Macbethpart Cruel Intentions and Kill Bill . My reviews can also be seen at Sweet Sixteen is when the claws come out Elizabeth Jade Khanjara Elle is turning sixteen Elle and her ride or die friends Mads, Jenny, and Summer are about to crash a party It isn t just any party, it s a St Andrew s Prep party.Unfortunately, the night takes a horrible turn.Now Elle is Jade.Jade and her coven are out for REVENGE Names are written in lip liner.Jenny says Fair is foul and foul is fair Little Jenny Kim is the sweet one Summer is supermodel blonde, tan, and gorgeous Last but definitely not least is Mads Jade and Mads have been best friends since age four Mads knows what happened without Jade having to explain They are mine and I am theirs St Andrew s is about to meet its new queen Duncan, Duffy, Connor, Banks, Malcolm, Porter and MACK They stalk proudly through the halls of St Andrew s They re power and boasts Invincible But everyone can break What happened that night What will Jade and her friends do for revenge Wow What a wild and dark read This was a fast read I really liked the short chapters This book may not be for everyone I went into it knowing I was going to have to suspend my disbelief It s over the top, but this TWISTED story had me gripped.I appreciate that the author included a trigger warning at the beginning The book does deal with many sensitive issues.A savage and unique story about friendship and revenge that makes no apologies I d like to thank the publisher for providing me with an advanced copy of this novel All opinions are my own. 5 bloody starsShe s beauty, she s grace, she s going to put them all in their place the grave Concept Writing style Characters Pacing I had no idea what I was getting into with Foul is Fair, but I m here now and it was amazing twisted in the best way, dark in the best way, and so validating in its satirically dark version of female victim agency.Elle went to a party for St Andrews prep boys when she was 16 She was chosen as a target for their non consensual idea of fun Imagine what a group of untouchable rich, white boys could do to a vulnerable girl with a drink of who knows what Yes, that Trigger warnings for that subject matter.They picked the wrong girl Elle now goes by Jade, and she s got a plan Those boys might be golden, but they re not invincible all men can bleed.Jade enrolls at St Andrews and Foul is Fair truly begins I honestly cannot distill into words how glorious this novel was First off, it was brilliantly written Semi stream of consciousness, semi loose form narrative, Foul is Fair has the kind of writing that is hard to get into, but once you re in it you can t stop It s a rolling train and the brakes are gone Read this one on a weekend, folks, when you can devote some time to reading it in large chunks On top of the writing, we have a Tarantino esque surrealist violent plot Jade s got a hit list, and a swat team of girlfriends who are here to take them down from the inside Now, obviously, I am not a fan of killing people That s not the point that Foul is Fair is making It s not a glory piece on violence That concept is merely a device the author uses to convey the visceral emotions on behalf of every girl who s been abused, every girl who s been the victim of male violence In a world where women are still fighting for their right to their own bodies and their own safety, this novel is the best kind of social commentary I was so, so happy that the author chose to be this unflinching What a great novel This one is unforgettable for many factors, the least of which being that you will never read another novel like it New all time favorite, and a new author to watch Thank you to Wednesday Books via NetGalley for an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.Blog Instagram Here s the thing, I didn t care for this book initially I struggled a little with the narrative writing style It took a little bit of time for me to see what all the hoopla was about I m not the biggest fan of revenge stories either and yet, this one, around the halfway mark, really started to grow on me It really is a crazy ride They really did pick the wrong girl Fair is foul and foul is fair I really don t even know how to write a review of this without giving anything away so what I will say is that this book grew on me I grew to really enjoy the writing and even the wickedly enticing characters The wring went from being annoying to poetic This book is revenge on crack dancing with Shakespeare while throwing daggers and dying one s hair Whew This book is seriously messed up and yet, I enjoyed it.Mind you, this book will not be for everyone and it does have some triggers It deals with some heavy issues very heavy issues I hope that if something like this happens to someone in their lives, they let the authorities do their job.Thank you to St Martin s Press Wednesdays Books and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Scary, bloody, violent retelling of teen Macbeth with the mash up of Cruel Intensions, Riverdale, Mean Girls, American Horror Story Coven and of course one of the best disturbing high school movie Heathers So what do you think You re gonna be in or out As a die hard fan of all Shakespeare works, I took my place at the back seat, flipping pages with distorted face, widen eyes and the thought balloons appeared above my head says WTH I m reading Those teenagers couldn t be real human beings They might have been produced in a lab by the protected genes of famous serial killers including Manson, Dahmer and Wuornos So here is our cast Jade is our avenger, psychopath bitch a.k.a Lady Macbeth says who would have thought all these boys to have so much blood in them Mack is our innocent , decent, unfortunately manipulated MacbethHeathers girls a.k.a Witches Jenny, Summer and MadsThe kings a.k.a motherf.cker, despicable, dirty human wastes I wish Jade give me some private time with those boys because they re winners of my punching, slapping, kicking, beating the shit out of them contests I m volunteer to use them as decorative punch bags of my Fighting Women Club and Making Cupcakes Club after burning so much energy, we get our treat So Elle attends a St Andrew s prep party with her coven but she gets rofied and raped So old Elle dies and Jade is born at that moment to give the punishment those four guys coming from rich and powerful families Now she s determined to conduct her mission and massacre them one by one with the help of her coven members swear on a blood oath She starts her plan by transferring the same school with those guys and befriending their girlfriends, seducing their teammate Mack, pulling his strings as if he s her favorite puppet Let the blades sharpen Let the massacre begins But Jade shouldn t forget that a person who desires revenge should also dig two graves Did I enjoy it It s dark, it s funny, it s disturbing and it s ruthless, nasty, unrealistic somewhat cheesy, awkward All those teenagers reminded you of aliens from other dimensions with their absurd and weird reactions and their dialogues, relationship dynamics There was lack of emotions on this story, only real powerful dynamic was revenge theme which was keeping the story alive and intriguing But I still enjoyed the most parts even I thought in any second Mulder and Scully would appear and took those coven members into a spaceship and send them to the planet they had come from.Those coven girls are amazing future version of Heathers I imagined all AHS coven cast on my mind and match with those characters Emma Roberts Jade, Younger Lily Rabe Jenny, Taissa Farmiga Summer and Billie Lourd as Mads even she wasn t casted at the Coven season, nobody could be better Mads than her So it s a good work, great, bloody, frustrating, dark retelling even I had some issues to connect with those characters My last sentence of review before thanking the Netgalley and publisher comes from Macbeth Act I Scene I Fair is foul and fouls is fair Hover through the fog and filthy air Special thanks to NetGalley and Wednesday Books for sharing this ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review Well, I happily accept to excitedly read any Shakespeare retelling In Los Angeles is a privileged group of mean and powerful teen girls, the world is their oyster until Elizabeth Jade Khanjara, known as Elle, crashes a St Andrew s Prep Party on her sweet 16th birthday, with her friends, Jenny, Summer and Mads She is raped and assaulted by 4 boys after her drink is spiked Her memory fragmented and elusive, Elle becomes Jade, with her new short revenge black hair, she is no victim, no survivor, and with the unswerving support of her loyal coven of sisters, she swears a raw, bloody, unforgiving take down of those who thought they could act with such lawless, arrogant, impunity They picked the wrong girl In this feminist re interpretation of Macbeth, those familiar with the play will recognise quotes and characters from Shakespeare s play in the novel As Jade enrols at St Andrew s as the new girl, the guilty parties have been identified, presided over by king golden boy, Duncan, and his gang of corrupt lacrosse sport team jocks, with their rigid ranked hierarchy Until now, they have been the untouchables with their guaranteed golden futures, not any Spells are cast, if fair is foul, then foul becomes fair as Jade and her coven scheme, manipulate, and ruthlessly exploit the weaknesses of their enemies, choosing Andrew Mack as the key weapon to bring about death, destruction, madness and mayhem As fear and guilt begin to insidiously take hold of Duncan and his boys, Jade and Mack become an item, prophecies are made that tempt, corrupt and beguile, promising a new order to come There are ghosts, daggers, and hands that refuse to be washed of the glistening red blood as toil and trouble take over in St Andrews.Hannah Capin s prose is as sharp as broken pieces of jagged glass, poetic, and dramatic, all primary colours and monochrome She takes our contemporary world issues with its sports men and others who have eluded justice when it comes to their unforgivably brutal crimes against women and girls, and weaved a dark narrative of a no holds barred, blood thirsty revenge, drawing on Macbeth for its inspiration Jade and her coven are not women that can be ignored, they are bright, intelligent and deadly You mess with them at your peril as Duncan and his group are to discover, but far too late to save themselves This is a compulsive and memorable read which I will not forget in a hurry Highly recommended Many thanks to Penguin Random House UK for an ARC.