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Langston Hughes Has Long Been Acknowledged As The Voice, And His Poem, The Negro Speaks Of Rivers, The Song, Of The Harlem Renaissance Although He Was Only Seventeen When He Composed It, Hughes Already Had The Insight To Capture In Words The Strength And Courage Of Black People In AmericaArtist EB Lewis Acts As Interpreter And Visionary, Using Watercolor To Pay Tribute To Hughes S Timeless Poem, A Poem That Every Child Deserves To Know

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    Hughes was a mere 18 years old when he wrote this powerful poem which evokes the strength and power of black people throughout the world It also is a powerful tie of their story with that of water Lewis nicely captures these two aspects of the poem in his watercolor illustrations Taking the poem line by line, this book pairs each line with a watercolor painting filled with water and people Lewis excels at creating different feeling rivers, allowing the water to be blue, but also green, brown, and even yellowy orange The poem and the illustrations combined make this powerful poetry accessible to children It is always a thrill to see such great illustrations paired with such language Beautiful and strong, honoring the subject matter entirely.Highly recommended, this book belongs in libraries across the country no matter the color of the community members It will prove useful in poetry units and history, but it is most wonderful when just enjoyed for its own sake.

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    Normally when one is first introduced to Langston Hughes, it is this poem that eventually comes up After reading it, it is usually your favorite poem by him until you read his other works and see how diverse and amazing he was I must say that for me it was no different and I was taken down the rivers with the Bard of Harlem when I read this poem.

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    James Langston Hughes was born February 1, 1902 Hughes was a writer whose life and work were enormously important in shaping the artistic contributions of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s He died of cancer in 1967 In addition to leaving a large body of poetic work, Hughes wrote eleven plays and countless works of prose, including the well known Simple books Simple Speaks His Mind, Simple Stakes a Claim, Simple Takes a Wife, and Simple s Uncle Sam He edited the anthologies The Poetry of the Negro and The Book of Negro Folklore, wrote an acclaimed autobiography The Big Sea and co wrote the play Mule Bone with Zora Neale Hurston.A number of people are familiar with his poem I, Too, but many consider his greatest work to be his poem, The Negro Speaks of Rivers which Hughes wrote at the age of eighteen.This entire book is simply the poem by Hughes, with gorgeous and powerful watercolor illustrations by E B Lewis Lewis says in his note following the book that he has always been fascinated by this poem, and by the fact that Hughes was so young when he wrote it Lewis also notes Water has played a powerful role in the lives of black people It has been the boon and bane of our existence We have been born out of water, baptized by water, carried by, and even killed by water Evaluation The pictures are mesmerizing, and the poem is masterful, conveying in only twelve lines an entire people s history.

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    My son received this book from his first grade teacher it is absolutely gorgeous Beautifully illustrated, and Hughes poem is simply brilliant We spoke about the meaning as we read, and Lucas who is 6 was moved beyond words A great rendition for children to help them understand the value and beauty of art, language, humanity

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    This book is a great choice to use in upper elementary grades for a wide variety of uses given it s versatility It would be a great choice to introduce poetry prose as the beautiful illustrations by E.B Lewis brings the words of poet Langston Hughes to life The addition of the illustrations would definitely aid in helping students begin to think about the meaning conveyed by poetry and how powerful poetry can be Hughes poem about the strength and courage of black people throughout history makes this text a powerful connection to social studies and social issues The poem speaks to the connection between the history of black people and water Quality subject matter, quality literature, and many uses for developing comprehension skills in students.

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    I really liked this book It is based on African American perspectives of slave times through the civil war My soul has grown deep like the rivers It gave me chills reading the words of Langston Hughes I think this book would be best for children grades k 3rd because of the simplistic writing style used in the story Children who are interested in reading about black history would enjoy this book This book is from the Coretta Scott King Book Awards list KF

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    This book was very good It was written by a Langston Hughes as a poem many years ago, and i m not sure that this book would appeal to elementary school students because this poem contains a very deep and spiritual meaning that young children may not understand However, I love the illustrations The illustrations do a great job depicting the authors purpose Good read, but not my personal favorite.

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    This would be targeted at an intermediate audience, grades 3 6 This has photos that are waterpainted and depict the life of a black or African American It relates to the many struggles blacks may have had and will keep the attention of the children to piece together the comparisons of slavery to river flows John Steptoe Award for New Talent 2010

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    I don t think I had ever read this poem before, but this lovely version caught my eye Hughes s poem is beautiful, and Lewis s paintings illustrate it gorgeously I highly recommend this book for all ages.

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    Audience Grades Pre 3rd Appeal Written as a poem, drifts through the pages, powerful illustrations almost as if they are 3DAwards Coretta Scott King 2010 Nominee