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    Dear Peter Tuesday Hughes, or whatever your real name is,This book is eating away at me I don t know if it s wrong to share how I feel with others, lancing the blister to expose it to healing light and air, but I have to say it somewhere I m deeply ashamed of having read even part of this book, but I will deal with that in return for casting a little light on this dark, miserable little book of yours.In your own small way, you made the world a sicker, crueler, sadder and twisted place Where are you now What made you who you were Perhaps in your youth you were abused, misused, treated as an object to be used for the pleasure of those powerful than your young self Maybe you were bullied every single day of your school life for being different, called pansy, queer, fag, fairy, sissy Maybe both It must have been hard and very painful at times to grow up gay in the forties and fifties You re probably laughing bitterly, saying I don t know the half of it Except snarkier and cleverer than that.You had writing talent, there s no doubt about it But what made you write about fifteen year old boys raping their male teacher And this supposed to be titillating Why Why, with all the misery in the world, did you write this miserable, twisted story of degradation, cruelty, and filth It s wrong, Mr Hughes It s really wrong.Here s the thing I know those stories weren t meant for me They were not for young people unsure of who they are especially not girls But I have a bad habit of going straight for the worst of anything, that which I know will upset me Although honest curiosity did play a part in compelling me to go to Northwestern Library to read Graffiti. Unlike the other books on the Greenleaf website, I couldn t tell what it was about I knew it was gay, of course, but there was no man on the cover, only a wall covered in graffiti I found it was a book of untitled short stories Three of the four I read involved extreme physical and emotional pain, torture, and sadism The fourth was justkind of gross and really offensive Regular pornography, all of it, not erotica This stuff was evil.Wait, I just thought of something Were these stories metaphors for the pains of being homosexual Was the one about the teacher really about the contempt and fascination that mainstream society has for gays Was the one about the florist really about the seeming impossibility of finding someone who loves you back, and how it s no use being happy with who you are if your chosen one still hates himself Was the one about the married man about the agony and guilt of leaving the man you loved for a society sanctioned match Probably not Probably these were just wallows in the filthy corners of a decadent culture But as I said, you had talent and brains, and there was something under all the smut The pain in each story seemed to be telling the reader that being gay hurts, so you may as well enjoy it No one will love you So take the hatred and like it.THIS IS WRONG.I am not a prude I think sex between two people who love each other, or even just really like and lust for each other, is great Sometimes even beautiful But sex as a tool of hatred and punishment is one of the worst things in the world.I m truly sorry for the pain you must have suffered You could have made a difference in a good way And I can t help hoping you re sorry, too.