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It s the feminist version of Hamlet, complete with drug induced halucinations, secret dads, almost rape, and poison that isn t really poison a la Romeo and Juliet The English teacher in me was at once intrigued and horrified by the liberties taken with the text of the play It was daring interesting to give Hamlet and Ophelia a happy ending, solely based on Ophelia s cunning and brilliance But really, I m not sure I ever wanted Hamlet to get a happy ending I never really liked him enough for that All that being said, I certainly enjoyed the book, despite its many oddities, and wouldn t mind seeing what else the author has done. If you don t want to view spoilers well, come on, people This play s been out for hundred s of years, it s not like this story s anything new There is a few spoilers for the novel itself, but honestly, this book isn t really worth your time, so don t bother shielding your eyes.It feels like the author couldn t take the tragedy that was the original, and went out of her way to write a version in which no one died except the king who deserved to It really removes all tension from the novel when she re writes those dramatic scenes, Ophelia s funeral, the climax where everyone lay dying in the court, knowing that they ll all be just fine and dandy in the next chapter This is also reflected, albeit on a smaller scale, with the reveal that Polonius is not actually Ophelia and Laertes s father, but rather the grave keeper Because, you know, it s impossible to be related to a backwards thinking, idiotic jerk Face it Fiedler sometimes good people are born from bad parents.And don t get me started on Ophelia s character Can you say, Mary Sue Let s list the guys who all have feelings for Ophelia or lust after her in one way or another Hamlet well, obviously Bartholomew you know, that cool guard in the first scene of the play, turned rapist in this book Not cool, Fiedler Not cool King Claudius Yes, Claudius Fiedler felt the need to make him even of a fiend by making him an aggressive sexual predator who rips Ophelia s dress off and stares at her breasts Random Maid 1 Yes, when Ophelia sneaks back into the court disguised as a guy after faking her death, some random lady comes onto her Fortinbras After Fortinbras flirts with her, I rolled my eyes and walked away from the book It seems like every character who isn t related to her, apart from Horatio, who is given a love interest all his own in the made up character Anne have the hots for Ophelia, and it s ridiculous There s only so many times you can make other characters fall for your protagonist before your reader s suspension of disbelief is stretched to the breaking point And don t forget the fact that Ophelia has no negative qualities whatsoever She s smart, daring, confident, friendly, charismatic give me a break I ll give the author this, she did manage to keep me interested throughout the story, I was intrigued in how she would change the original and how things would be wrapped up Unfortunately, she chose the most ridiculous path and let everyone live except Claudius, completely removing the tragic element of the original and just making the whole thing feel empty and cheap.So, just don t bother with this one It s just not worth it. Ophelia Lives To Tell The Tale Of What Happened At ElsinoreThe Nights At Elsinore Are Longer Than Anywhere Else I Have Stayed Awake These Many Weeks, Which Has Aided Me Greatly In My Portrayal Of One Who Has Gone Daft For My Skin Is Pale As Fresh Daisy Petals, And My Eyes Sink Inward, Rimmed By Bruise Like Swells Of Purple The Servants And Courtiers Whisper That Surely, Ophelia Most Beautified Ophelia Has Lost Touch It Isn T Easy Dating A Prince, Especially When That Prince Is Hamlet It Could Easily Drive A Young Girl To Madness, Or So It Would SeemSince The Death Of His Father, Ophelia S Beloved Hamlet Has Descended Into A Deep Depression To Make Matters Worse, The Danish Court Is Filled With Lies And Deceit Was Hamlet S Father Murdered By King Claudius Is Polonius Truly The Father Of Laertes Who Can Be Trusted As A Friend And Who Is To Be Feared As An Enemy It Is Up To Clever Ophelia, With The Help Of Her Friends, To Find A Way To Save Her Prince And Herself Only Then Can She Finally Reveal The Truth About What Really Happened In The Famed Castle At Elsinore With Shakespeare S Classic Play As A Frame, Lisa Fiedler Gives Voice To Ophelia In A Gripping Novel Full Of Romance, Ghosts, And A Touch Of Alchemy I would not be reading this if it wasn t for a class focused on methods of adaptation of Shakespeare Charming in parts, but overly simplistic in a way that does even the YA target audience a disservice Not a fan of the Strong Female Character TM thing going on, either. The School Library Journal review on the back of this book claims that, Fans of the Bard will applaud this highly imaginative, lyrical text that plays with the story without damaging it The review is a BIG FAT LIE, for I have never seen a retelling damage the original story as much as this one has massacred Hamlet In an attempt to make the telling feminist, Lisa made EVERYTHING about Hamlet into an act The premise of this book is that Ophelia and Hamlet together devised Hamlet s madness meaning that when we see Hamlet in scenes which don t appear in the play, he s a typical, teen romance, pretty boy, everything else being a clever act Ophelia then proceeds to fake her own madness, fake her own death, AND manipulate a way for Hamlet to fake his own death So of course, nearly everyone who was dead at the end of Hamlet was alive at the end of this book And THEN the author had to make the book into a crossover story with Romeo and Juliet, by which point I was just gagging The only characters that I even recognized from the play were Claudius and Gertrude, whom Lisa left relatively untouched I think that in order to do a retelling, you really DO need to love the original work, but I would only recommend this retelling to people who hate Hamlet and want to see everything about it cheapened The fact that Lisa managed to write a whole novel in Elizabethan English does not make up for the fact that it sucked. Ophelia never was one of my favorite Shakespearean heroines perhaps because my acting teachers were often suggesting i play her and i was always a little partial to Juliet ever since we first read the play in ninth grade English I always saw Ophelia as a bit weak and victim like i suppose i m not the only one and named a cat i got after my other tough cat Tiny disappeared when a roommate let her out into a strange neighborhood i saw the cat as somewhat weak that cat later became my baby who no other cat at first would ever match and i never knew if i came to see the character of Ophelia differently because of the cat or because of a re reading of Hamlet Of course any re writing of the master and Hamlet always has been one of my favorite plays i actually always wanted to play Hamlet is going to leave a few detractors and there were definitely aspects of Lisa Fiedler s Dating Hamlet Ophelia s Story that left me none too happy i.e certain changes to Polonius and the gravedigger but what can you do really Ophelia isn t quite the strong, feminist character you might hope for she was still quite head over heels for Hamlet but she is a teenager after all also living in eleventh century Denmark but she can definitely hold her own and even has some career aspirations maybe she is a bit of a feminist after all i mean she does act for herself, what is there She does manage quite a few of the behind the scenes plot machinations for herself and you can also see why there might be a bit of a real romance for her and the Danish prince he s not quite as wishy washy as some have played him, either Some stuff that i was thinking sounded a bit like another Shakespeare plot was explained slightly if a bit too cutely, pertly, patly, etc at the end.All in all, a quick and isn t that what most of us want from a young adult novel, anyway breezy, enjoyable read especially if you re a fan of the bard. This retelling of Shakespeare s classic tragedy gives the coveted position of protaganist not to the troubled prince of Denmark but to the plays much lamented victim Ophelia Hamlet s love interest.The story starts out slow as most of the book is exactly like Shakespeare s play only from Ophelia s point of view I would have to say the real action dosn t start until about Act four When Hamlet is sent off to England it is left in Ophielia s hands to turn the inevitable tragedy into if not a comedy then at least Melodrama.Can Ophelia prevent her story from ending the way that Hamlet s friend Romeo s did To Read or Not to Read that is the Question. It was great reading Hamlet from Ophelia s point of view A few things were unrealistic, but that didn t really take away from the plot I did enjoy that Fiedler attempted to write in Shakespeare speak and keep the feel of the original didn t always work The end was a bit too happy and a bit cheesy let s go to Verona and meet up with your buddy Romeo and change that tragidy also , and throughout the novel there were mentions of future inventions style wouldn t it be great if I could wear these pants all the time which did detract from the rest of the book.I guess I m a purist and want the ending to be the same. How many individuals that work in a library don t even realize WHAT is in their collection or why Simply looking at the date published, the number of times checked out, the condition of course are factors But ever wonder if the number of times checked out is misaligned with a text actually aligning with a curriculum that a school maintains Unless you are a licensed and degree certified Media Certified Librarian, often, novels do not even get checked for the curriculum alignment factor and deciding to delve into books I found in our collection, I wanted to answer the question, Why Finding Lisa Fiedler s Dating Hamlet dated 2002, with only four check outs caused a shadow of doubt in my mind yes, judging the book by its cover you could say Making a commitment to delve into books that I had doubt about, REALLY delving into and committing to the read, it changed everything.Being able to look through Ophelia s eyes from beginning to end of Hamlet, identifying COUNTLESS issues of perspectives that young women and men NEED too ponder in a world that objectifies women, this novel was ahead of its time in 2002, and still is based on the excellent narration of Hamlet through a female perspective, this is priceless What is even better, Fiedler is able to spin a tale that never was told and easily existed that connects to Romeo and Juliet, just as the film Shakespeare in love has distant ties to another Shakespearean tale Fiedler is able to bring Shakespeare to a modern day, through HER eyes perspective and raise interest from the first page.If this was one novel overlooked in a collection due to not considering how it aligns with school curriculum and bringing this to the attention of educators and patrons, think of how many texts exist in the same category There is so much depth to the role of a Media Specialist Librarian that a volunteer, para, or any untrained individual in Information Science can bring to the world of literacy When you come across authors such as Lisa Fiedler, you find texts and themes that ring true in today s world no matter the number of circulations Bravo Lisa Fiedler on an amazing approach to bringing the art, tricks, perspectives, and roles of Shakespeare to women as well. What if Hamlet s madness was all an act and Ophelia was in on the whole thing What if Polonius wasn t really Ophelia s father but the grave digger was What if Ophelia really did know how to swim What if Ophelia had access to a plant that, mixed with certain other ingredients, makes a person who ingests it appear to be dead What if Laertes is only acting when he and the king plot to kill Hamlet What if Ophelia and Hamlet lived happily ever after I really enjoyed this clever read It s very interesting seeing the major events of the play through Ophelia s eyes And the fact that the reader knows that Hamlet and Ophelia are conspiring together makes for an entertaining twist on some of those famous scenes.