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5 creepy, terrifying stars Thanks Terry for the great BR on this book I m really enjoying our mutual trip down Pendergast horror lane Alright, where do I start That s right, we start in New York City in an ancient tunnel full of 36 dead bodies So, where did these bodies come from and why are they there Great question and you re about to find out.FBI agent Aloysius X.L Pendergast whew, what a name decides to investigate this site with the dead bodies and enlist Dr Nora Kelly to help with the archaeology part of the investigationQuick side note that I learned from one of my good friends here on Goodreads Try reading Thunderhead before you take on The Cabinet of Curiosities.In Thunderhead , you ll meet Dr Nora Kelly and how she meets Bill Smithback, our ambitious New York Times journalist Reading Thunderhead before was worth it for me and helped with the flow of the book Thanks Matthew for the great advice Okay, back to these dead bodies Mau ha ha ha The investigation goes into the direction of a Jack the Ripper type of serial killer, a new copycat killer in NYC that s duplicating the murders and learning all about curiosity collections back in the 1800s Imagine two headed calves, mammoth penises, shrunken tribal heads to a creepy doll owned by a Voodoo priestess Get the idea This book was great, creepy and super suspenseful I had no idea where the plot twists were taking me They were taking me for a tense and finger nail biting ride, that s for sure One last thing, what an amazing house for a setting Someone needs to take notes and make that come to life for Halloween o.O In Downtown Manhattan, A Gruesome Discovery Has Just Been Made An Underground Charnel House Containing The Bones Of Dozens Of Murder Victims Research Reveals That A Serial Killer Was At Work In New York S Notorious Five Points Neighborhood In The S, Bent On Prolonging His Lifespan By Any Means When A Newspaper Story On The Old Murders Appears To Ignite A New Series Of Horrifyingly Similar Killings, Panic Overtakes New York City Now, FBI Agent Pendergast, Journalist Bill Smithback, And Archaeologist Nora Kelly Join Forces To Protect Themselves From A Vicious Killerbefore They Become The Next Victims This book was fantastic The Pendergast series has been awesome so far Well researched Twists and turns Suspense Gore Diabolical bad guys Perilous situations Last minute salvation I am so glad this series has a lot books because I don t want it to end THE CABINET OF CURIOSITIES still remains one of the best books that I have ever read This is such an impressive novel. 4.5 stars.Three books in and Agent Pendergast might have convinced me to include thrillers as one of my favourite genres As an aside, I was told to read a stand alone title, Thunderhead, also by Preston Child, before I embark on The Cabinet of Curiosities This is good advice as a new key character in this third volume, Nora Kelly, an archaeologist undergoing a tenure with the Museum of Natural History in New York, was the main protagonist in that novel with most of her character development taking place there Without having read Thunderhead, which is also a pretty good book, one would not be able to fully appreciate her background and expertise, as well as her connection to Bill Smithback, the journalist Now back to the story at hand, which spanned an impressive page count of over 600, the biggest Pendergast book I ve read so far The story started with a shocking discovery of three dozen skeletal remains in an underground tunnel beneath a construction site The body of evidence pointed to possible serial killings that occurred well over a hundred years ago But what was it about this terrible crime from the late 19th century that had caught Agent Pendergast s unwavering interest and investment And were the recent murders of chillingly similar methods the result of a copycat killer, or something even sinister The story that unfolded henceforth was utterly absorbing and even downright creepy sometimes As with the first two books, we have a handful of character POVs which include a science expert from the Museum archaeology over biology this time , a journalist and a police officer I was initially resigned to the fact that we are going to remain fairly detached from Pendergast Much to my delight, Cabinet of Curiosities provided not just chapters in Pendergast s head, but revelations about his heritage Without giving anything away, I must say that this man is, without a doubt, fascinating and unorthodox.For a thriller of this size, pacing needs to be pretty on point to keep the reader engaged In this respect, I found the novel to be practically unputdownable With a vivid prose that described late 19th century New York with a haunting atmosphere and the bizarreness of the cabinet of curiosities of old, the narrative lends itself to being spine chilling at all the right times The authors are also adept at delivering a suspenseful climax, in spite of the predictability of the outcome Like I ve mentioned in my earlier review, we all know Pendergast will survive as this is a long running series named after the eccentric main protagonist Even then, I cannot shake off the sense of frisson and anxiety as the final, climactic chapters were unravelled The only issue I have with this novel is once again the idiot police captain trope It is getting a bit old, in my opinion Having these chapters of self glorifying idiocy inserted between the riveting account of Pendergast s plotline was quite annoying I suppose it can be viewed to be a sort of comic relief to the grim proceedings, but I was mildly put off instead of humoured.All that said, The Cabinet of Curiosities is well written, well researched and certainly lived up to the genre s purpose of providing thrills and chills This review can also be found at Booknest Awesome, mind boggling and exciting mystery thriller, with the perfect eccentric and dapper FBI special agent H in Pendergast.Spoilers will literally ruin this type of novel for a future reader, but I will say that the big revelation of the villain s identity and his rationale for his cold, horrific serial killing crime spree, was something that was totally unexpected and shocking The fact that the homicides span decades was perhaps the biggest shocker, because I d been expecting the killer to be a copycat.The killer s the kind of villain who literally needs to kill in order to survive He s got a bit of a God complex in his quest for immortality and he s a perfect nemesis for Special Agent Pendergast This was a really long novel that never became tedious because the main mystery storyline was never usurped as often happens in this genre by meandering plot details that flowed into boring territory There s also a slight gothic element to the mystery as well.The minor characters were also very interesting and well crafted They didn t seem like the stereotypical stock characters used to provide filler space in the story Nora Kelly was a strong, gutsy and intelligent character who than did her part to assist Pendergast in his investigation But it was Pendergast who stole the limelight from everyone He s not the usual overtly macho and ripped FBI agent He s a charming, eccentric southern man with his own inimitable fashion sense Some of the best parts of the story, included sections that detailed his witty banter with other characters.Pendergast is like a cultured and better dressed version of Peter Falk s Colombo He never gives anything away and he s so confident in his skills that he s willing to let the villain underestimate him He s a meticulous and cerebral investigator who s aware that he s dealing with an equally intelligent villain I thoroughly enjoyed how he was often amused by other characters reactions to his unconventional fashion sense If I had to choose an actor to play Pendergast, I ll pick a young Roddy McDowell or a younger Neil Mcdonough There were some sad parts, especially the background story of the skeletons who were found locked together in the titular Cabinet of Curiosities Theirs was a haunting tale of lives doomed to tragedy due to extreme poverty in a society virtually a century before the story begins that has little sympathy for the unknown impoverished new migrants from Europe This is the first book I ve read by this author but I am really eager to read the rest in this series, if only to renew my acquaintance with the awesome Agent Pendergast. OkayI gave it a 5 star Not many of those on my list, but I gave Relic a 4 and the only way to up that was a 5 I m a little surprised at myself for the rating This is a very good read and I have it on my shelf I obtained it after listening to the audio in a vehicle I only do that if I figure I ll possibly reread at some point.The atmosphere in this book combined with the imaginative story line is, if not great, just short of it These books seem to have a largely female readership No reason for that guys They re well done and this one is in my mind the best so far They re not mystery genre but border on several genres from there to paranormalpossibly edging into urban fantasy Good books, really I recommend this one especially very highly.Where the Pendergast character has at times verged on the absurd not badly so, he s almost always readable here I think Preston Child hit their stride with the character While the story edges along the border of horror and touches other story lines you may have seen elsewhere still, within it s own reality things hold together well. Sadly, I ve now read all of the Pendergast novels, at least until the new one comes out this summer Fortunately, I seem to have inadvertantly saved the best for last Cabinet of Curiosities is definitely my favorite of all of them At a construction site in New York City, workers unearth than thirty skeletons, evidence of a serial killer operating than 100 years ago Soon afterward, a chilling series of copycat murders are perpetrated by a killer dubbed The Surgeon by the press Agent Pendergast believes that there is a connection in fact, he thinks the killings are the work of one man operating for than a centuryThis definitely kept my adrenaline going I read it during my commute, and I kept having to put it down at seriously crucial moments, which led to me chomping at the bit to finish work so I could find out what happened next It s totally the literary equivalent of a good scary movie you find yourself mentally shouting, No Don t go in there at the characters Fantastic stuff These guys really come into their own with this novel Spectacular story, multiple things going on, and a very satisfying ending that leaves enough unanswered questions about our hero I m compelled to keep reading just to see who he is This was less campy then the first two Pendergast books and I really appreciate the maturity they bring to their writing so no matter how fantastical things get they keep things grounded in reality somewhat , and I like how the supporting cast of characters changes from book to book with people coming and going within its own shared universe Five no doubt about it stars. This book will shortly receive a welcome re read as I found a hardcover version, review to follow of course.And while this is the third Pendergast book it also stars Nora Kelly who will star in a new book coming August written by Messieurs Douglas Child So that is two books looking forward to this year, including the new Pendergast which seems to come out like clockwork and the latest one proved that the series was still going strong.This book is certainly one of the Gothic tales told in the Pendergast series, it is grounded in the cabinets of Curiosities which were places people in the 19th century went to see the worlds amazing natural treasures, albeit that some were false but spectacular nonetheless They contained oddities and rare examples of our natural history It was in this surrounding were one Enoch Lang decided to start looking for an extension on his life In his quest he did some horrible things.When a modern company is planning some new buildings and they are preparing the land for the build they find by accident an hidden tunnel were bodies have been stashed and they bodies prompt our modern day Sherlock Holmes one FBI agent called Pendergast to show up and look into their importance It is here that he Askes Nora Kelly to look into the archaeological importance of the remains They are promptly shut down by the cooperation and the city whose interest does not lie in an investigation of a century old mass murder The investigation will still continue and once again a major part is being played by the New York metropolitan museum, that also played a major role in the previous two books starring Pendergast It seems that a killer has taken up the role left by his ancient predecessor and is killing again This time in the modern media he has got a name the Surgeon While Pendergast, Kelly and journalist Smithback do get closer to the truth the solution lies again in another mansion containing a cabinet of Curiosities and some gothic roots that could in essence destroy the world, an elixer that could extend life or destroy the world as we know it This is what the killer is searching for.This is a real gothic novel of dark secrets hidden in a museum and mansion that will also be another insight in the history of Pendergast and his family A really great read and a fantastic tale that founded the series with Pendergast This series cannot be given to much credit as it deserves so much and is so much fun to read and reread Hence my search for the hardcover editions of the books whom I originally had bought in paperback.An absolute positive advise for new readers to pick up this series and read them from beginning to end You ll have plenty of fun and learn something about America as well as most books do contain great information about the Americas which should not be such a big surprise when you look into the writers background.