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Audible Belive In What You're DoingAuthor Hillary Weeks –

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    I received this as a Christmas gift from a friend. I love that friend, and I loved this gift because it made me giddily laugh at how corny and poorly written it was. Just as background, this book is listed for $9.95, and it's 59 "Last Lecture"-length pages long.

    I don't ever want to make someone feel bad for sharing their thoughts (especially spiritual ones), but I think Hillary Weeks knows as well as I do that it's not a very good book, because she goes out of her way to say up front that she was asked to do this book, and she didn't feel up to the task.

    And she wasn't. Her colloquial tone is so full of second-person speech and cliches, it's hard to get to what she's really trying to say, and her attempts at humor fall flat. Even the typesetting is horrible, as the "moral" of each chapter is in a script font that is almost impossible to read.

    Either way, sometimes a really bad book is just what the doctor ordered (to use a Weeks-ish cliche). At least it got me riled enough to get back on Goodreads.

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    I love the music she has created and so this book was a no-brainer for me to read. It is a small book so a quick read (unless you are like me and after reading a chapter relish the topic and relate it to yourself). She gives wonderful life lessons that relate to what she believes. Here are two of my favorite quotes:

    "The answer is not to run from our fears but to face our fears knowing the Lord is on our side."

    "Don't worry about what others think of you. Worry about what they think of themselves when they are with you. I didn't need to concern myself with whether or not the Young Women thought I was important or valuable. I needed to make sure they felt that way about themselves."

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    I got this book for Christmas from a friend (looks like a few of us have *wink*). I really enjoyed the book and enjoyed her simple examples to tried and true principles to peace and happiness. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a simple, enjoyable, motivating read. I know I was motivated to do things a with a little more love and a little more patience.

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    Small book with short chapers. Memorable thoughts--I have already shared some with my young women. Worth buying!

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    Very short read, but great stories. Especially for any moms of little kids out there.

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    This book is like getting a big hug from a best friend. It is just a tiny little book, but I stretched it out, reading just a little bit every day. Another book for my "read and repeat" shelf.

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    A quick and inspirational read!

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    This was a cute, uplifting read. Makes a nice gift. Thanks Lachell!

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    This was a very uplifting book! It is really short easy read. I loved it!

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    This is a small, short book full of Hillary's vintage humor and insight. I loved it!