Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, #7) light novel

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Coco Meets Stranger Things With A Hint Of Ghostbusters In This Action Packed Supernatural FantasyFor Lucely Luna, Ghosts Are Than Just The Family BusinessShortly Before Halloween, Lucely And Her Best Friend, Syd, Cast A Spell That Accidentally Awakens Malicious Spirits, Wreaking Havoc Throughout St Augustine Together, They Must Join Forces With Syd S Witch Grandmother, Babette, And Her Tubby Tabby, Chunk, To Fight The Haunting Head On And Reverse The Curse To Save The Town And Lucely S Firefly Spirits Before It S Too LateWith The Family Dynamics Of Coco And Action Packed Adventure Of Ghostbusters, Claribel A Ortega Delivers Both A Thrillingly Spooky And Delightfully Sweet Debut Novel E ARC from EdelweissThis seemed a little young for my students I loved the ghosts, but my students only want super evil ghosts that are actively trying to kill people, like in Schwab s City of Ghosts This was a bit like Love, Sugar, Magic instead, so may pass Love the cover, the extended family, and the culture. If you re wondering what kind of energy GHOST SQUAD has, look no further than this gif from COCO Not only are there ghost chanclas yes, ghost but there are Fat cats named after The Goonies A witch grandma in a leather jacket Brown Black girls on bikes having adventures Dominican folklore Vintage video games Scary ghosts that can take the form of different creatures like dragons One very fat cat named Chunk My cover is also live now, and all the thanks goes to the amazing artist Lorena Alvarez G mez who you can find hereYou can check out my cover reveal on twitter hereI m SO excited about this book and can t wait for you all to read it and maybe cry Lucely and her best friend, Syd, set in an adventure to save Lucely s firefly spirits Accidentally they may or may not wake up evil spirits instead So now they have to combine forces with Syd s powerful grandmother, Babette, and her fat cat, Chunk, to save their town and families This is such a funny and heartwarming story, a perfect mix of discussing painful feelings and having a great time with your friend It deals with grief and loss, ghosts of course and powerful magic And yes, this is a spooky book To be honest, this book made me jump a couple of times Claribel s writing is so atmospheric, they perfectly capture the scene and feelings, I was so scared for my children My heart was racing and I was holding the book tight and daring it to hurt me It did hurt me So rude I haven t felt like that with a book in a long time and it was wonderful It also made me realize that spooky middle grade is the spooky that I love.Lucely still feels heartbroken with losing her mother and her pain goes beyond the pages, it feels almost physical Even when it s not the center of the story, it s a huge part of Lucely s life It s done such a respectful and honest way, how Lucely can t stop thinking that if she s good if she does this thing right, her mother will back Her longing and loss, it touched my heart.Oh the characters, the characters are wonderful I love how middle grade can let its characters made silly jokes one page and the next pour out all the feelings and make you cry Well, it s also because Lucely and Syd are so honest about their love for each other and vulnerable about their feelings I love their fierce, loyal friendship and how brave they try to be for the other That, right there, it s a ride or die type of friendship that s so incredibly wonderful to see with two Black girls Babette is the queen of the grandmothers, hands down She gave me so much abuelita vibes, you know, the love but also the nonsense tone Anger that it s legendary but if it comes down to protect her grandchildren, she ll do everything and beyond to do so Oh yes, she reminds me so much of my abuela and I love it.Now, Chunk, Chunk deserves all the hugs and belly rubs and all the snacks Best cat ever Love you, Chuck Relationships are a huge part of the book and it s so well done Be Lucely and Syd s friendship, or Lucely s dad, or the firefly spirits, they are so important for our main character and they gave her so much strength These are all different relationships, of course, but there is history, love, loyalty and respect there I do love books where relationships, especially friendship and familial, are key to our characters I find comfort and all the fuzzy feelings, I don t know.And maybe everything goes back to how Latinx this book, especially Dominican From the firefly spirits to all the Dominican food, to the ghost chanclas jokes to the important family ties, this is a book about Dominican girl for a Dominican and Latinx audience, and I love how unapologetic it is Oh, it s so wonderful to see content that I very much understand and I have experienced in middle grade books You know, feeling seen and represented always it s a wonderful experience As a note, I m Latinx but not Dominican, please don t consider this review ownvoices. A charming adventure Get it for your little ones