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Walking Many Miles To School In The Dusty Road, Young Coretta Knew, Too Well, The Unfairness Of Life In The Segregated SouthA Yearning For Equality Began To GrowTogether With Martin Luther King, Jr She Gave Birth To A Vision And A Journey With Dreams Of Freedom For AllThis Extraordinary Union Of Poetic Text By Ntozake Shange And Monumental Artwork By Kadir Nelson Captures The Movement For Civil Rights In The United States And Honors Its Most Elegant Inspiration, Coretta Scott In a poem, Shange shares the story of Coretta Scott s upbringing during the times of segregation While reading this poem, students learn about Coretta Scott s story but they also are able to learn on build on background knowledge about this specific time period I enjoyed reading a non fiction text that tied in a piece of history as well as strong feelings about the meaning of the words freedom and determination One stanza that connects the readers emotions is, things nature never intended a child to see haunted them tragedy accompanies growth no matter who we are and the Negroes are no different Throughout the entire story Ntozake Shange does not use punctuation allowing the reader to interpret the information in their own way. This lovely picture book with illustrations by Kadir Nelson putatively honors Coretta Scott, but I felt it was about her husband, Martin Luther King, Jr An afterward for adults is, however, focused on Coretta The book doesn t cover at all the period after King s assassination, when Coretta took on a leadership role, founding the Martin Luther King, Jr Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta, becoming an anti apartheid activist, campaigning against homophobia, and actively participating in the women s movement The fact that over 14,000 people attended her funeral in 2006, including U.S Presidents George W Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W Bush, Jimmy Carter, and their wives, attests to the great importance of Mrs King herself, and the esteem in which she was held Although the text of this book is lovely, and the pictures outstanding, I hope to see additional books for children that recognize this important woman for her own achievements separate from those of her husband.Rating 3.5 5 As always Kadir Nelson s work is just fantastic. I enjoyed, Coretta Scott, by Ntozke Shange I found that the text did not read like poetry, it read like a story I, personally, am not a fan of poetry I enjoyed this book because it was about a person in history and I do like the historical fiction genre I had never seen a book that was based on Coretta Scott, so it was interesting to read about the Civil Rights Movement, from a different perspective The illustrations by Kadir Nelson are rich, realistic and colorful Visually the book is amazing This book can be used to introduce a lesson on the Civil Rights Movement to young children. I would probably rate this book closer to a 3 and 1 2 The pictures absolutely carry the book They are a five Kadir Nelson carried it and without him, the book would lose its impact Though I felt the verse strayed from its focus on Coretta Scott King several times Though one does get a sense that she fought prejudice and was a champion of freedom, it lacks in creating a complete picture of her The language is very mature, and the book is not one that can be left to children on their own Additional resources are needed to complete understanding. This lovely illustrated book tells the story of a young girl, grown to woman, who always carried the possibility and light of freedom.Walking to school with her siblings, while the buses carrying white children passed by, Coretta knew in her heart that there had to be a better day coming.Meeting Martin Luther King, Jr solidified that feeling And both put words and feelings into actions.Lush illustrations and lovely text render this a book I ll purchase and read to my grandchildren. Ok, I think I ve found either next year s Caldecott or Coretta Scott King Award book, or both Kadir Nelson s illustrations are breathtaking in this poetic account of the life of Coretta Scott King The opening spread, with the moon like an orange sliver by the treetops is gorgeous A page at the end of the book provides facts and details of her life This book has got to win something next year Highly recommended Pictures by award winning illustrator Kadir Nelson.Text by poet Ntozake Shange Excellence I anticipated excellence.But perhaps poets are not the best authors of picture books I had trouble following the text and I m a grownup I had to think too much about the words on the page and it wasn t because they were so rich but because the writing wandered around so much I d hoped for powerful words, but I found them to be wobbly.The children thought the pictures were very realistic They were moved by the story of Coretta walking to school The writing was a little too abstract for many of them and they weren t clear in places about what the writer was trying to say.The poetic writing, with its whimsical sentence structure, was unclear to them.Nevertheless, they loved the sounds of the words and the beautiful pictures They liked the pictures so much that they forgave the text for not serving them well and gave the book a high rating.A Sample white school busleft afunnel of duston their facesbutsongs and birds of all colorsand rich soilwhere slaves fought freedomsteadied them in the face of danger Children s Comments Jayla, 5, said, I liked the pictures Silvana, 6, said, I liked how she changed the laws Abby, 5, said, I liked them praying Gage, 6, said, I liked the part where they had to walk five miles to school Jimmy, 6, said, I liked the people gathering together in the book Children s Ratings 5, 1, 5, 5, 1, 5, 5, 5, 5 The pictures are spectacular The story is not as centered on Coretta as I had hoped, but it is absolutely worth getting your hands on.