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Cory and I listened to this Absolutely love Grisham I was drawn into the story wanting not put the book down. pretty good listen to on a long car ride One of my first audio books I found myself not wanting my commute to end I loved it and it made me despise the world of tort law Great read King of Torts was not one of Grisham s better books It was okay. interesting view of tort law Grisham always does write a novel that holds your attention This was much cleaner than the last two I read, in terms of language, and a much better story. I read this book for my book club I remember nothing about the book or any discussion we may have had aboutit. The King of Torts was interesting however I would not rate it as page turner The plot was interesting however the characters and timing did not keep me motivated as in some of the other Grisham books. The King Of TortsClay Carter Has Been At The Office Of The Public Defender Too Long And, Like Most Of His Colleagues, Dreams Of A Better Job In A Real Firm When He Reluctantly Takes The Case Of A Young Man Charged With A Random Street Killing, He Assumes It Is Just Another Of The Many Senseless Murders That Hit DC Every Week As He Digs Into The Background Of His Client, Clay Stumbles On A Conspiracy Too Horrible To Believe He Suddenly Finds Himself In The Middle Of A Complex Case Against One Of The Largest Pharmaceutical Companies In The World, Looking At The Kind Of Enormous Settlement That Would Make Him, Almost Overnight, The Legal Profession S Newest King Of TortsThe Last JurorIn , One Of Mississippi S Colorful Weekly Newspapers Went Bankrupt The Future Of The Paper Looked Grim Until A Young Mother Was Brutally Raped And Murdered By A Member Of The Notorious Padgitt Family The Murderer, Danny Padgitt, Was Tried Before A Packed Courthouse, And The Trial Came To A Startling End When The Defendant Threatened Revenge Against The Jurors If They Convicted Him Nevertheless, They Found Him Guilty, And He Was Sentenced To Life In Prison But In Mississippi In , Life Didn T Necessarily Mean Life, And Nine Years Later Padgitt Was Paroled He Returned To Ford County, And The Retribution Began