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Welcome To The Bizarre And Dangerous World Of Victorian London, A City Teetering On The Edge Of Revolution Its People Are Ushering In A New Era Of Technology, Dazzled Each Day By New Inventions Airships Soar In The Skies Over The City, Whilst Ground Trains Rumble Through The Streets And Clockwork Automatons Are Programmed To Carry Out Menial Tasks In The Offices Of Lawyers, Policemen And Journalists But Beneath This Shiny Veneer Of Progress Lurks A Sinister Side For This Is Also A World Where Ghostly Policemen Haunt The Fog Laden Alleyways Of Whitechapel, Where Cadavers Can Rise From The Dead And Where Sir Maurice Newbury, Gentleman Investigator For The Crown, Works Tirelessly To Protect The Empire From Her Foes When An Airship Crashes In Mysterious Circumstances, Sir Maurice And His Recently Appointed Assistant Miss Veronica Hobbes Are Called In To Investigate Meanwhile, Scotland Yard Is Baffled By A Spate Of Grisly Murders And A Terrifying Plague Is Ravaging The Slums Of The City So Begins An Adventure Quite Unlike Any Other, A Thrilling Steampunk Mystery And The First In The Series Of Newbury Hobbes Investigations

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    This is the limited edition hardcover of the book numbered 298 of 500 copies, and is signed by George Mann This edition contains the additional story The Hambleton Affair This edition differs from the regular trade edition in that it s slipcased, has a separate ISBN and includes a facsimile coin.

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    The epilogue to this book almost caused me to bump this up to a four star review Almost But given that the vast majority of it had me quite comfortably rating it as a 3, I m going to stay with that But the ending is just interesting enough to convince to to pick up another.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

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    Sir Maurice Newbury and his assistant Veronica Hobbes investigate an airship crash in Victorian London Why were all the victims lashed to their seats Where was the pilot And why is the Queen so intent on Newbury and Hobbes finding out what happened The trail leads them to the airship manufacturers who also happen to make automatons Can Newbury and Hobbes solve the mystery before the mysterious glowing policeman takes them The Affinity Bridge is a fast moving steampunk mystery Once it gets going, it s definitely a page turner The action feels very much like a movie Sir Maurice Newbury is a combination of James Bond and Sherlock Holmes, complete with laudanum addiction, and Hobbes is like a Victorian Emma Peel The setting was probably my favorite part of the book A London with airships, automatons, Queen Victoria kept alive by machines, a zombie plague in the slums, what s not to like So why did I only give it a 3 The characters are a little on the thin side In fact, I was ready to blast this book in one of the early chapters Newbury, although supposedly a great detective, misses some really obvious things only to have Hobbes suggest them Not very Sherlockian if you ask me Still, this is a quick and enjoyable read It s not the best steampunk book ever written by any means but it s fun and fairly accessible It s actually a little light on the steampunk side I d recommend it to fans of steampunk in general, as well of those of The Domino Men and The Somnambulist.

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    Meh This reads as if it was written to fulfill a contract obligation, or because we need a steampunk novel Too many formulaic components and this may be a problem with the genre rather than this particular author and too many chunks of boilerplate text Every time characters of the opposite sex enter the room, it s tea time Every time two men come together, it s time for some brandy, sometimes with a pipe Yawn Implausible hero Makes Batman look like a wimp The he got hurt maimed and carried on by Sheer Grit, the I thought of Monty Python s armless, legless Black Knight saying, It s only a flesh wound And a fight scene on top of a moving train Puh leeze Is that a tribute to older books or something Can t think of another reason to roll out such a dusty old trope Especially the part where he is view spoiler hanging by one hand, badly injured, but somehow reaches up, pulls the bad guy off balance, then heaves himself one handed onto the roof hide spoiler

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    I wanted, badly, to enjoy this book so much than I did.The idea is delicious a Steampunk London, Victoria kept alive by Mad Science , a zombie plague sweeping through the underbelly of the city An agent of the crown with a dark side and a patriotic heart His dauntless and beautiful assistant A serial murderer loose in the city Airships overhead Automatons clanking through the streets.And yet it failed to work At all.The book is billed as a Newberry and Hobbes Investigation but Miss Hobbes is barely a sketch She does very little and we get almost nothing of her personality other than the fact that she s swooooooony over Sir Maurice or her background The most interesting thing we learn is that she has a sister who can tell the future and is locked in an asylum The last chapter is, I think, supposed to shed some mysterious light on Miss Hobbes and make us rethink all that s come before, but since she was essentially just arm candy to Sir Maurice, I didn t really give a hoot about the big revelation I almost think that the police chief, Bainbridge, was supposed to be the buddy foil in the book But some editor said, Mostly women read Steampunk Please add a strong female character who can save Sir Maurice s life And so some of Bainbridge s exploits were cut, Miss Hobbes was shoehorned in, made to Save Our Hero s Life, and given a ret con epilogue so that the author could consider her in the next book Sir Maurice is allegedly an opium eater, but it also seems tacked on to the story after the fact Something that the author did to Make Maurice Interesting Mostly he s a perfect specimen of manhood, and a fairly dull one at that The author has an adolescent man crush on the character, I think Maurice is always pushing through the pain, fiercely fighting off baddies regardless of the fact that he should be in hospital He s handsome AND dashing AND rich AND immune to the plague AND a practitioner of the Dark Arts AND a brilliant scholar AND a brilliant fighter AND and and and.The plot is mangled and laid with red herrings that make no sense, have no bearing on the story, and are wrapped up verbally in a few paragraphs The secretary s missing brother is utterly irrelevant, gets only about 10 paragraphs total in the story, and offers no thematic reason to be there The Dutch cousin is similarly non sequtorial The best part of the book is the plague There are zombies ravaging London s underbelly called revenants, not zombies and it seems to be a very casual aside I loved that The idea that Victorian London wouldn t really pay any attention to a zombie plague fantastic Now if only the rest of the book had lived up to that one clever idea.

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    While in some ways original, this novel combines a number of themes which seem oddly prevalent in recent publications zombies The Forest of Hands and Teeth, World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War, Patient Zero A Joe Ledger Novel, Breathers A Zombie s Lament, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies , automata The Invention of Hugo Cabret, The Alchemy Of Stone , airships The Wizard Hunters, Clementine, New Amsterdam,Airborn in a vaguely steampunkish setting Larklight A Rousing Tale of Dauntless Pluck in the Farthest Reaches of Space, New Amsterdam again, Dark Sleeper A Novel, Girl Genius Vol 1 Agatha Heterodyne the Beetleburg Clank An easy and fairly entertaining read, it is marred by a certain flatness of tone and characterization There was no real sense of suspense or emotional engagement Disappointing, although I would be willing to give a sequel a chance.

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    If this book is Steampunk, then I want to read of them Maurice Newbury is a Crown Agent, an investigator of both crimes and the occult for the crown in this delightfully vigorous mystery set in a reworked victorian England full of both elements of science fiction and horror.Revenants zombie like human creatures, who are victims of a plague from India are roaming London killing people, but other people are dying by some mysterious means, found strangled There are odd sightings of a glowing policeman near the victims Newbury is investigating one of the strangled victims, when he is sent to investigate the downing of an airship in which 50 passengers are killed With his trusty assistant Veronica Hobbes, they find that the airship has no pilot This leads them to investigate the airships makers Chapman and Villiers It appears that the airship was being piloted by a robot, or automan Newbury s investigation of the cause of the airship crash and the murders of the people in England is interesting and I think Mann s depiction of Victorian England is spot on with both the style of that era and also with his changes including Queen Victoria who is only alive by the means of an artificial machine to the Fixer, a secret doctor who is fixes Crown Agents who are mangled on the Crown business Newbury is a complicated character both a man of scholarship and of action who fights off some revenants in one scene and has a brawl on top of a moving train in another action filled part of the novel He has an addiction to laudenum.Hobbes is no insipid character, a fighter who is not afraid of physical action and has secrets of her own including a sister who has visions, who is locked away in an asylum Only on the last few pages do we learn about her other job as well.This novel was a pleasure and I will look forward to books by Mann involving these two characters.

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    3 starsIt was ok but left me a little disappointed as it could have been so much I picked it up thinking it was an interesting technological take on Sherlock Holmes which was there but for me it was much akin to James Bond I loved the idea but it just didn t quite reach those lofty heights.The world building was ok but could have been a but expressive It s a short book I know but still could have drawn the reader in I did enjoy the steampunk tech elements even if some were a bit in the gruesome side.The characters were ok and very British which was ok by me as that s why I picked this one up It s also got a historical touch with a very teched up Victorian type vibe.I wanted a bit from the female characters though and while there were glimpses of some real strong characterisations I wanted a bit .The plot was quite good and had lots of suspense The twists and turns were great too It s pretty gruesome as well but that s ok and added an interesting element.Overall I enjoyed it but was left wanting .It s a darkish historical crime detective spy book with some extra steampunk elements do if that intrigues you then give this a go.As they are short books I m hoping the series will really build on this foundation which was solid.I have a long list of books to read next but I will be picking up the next one of this at some stage.

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    A zombie plague Mysterious clockwork automata Airship crashes What could Crown Investigator Sir Maurice Newbury and his capable assistant Miss Veronica Hobbes ask for Maybe an editor The story was solid, I suppose, but I felt no connection whatsoever to the characters, and there was only one part of the mystery that even mildly surprised me The prose was functional but not clever, and the dialogue seemed to waver confusedly between Victorian and modern neither of which I would have had a problem with, as long as the author had picked one and stuck with it Another thing that jumped out at me from time to time was a perplexing shift of perspective in one paragraph we hear Newbury s thoughts, and in the next, Hobbes If you re going to change up POVs, do it by chapter, or at least section Anything else leads to headaches for the reader.I don t need a book to be intellectually stimulating I do need it to be well written, and this wasn t All in all, it wasn t a bad book, but nor was it a great one The cover art American version , on the other hand, was stunning.An afternote Also, if it is true that the crashed and flaming airship was filled with helium and not hydrogen, as another reviewer stated, I might have to take away a star At least another book with airships that I disliked had sound research I did wonder HOW exactly the airship crashed, since LTA craft tend to keep on floating unless something happens to their gas supply, which as far as we can tell was not the case in this instance Further and unrelatedly, every time I saw the word whilst I made a angry, crazed sort of noise in the back of my throat I have nothing against the word and have read many books that used it in a way that did not interfere with my reading This book was not one of them.

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    This wasn t a bad little story It moved along at a fair pace, it had some interesting characterizations and I love anachronistic female characters and the mystery wasn t entirely obvious, though it was hardly surprising, either.I figured it out the first time Veronica visited her sister, and I was kind of annoyed that she didn t.I was going to bump this up to a 3 1 2 stars, but then came the part with the impossibly unstoppable man.Ok here be some spoilers So, our hero gets himself injured, then stitched up and mended, but still, ya know, injured Then he ends up doing much derring do, with constant references to occassional stitches popping and I was distracted by the whole heroics by the fact that I kept thinking this was a bit beyond the realm of believability.Then the moment happens where his stitches finally do pop entirely, he as blood streaming down his body again and, yet, he still manages to help land the zepplin, half drag an unconscious body to the banks, and only then passes out I just couldn t get into the action of it because I kept thinking how absurd it was I might continue the series It did have some nice steampunk elements, and the characters were interesting enough and I m curious about Amelia and also the little twist at the end So I guess we ll see.