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Lav And His Friends Are The First Of Their Kind, Genetically Modified To Be Wonderful Pets They Quickly Teach The Humans That Modifying DNA Is Easy, Compared To Controlling The Animals That Are Created Join The Adventures That Help Them Discover Where They Belong In This World, And What They Are Meant To Do If You Enjoy Stories That Are Told From An Animal S Perspective, This Should Be At The Top Of Your Reading List Purple Pup Is One Of Those Special Books That You Will Always Remember

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    Purple Pup is a children s story written by Karl Steam and illustrated by Joshua LagmanLav, was a dog in many respects, but there were some integral difference between him and the normal household canines Firstly, his fur was purple, but that aside he was part of a secret genetics project working to create the ultimate pet, amongst other motivations There are people with a special interest in this project, such as the military, who would have practical applications for enhanced and adapted animals Lav and those he had spent immeasurable time caged with were all different in one way or another, and each of them was treated differently Lav was poked and prodded, whilst Kama, his only friend, was taken outside to play Lav hated the humans, and wanted to be free of their torment Then one day he managed to escape, he ran and ran, until he found himself at a farm, and made an unlikely friend who not only taught him to trust, but to love and protect those close to him But then the unthinkable happened, those who had mistreated him found him.A wonderfully written, heart warming children s story about friendship, adventure, and loyalty This book makes for an appropriate and wonderful read for children and, just as any good children s story should, it subtly teaches values such as the importance of loyalty, friendship, and trust, as well as addressing both the importance and difficulty of change The appealing narrative is written in bite size chapters, and mainly from the animal perspective, inter spaced with some of the humans tale in order to enhance the reader s understanding of the situation Lav, or Purple Pup, finds himself in Filled with action and suspense, this imaginative tale is bound to capture the heart of child and parent alike.

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    MY THOUGHTS This is an unusual book in that it is told from the eyes of an animal The author gives the reader a chance to use your imagination to it s fullest It s about genetically modified animals This makes them a special group These animals with their DNA changed are much easier to control and enjoy Such fun for readers of any age Go on the journey of Lav and his friends as they find their place in this world and what they are meant to do Such adventures from Lav and his friends This book isn t just for children but adults also You re never to old to read a book of fun and excitement So grab a copy of PURPLE PUP and follow the adventures of genetically modified Lav and his friends Interesting and oh, so much fun Could this be the thing of the future Genetically modified animals I received a complimentary copy of PURPLE PUP from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

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    Movie material I truly enjoyed reading Purple Pup It is so different from any other book I have read I was pulled into the book from the first page My curiosity was captured and the wondering what is going to happen next, kept me from putting the book down Thus it was read the first time through in one sitting Yes, I have read it a few times It is a good read I would like to know when the sequel is coming out I hope there is one The chapters are short, making convent stopping points for those who do not have much time to read and keeps the book flowing with a scene change too However, the end of a chapter brings me back to I wonder what is going to happen next Purple Pup is a dog to love and a book to read for people of many ages.

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    What if science advanced far enough that we could pick and choose very specific characteristics for the plants, animals, and humans around us Compelling characters and an exciting story make Steam s speculations on these topics fun and challenging for kids.

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    Genetically enhanced puppies with DNA to save thousands of people Does their outcome triumph over the methods used to create these laboratory pets I have mixed emotions about this book On one hand, I love the adventure, the characters, the thought that went into the book, and especially the uniqueness of the story For a middle grade audience, it was nice to read a book that encouraged the readers to ask what is right and what is wrong I also LOVED that when the animal characters referred to their ancestors, they always referred to their Creator instead of the evolutionary processes of just happening into life.However, some of the themes and aspects of the storyline seemed a bit advanced for the targeted audience For example, there were mentions of breeding amongst the animal characters and even a scene in which two of the dogs discuss their responsibility to the lab and the male violently attacks the female when she refuses Nothing goes further and there is never a scene showing their responsibility happening, however that scene could be a potentially heavy topic in some families who have dealt with rape because let s be honest, middle graders know what breeding means This also leads to the scientists introducing the topic of surrogate surgery for the animals who have refused to mate, which some parents may be reluctant for their middle graders to learn about in their young lives Potential Spoiler The last topic that I was surprised to see included in this book was the scientific experiments taking place on human infants to help children with terminal illnesses The book does mention that the actions are illegal in the US, yet the human characters are going through with it anyway There s also a scene in which the doctor is sneaking the child back to its parents in the dead of night after sedating the infant to keep quiet So it s one of those things that different parents will feel differently about, but in my opinion, that s a pretty heavy topic to approach with a middle grader Especially if you have readers who like to talk about their books with their friends End of Potential Spoiler So overall, I like the story, but I would be reluctant handing it to my 12 year old sister who likes to ask millions of questions and research things for herself I m giving it 3 out 5 stars for the intended audience, but older teens may enjoy it a lot .I received this book from the author from the purpose of this review All comments and opinions are entirely my own.This is a

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    Purple Pup is a sweet novel about Lav a purple pup He has been genetically modified, and due to his DNA capabilities, he is not only purple, but he is also unique in his own way He is treated differently than the other animals, and once he finds a way to escape, he runs Lav finds a new home, true care, and love That is when the story takes an interesting turn, and his path of destiny alters The story is filled with friendship, trust, and compassion.I found the book to be very suitable for children teaching them empathy, loyalty, and friendship The chapters were just as long for the reader to feel like they can stop and come back anytime they want The content and literature were easy to read and understand.The narrative is a dog, which made the story even pleasurable to read The military is interested in these genetically modified dogs and the concept of them having special abilities was a nice addition to the storyline.I believe this book is suitable for adults who like light hearted stories and for children.

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    Many of you know I love canines having 4 of them myself.It was interesting to read this story told from the animal s point of view This book offers a thought provoking storyline Imagine having genetically altered animals with different coat colors and heightened senses.Illustrated in black and white by Joshua Lagman this book will be great for discussions about the pro and cons of genetically modified animals as one can address the ability to understand and to imagine Lav and the other animals experiences and why they don t want to live with humans.This book was provided for review by the generosity of the author.

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    I loved this book What a wonderful way to get grade schoolers to think about, scientifically, is taking place in our world I liked that students got to pick the cover and that the author gives some great talking topics after the completion of the story.

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    This book exceeded my expectations I loved the premise and the book didn t disappoint Imagine a lab that is experimenting with genetics Imagine one of those genetically modified animals is a purple puppy I d love a purple puppy This lab has created a new set of animals Two of the dogs have a heightened sense of smell and hearing, not to mention having camouflage colors You know that if the military is involved that all cannot be good What happens when the purple pup escapes and finds a family that treats him with love When the purple pup is seen and put on the news things change He is returned to the lab where he helps several of his friends escape The adventures this little pup finds keeps you turning the pages It was a quick read I sat and read it in about two hours This is one of those books that make you think how cool it would be to have some of these animals Then you have to think about how fair it is to the animals This would be great to read in conjunction with a science unit on genetics The possibilities for conversations with students about genetically modified things could bring about some great discussions Not only do I love this book because of educational reasons, but I love it because it is well written and sure to keep young and old alike reading.

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    AwesomeIt was great I wish I could give it stars Totally recommend this book Please read it if you haven t