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fun follow up to Ladybug Girl great celebration of kids fantasy and imagination I loved how this showed Ladybug Girl making a friend in the playground, and negotiating with another kid so their fantasy adventure play could work together Reminded me of watching my kids play in the playground how 4 and 5 year olds really are learning to play together, but still have to negotiate making their self centered fantasy worlds really mesh Also nice to feature a girl and a boy playing together in fantasy roles that aren t based on their genders. Children can have such vivid imaginations I think this book depicts that s very well If my class had am interest in super hero s I would read this book to them An extension activity to this book would be having a discussion with the children on what kinds of powers they would like to have then draw pictures of themselves and their friends as superheroes. We hadn t even heard of the first book when we read this, but as soon as we were done I wanted to get my hands on the first.Lulu goes to the park dressed as Ladybug Girl, looks around for a friend to play with, and notices a boy from her class They want to play together, but can t decide just what to do A great story about friendship and compromise The authors do a beautiful job of portraying the children s wonderful imaginative personalities, saving the playground from the scary monster, the mean robot, and the giant snake The artwork is really fun and perfect for the story.Definitely a worthwhile read. Otto loved this sweet story of a girl and her friend at the playground They get into an argument about what to play, and almost give up to play alone until Ladybug Girl saves the day.Otto was really into this story When Ladybug Girl decides she should walk away instead of try to play with her friend, Otto said yeah And then he was thrilled when they figured out something they could play together.Obviously resonates with imaginative preschoolers Good for any child learning to play together and share on the playground. David Soman and Jacky DavisDial Books for Young Readers 2009This book follows young girl, Lulu on her adventure to the park, where all she wants to do is find a friend and play She finds her friend Sam, and they try to decide what to play, but they cannot seem to agree Eventually, they decide to play Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy a game where they are both super heroes and save the park from danger.I don t believe there are any potential problems with this book The children do pretend to have superpowers, but that is about it.This book is good at showing younger children the importance of compromise Both Sam and Lulu want to play different games, and so they keep looking until they find a game they both want to play However, I do not feel like the story line was very structured It felt as if the characters just jumped from one thing to another without any real coherence or flow That being said, I would probably still read it to my own children because it is a cute story for both boys and girls. I thought this had better writing and a better storyline than the first Ladybug Girl book Up until the end anyway, with the unnecessary introduction of the last two characters at that point it seemed to lose direction a bit. Genre Picture bookCopyright Date March 5th, 2009Thoughts This is such a sweet book It really portrays a child s imagination so well I love how they showed that ordinary humans can be hero s, too I feel like it would be very relatable to many kids who get bored of doing just regular things at the playground It shows an example of how to put your imagination to use Overall great book Classroom Use If you have kids who say recess is boring, you can point them to this book This will show them that they don t have to just play basketball or jump rope They can use their imagination and create new games with their friends This book would be a great read aloud for elementary students grades k 3 Although third grade may seem a little old for this book, some days it may be a good reminder of how to treat people even if you disagree with them This book shows two friends at the park that are upset because they cannot find something they both want to play The lesson in this book is shown when the kids work together to find a game they both would enjoy playing and once they do they have fun together They also include another child in the end showing how important including other kids is on the playground. At The Playground, Lulu Asks Her Friend Sam If He Wants To Play With Her Sam Likes Diggers, While Lulu Thinks Monkeys Is The Best Game Sam Suggests Playing Under The Castle, But Lulu Knows That The Top Is The Most Fun They Just Can T Agree And Then Lulu Asks, Have You Ever Played Ladybug Girl As Ladybug Girl And Bumblebee Boy, Lulu And Sam Save The Playground From Hairy Monsters And Big Mean Robots, And Have Their Very Own Parade On The Bouncy Dinosaurs They Figure Out That When They Work Together, They Can Create Fun Games That They Both Like To Play They don t have powers, but even in some books they do, but we don t have some of them, so we re leaving Ladybug Girl and the Beach for summer Don t you think summer is good P S P S P S P S Do you know what s at the end Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad Kiki and Lion I m mixing it up with Oz because Oz has powers too.