Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, #7) women and gender studies

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I m going to review this book now, even though I have not read the whole book yet, because it is quite possible I may never finish By that I mean that it will stay on my bedside table to be perused when I have a few minutes to spare for some witty and passionate synopses of books I would like to read, or have already read, or to put in the hands of friends who need to read them I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway, and was very excited to find it in my mailbox I love books about books, and this one is organized by ailment or condition that can be helped by a certain piece of literature This is a lovely gift for bookaholics, and a wonderful way to feed the addiction. I love the idea of a book doctor, one who prescribes fiction as an antidote for many of lives ills This is a book about books, tells one what books to read if one is feeling a certain way or facing a certain challenge Not only does it names the books but it describes why that particular book was picked Many classics, many I never heard of and too many that I added to my TBR Well written, loved the layout of the book and how it is presented This is a book I will probably buy as it is a great book to have as a resource and there is just too much in it to remember Someone told me that there is actually such a thing as a real book doctor, who charges 30.00 per hour I want that job. Nuova Edizione Accresciuta Con Oltre Sessanta Rimedi IneditiSi Pu Curare Il Cuore Spezzato Con Emily Bront E Il Mal D A Con Fenoglio, L Arroganza Con Jane Austen E Il Mal Di Testa Con Hemingway, L Impotenza Con Il Bell Antonio Di Vitaliano Brancati, I Reumatismi Con Il Marcovaldo Di Italo Calvino, O Invece Ci Si Pu Concedere Un Massaggio Con Murakami E Scoprire Il Romanzo Perfetto Per Alleviare La Solitudine O Un Forte Tonico Letterario Per Rinvigorire Lo Spirito Questo Suggeriscono Le Ricette Di Un Libro Di Medicina Molto Speciale, Un Vero E Proprio Breviario Di Terapie Romanzesche, Antibiotici Narrativi, Medicamenti Di Carta E Inchiostro, Ideato E Scritto Da Due Argute E Coltissime Autrici Inglesi E Adattato Per L Italia Da Fabio Stassi, E Che Oggi Viene Presentato In Una Nuova Edizione Accresciuta Con Circa Trenta Nuove Ricette Delle Autrici E Altrettante Del Curatore Italiano Se Letto Nel Momento Giusto Un Romanzo Pu Davvero Cambiarci La Vita, E Questo Prontuario Una Celebrazione Del Potere Curativo Della Letteratura Di Ogni Tempo E Paese, Dai Classici Ai Contemporanei, Dai Romanzi Famosissimi Ai Libri Pi Rari E Di Culto, Di Ogni Genere E Ambizione Queste Ricette Per L Anima E Il Corpo, Scritte Con Passione, Autorevolezza Ed Elegante Umorismo, Propongono Un Libro E Un Autore A Rimedio Di Ogni Nostro Malanno, Che Si Tratti Di Raffreddore O Influenza, Di Un Dito Del Piede Annerito Da Un Calcio Maldestro O Di Un Severo Caso Di Malinconia Le Prescrizioni Raccontano Le Vicende E I Personaggi Di Innumerevoli Opere, Svelano Aneddoti, Tratteggiano Biografie Di Scrittori Illustri E Misconosciuti, In Un Invito Ad Amare La Letteratura Che Ha La Convinzione Di Poter Curare Con Efficacia Ogni Nostro Acciacco Non Mancano Consigli Per Guarire Le Idiosincrasie Tipiche Della Lettura, Come Il Sentirsi Sopraffatti Dal Numero Infinito Di Volumi Che Ci Opprimono Da Ogni Scaffale E Libreria, O Il Vizio Apparentemente Insanabile Di Lasciare Un Romanzo A Met I was trying to stubbornly work through this despite the fact I found it incredibly condescending and tone deaf, but this sealed the deal On being broke, seemingly written by someone who has never even brushed poverty Finally, return to The Great Gatsby and do what James Gatz should have done inhabit and accept your impoverished self and find someone who loves you as you are Then quit wasting money on lottery tickets, downsize, and learn to budget If your job still doesn t bring in enough for the basics, get another one If it does, stop whining and get on with living happily ever after within your modest means.Oh good, glad it s that easy Those silly people who aren t wealthy, all they needed all along was to quit buying lottery tickets and get a well paying job What utter tripe. Great idea for a list book Do you have a problem Are you listless, bored, sad, unemployed, ill, just lost the love of your life There is almost assuredly a book, a very good book, to see you through your problem time and help you come smiling out the other side Conversely there are books to help you, the unsuspecting reader, avoid pitfalls others have been snagged and tripped by, suffering along the way.Ella Berthoud provides dozens and dozens of books to assist us all on our paths through life, some with brief synopses entailing their curative potential She also provides many lists of 10 bests to be pulled out when the situation merits, such as when you reach 40 or are going on a plane or want to read a huge classic Personally, along with books I ve already read, I found many titles to highlight here, books I fully intend to come back for and add to my reading list I know that I will return to this book again and again This is not just a book to read, it s one to flip through, one to look through on a lark or for a specific reason It s written both with whimsy and serious purpose There s much to enjoy and I highly recommend it to all readers who enjoy this type of collection An advance copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley for the purpose of review. Once in a while when I m in a bookshop I hear my wife correcting me always , she says , I have some silly caprice So, yesterday, I bought this rather bulky book full of tips for further reading, as if I don t have enough books on my want to read list But this is a special one it s written by 2 British bibliotherapists, and it suggests you can cure every psychological or even physical affection by reading novels Now, it is no revolutionary view that reading fiction broadens your horizon, sharpens your capability of empathy, and in doing so helps to tone down problems and affections You don t have to convince me of that But going one step further and stating that reading is a cure for everything, well, there I m lost I m not saying this book does just that, because reading it, you can sense a lot or irony and humor in it and I appreciate that , but the introduction and some of the lemma s suggest the authors present themselves as real doctors So, I have some mixed feelings about this book.But for now, forget these pitiful remarks, just read it, and have fun, because it IS well documented all books clearly have been read, and that is not self evident , it is broad in its range of literature, and in its range of affections. An A Z Guide to reading for what ails you If you asked me for a book recommendation for someone who was depressed I could easily find one in non fiction that would fit the bill I could choose from what the reader needed, an explanation of the causes, perhaps a memoir by someone who s been there or some type of self help book But what if I wished to help someone find fiction that would aid in helping that person feel better The Novel Cure From Abandonment to Zestlessness is just that a novel idea, a novel cure I had the opportunity to meet the co author and to see the philosophy of this idea at work Susan Elderkin talked about how she and her co author, Ella Berthoud thought up the idea, bibliotherapy so to speak She then invited an audience member to present an ailment and we, the audience, got an opportunity to suggest some books to come to her aide Easier than it sounds Look up your ailment and you ll find a great suggestion of a book to read And even if you re not ailing, there s bound to be something here for you, a book you ve never heard of or a prescription for one you ve been meaning to read A few examplesBroken Heart As It Is In Heaven by Niall WilliamsGuilt Crime and Punishment by DostoyevskyMidlife Crisis Girl, 20 by Kingsley AmisSibling Rivalry Cain by Jose SaramagoThere are hundreds of others with short descriptions to whet your interest It s an interesting book to browse and one I can come back to as my mood strikes Includes indexes for reading ailments, Ten best lists that are referenced throughout the book, and importantly, an author and title index. I liked the general idea of a novel cure, books for all circumstances and troubles From the titles mentioned I found the ones I have already read fitting the relevant problems A bit odd I often thought the lists of the 10 best books in a certain situation.I read the German translation of this book and noticed something quite curious the German version only lists 253 books whereas the English one lists 751 And not all of the ones from the English version appear in the German but were replaced by ones written by German speaking authors I can understand this replacement as the book was made suitable for the German market but I don t know what they cut the number of books so dramatically.The book is a good work of reference of people who don t read very much but would like a book matching their current situation I found it fun to browse through but it s nothing I d buy for myself. This is a book that had been waiting patiently in my TBR list and I had been waiting for the right moment to start reading I wanted to be focused, my mind concentrated, because the concept of the book a combination of feelings and daily problems and the way they are depicted in various novels was so interesting and unique However, when that moment came, I discovered that this was a self help book or an attempt to create one and an overall disappointing read.What I liked was the snippets of advice and tips on how to improve various reading problems, such as lack of space, having trouble to locate one of your books or keeping a steady reading pace These are scattered among the entries and I really enjoyed them They offered a few interesting information and solutions.Unfortunately, the list of the things I liked ends here There were many issues I had problems with and the common denominator was the writing The way the book is written is less than adequate for such a difficult, demanding concept.First of all, it s not very wise to provide a summary of each book along with its ending I mean, if we come to think of it, it s almost idiotic The authors make suggestions to us as to which book we should read and the conclusion of the majority of the novels is made clear Now, I m not one to get panicked by spoilers Far from it I have been spoiled quite a few times and yet my interest remained undiminished, but here, with this book and the aim it tries to accomplish, it doesn t seem like a successful choice.The way the entries are organised is rather messed up For example, there are entries with no book suggestions, leading you back to a similar ailment The writing itself is not satisfying at all The way the authors summarize a number of books is below average, as if they re writing for teenagers who are just starting their way in the world of Literature Their summary for Graves I, Claudius is cringe worthy Not to mention the phraseLiterature is fond of its lunatics. and their rather insulting comments about poverty and choice in the entry of The Great Gatsby In my opinion, the writers attempt to sound humorous and smart failed They succeeded in appearing rude, condescending and full of self centered pats on their own shoulders.The writers advice is rather tasteless and tactless Not good I found them to be void, irrelevant, as if they come from one of those women s magazines This is not the language of a book which wants to be taken seriously Yet again, it may be that this was not the writers purpose.The premise was interesting and imaginative, but apart from a tiny few good moments, the execution left a lot to be desired and the writing was so average It quickly became a self help book and this is a genre I loathe What confuses me is that I can t really tell what the writers aimed for However, I know that I didn t enjoy it, only proceeded through the pages like a chore and this is never a good sign For me, this is probably the worst book about books I ve read and the first to make me think that there are too many letters in the alphabet A good book, read at the right moment, should leave you uplifted, inspired, energized and eager forWith so many books to choose from, what s the point of reading even onethat leaves you cold For anyone new to the concept of bibliotherapy or interested in finding out , this is a learned and at times tongue in cheek book of advice about what fiction to read if you re suffering from any sort of malady physical, psychological, or imagined Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin are two of the bibliotherapists at London s School of Life The alphabetical format and see also asides make itlike a cross referenced encyclopedia than a book to read straight through, though I tried it both ways Initially I flipped through at random, letting one entry take me to another related one and so on, but after a while I went back to the start and caught up on unread entries to finish within a year.You ll be amazed at the range of conditions and circumstances for which the book offers prescriptions Newly retired Bucolic and tranquil, The Enigma of Arrival by V.S Naipaul will encourage you to take stock of your life and enjoy the unfolding of new possibilities Workaholic Immerse your desiccated soul in something very simple, very rustic, very small We suggest Thomas Hardy s gentlest, most innocent novel, Under the Greenwood Tree But some of these entries surely resulted from the authors thinking hey, here s a great book we have to mention, and then coming up with a category to fit it into, like determinedly chasing after a woman even when she s a nun for In the Skin of a Lion by Michael Ondaatje.Indeed, there s a certain levity to this book that I think some reviewers have missed These aren t all entirely serious suggestions, though they are all worthwhile books I especially liked the sections where the authors incorporate pastiche of the book in question A piece recommending Pamela by Samuel Richardson is in the form of an old fashioned letter, for example, while single, being apes Bridget Jones s diary entries They even imitate certain authors prose style, as in Who poses questions without question marks and observes the subtle changes in the light with exquisite brevity Answer J.P Donleavy, apparently.The book is also a great source of top ten lists I m working through their novels for thirty somethings and advice for how to deal with reading crises e.g busy to read, being too and giving up halfway through, tendency to My only criticism of the book and this is one I level against many examples from the books about books genre is that there s a fair bit of plot summary, sometimes so much so that it puts me off reading a book rather than whets my appetite for it.It s a bit belated or early for suggesting this as a Christmas gift for a book lover, but perhaps you can hand it over as a birthday gift or an anytime present even to yourself I got my copy onfor 4, quite a bargain for a book I ll be returning to again and again over the years Originally published, along with somepersonal reflections, on my blog, Bookish Beck.