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An Ex Con With A Bad Boy Reputation Falls For His Childhood Sweetheart A Good Girl Cop Chasing A Ruthless Killer As The Texas Bounty Series Gets Steamier Than The Lone Star State Rush Redmond Never Expected Freedom To Taste So Bittersweet He Spent Eight Years In Jail Doing Someone Else S Time, And For What As An Ex Con, Rush Can T Work As A Bounty Hunter Like His Brothers Not In Texas Better To Drown His Sorrows With A Stiff Drink And Soft Curves Too Bad The Temptation He Craves Is A Redhead With A Badge Ava St George Once Upon A Time, Rush Would Ve Done Anything For The Sheriff S Innocent Daughter Now He S Fighting The Urge To Let Her Sweet Talk Him Into Some Trouble He Can T Afford Even Though She S A Cop, Ava Knows That Sometimes Justice Means Pushing The Boundaries Of The Law To Track Down Her Mother S Killer, She Turns To The Man With The County S Criminal Underworld In His Little Black Book The Boy She Knew Is Still Drop Dead Gorgeous, With Panty Dropping Charm As Smooth As His Smile But His Sculpted Arms And The Menacing Gleam In His Eyes Scream Don T Mess With Me Yet Ava Needs Rush Than Ever In Ways Than One Don T Miss Any Of Jackie Ashenden S Seductive Texas Bounty Novels TAKE ME DEEPER MAKE IT HURT TAKE ME HARDER

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    I am reading this series out of order it seems,need to check the others out.This is also my first read by this author and I have to say that I liked the style of this one.Hero is an ex con,he was sent to prison for a crime that was not committed by him,and his father assured him that he would get him out.This did not happen and he stayed in jail for 8 years with barely no visits from his family and friends.Prison made him a tough man and when he was released from prison,all he cared about was booze,spending his days at a strip club,screwing women and just generally not giving a dam.Enter the heroine who is now a cop who is his friend that he used to give milk and cookies to when she was a young child.They bonded with each other over the deaths of their respective mothers.His died of cancer and on her death bed tells him his father is not his father,that a criminal is his dad instead,the heroine s mother was a cop who had a hit taken out on her by the hero s supposed father.They come up with a plan to take him down.This heroine has always been in love with him,but she thinks that he has no care for her,but the sexual tension between these two are smoking hot,and their sex scenes sizzles.Their first time together is in the front seat of his beat up truck.I liked this hero,he is not a billionaire,just a regular Joe with some scarastic scarry ass humor and no filter whatsoever when he speaks.He likes to drink,fuck and go to strip clubs and makes no bones about it.His relationship with his 2 other brothers is not the best and I would have loved to have know what the bone of contention was with all of them.They each seemed to have deep issues,his seem to be daddy issues.Apparently,the criminal turns out not to be his daddy,so he still does not know why his father treated him so badly and never got him out of prison even though he told him that he would get him out.The heroine was okay,sweet virgin who had loved the hero in forever and her reason for breaking up with him was asinine I thought She was afraid of being hurt and let down again and again as she was when her mom died and her dad checked out when her mom died.Communication people The ending,I wanted ,felt like an hfn,instead of hea.I ultimately did enjoy this story and will read the rest in this seties.

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    Rush Redmond is finally out of prison After giving up eight years of his life for something he didn t do and for someone who didn t care for him, he s done caring about anyone but himself He has no problem pissing off his brothers and keeping everyone else at a distance, it s easier when there s only one back to watch, his own Nothing and no one gets close enough to make a blip on his give a fuck radar now a days Except for one milk and cookies virgin If there is one person he can t convince himself to stop caring about its Ava St George He hadn t seen her in years, but when she strides toward him with a crazy idea to investigate a criminal kingpin, there s no way Rush can allow her to tackle that kind of danger alone No amount of threats or bribes can convince Ava to steer clear, not if it can shed light on her mother s unsolved murder.Ava still remembers the big tough guy who befriended a little girl, the guy who took care if her and gave his support when no one else did 8 years is a long time to change a man He s a smart ass with a massive chip on his shoulder But deep down, Ava sees that beneath his laid back and careless attitude, traces of the old Rush still remain You re my hero, Rush You always have been When a girl who just won t take no for an answer, and questions about his own past haunt him, Rush finds himself walking a thin line between doing what he wants and getting what he needs.This is my second read by this author and she definitely has a darker writing style than I m used to Her characters are definitely not safe predictable vanilla wafers But thats what keeps it so interesting I loved that JA channelled her inner Deadpool to make Rush such an amazing character His sarcastic humor and naughty banter totally became him and it made this a light read with all its raunchy cockiness.There is so much going on that you really have to sit back and just absorb every detail before making a call on it I admit there are times I wanted to slap some sense into both Rush and Ava but then Ms Ashenden would go and make them do or say something that made me love them all over again.Especially Rush he was a perfect blend of cocky and sweet.So yes, this book had me high and low but I like a book that leaves an impression on me and this one did.I wouldn t say this book is for everybody but I throughly enjoyed this one This is hard edged, complicated love between two multi dimensional characters You have to really stick with them through some crappy situations to get to their HEA This has angst and push pull like no one s business Both MCs have baggage that they need to resolve before taking that final plunge and it gets intense for a while But as messed up as they both are, when they drop their walls, Rush and Ava were so adorable This had some really great moments that melted my sappy heart General Info Ava is 22 years old and a virginRush is 32 years old, and pretty much a man whore since getting out if jail.Safety It sort of is and it sort of isn t view spoiler The opening seen is Rush at a strip club where he is watching a stripper he is planning on hooking up with later Its mentioned that he s previously slept with her, but was solely a business relationship between them Still, I know some steer clear of this scenario Candy, the stripper, was actually an insightful character I ended up liking her and thought she added to the story She wasn t there for the sake of drama, which is refreshing hide spoiler

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    The biggest draw for me with this book was the pairing of an ex con and a cop I love when unlikely pairs are matched in books and they usually end up being very entertaining for me I read and loved book 2 in this series so I was excited to dive right in for Rush and Ava s story.With book 3 we have the same town, same characters and a smooth flow from book 2 to 3 with the focus switched to Rush and Ava As much as I loved book 2, this book was a bit of a struggle for me The jerk Hero s are not my favorite but can still be a good read for me as long as they treat the heroine right Unfortunately, we don t get that with Rush He was rightfully angry with the world He took the fall for his dad and brother for a manslaughter charge and spent 8 years in prison When Rush was finally released, he lashed out at everyone, including Ava.I think what made his treatment of her worse for me was that she was young, naive and had the memories of a man that was the only one that had been there for her growing up You wonder how a cop can be naive She has only been on the force for one year and you learn how she never got to bond with anyone in the academy because her father was the sheriff You realize how isolated she was and always has been He knew she had no one but him before he went to prison and her life wasn t easy I actually really liked how she handled Rush in the beginning He justified his jerk behavior trying to get her to leave him alone and her reaction to him kept throwing him off There was no game playing with Ava You got what you saw with her and if he had just treated her even a little bit better, I would have enjoyed this story so much ARC provided by NetGalley.

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    She was a milk and cookies kind of girl and he was a booze and strippers kind of boy I took a chance on this series because I m a MC Romance addict, and the biker in the 2nd book intrigued me Then, once I started reading it I met other characters that I wanted to spend time with I m a sucker for a broken bad boy, but Rush almost cured me of that He really enjoys pushing the limits and he pushed mine a time or two I gave him a good talking to, but he ignored me just like he does everyone else He s hard headed and arrogant and especially that other A word that won t allow in my reviews.Ava is ten years younger than Rush Their fathers were friends and spent time together, so Rush ended up being her babysitter, feeding her milk and cookies and consoling her when her mother died They were there for each other and became friends When Rush was incarcerated, he told her not to visit, so she didn t You can imagine that things were strained when they saw each other again 8 years later She was a grown woman and he was a bitter man They were fire ice and I was ready for some melting to happen Rush remembers Ava as a little girl, but that s not what she wants She s had a crush on him for years and she soon learns that nothing has changed in his absence as far as she s concerned She still thinks he s hot, even though she still keeps it to herself She s grown up now, and she wants him to notice She wants his respect, and his help with finding the man responsible for her mother s death Unfortunately, he s not the same sweet boy she remembers, and he doesn t offer his help without getting something in return I ll just let you use your imagination regarding the terms he puts on the table Let s just say that when he spells it out for her, her hair isn t the only thing that s red.I admit that I had a little trouble with Ava s character She was a contradiction On one side she s a tough, smart, capable police officer She s dedicated herself to her career, choosing to neglect social opportunities while focusing on her goal However her social inexperience and her innocence keep her from being the bad A that I wanted her to be I wanted her to live up to her red hair and come out fighting and taking names Or, maybe she s different with everyone else Maybe it s just Rush that turns her into an insecure introvert Maybe it s just for Rush s benefit that her pale freckled skin fails to hide the blushes he enjoys putting there Maybe her having a few things to learn is entertaining when there s a big mouthed bossy bad boy around to teach her, right Well, you ll just have to decide for yourself what TAKE ME HARDER means Does it mean that he went to prison one way and came out harder Or, does it mean that when she s around he becomes harder Ordoes it mean she likes it rough, and tells him to take her harder See, now I ve put all kinds of delicious possibilities in your mind You re welcome.

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    Rush has a serious I don t give a eff attitude, because you re my effing girlfriend and I ll do whatever I want to you, whenever I want to do it His eyes gleamed Where did you get the gear There are times I don t think Rush knows what to do with Ava, had her squirming and shifting on his lap Holy eff, honey Remember what I said about a hair trigger Jesus, I ve got a reputation to uphold I really loved this book, I loved Rush, even if his attitude sucked at times.

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    I am loving this series talk about melt while reading this one Yes Rush Redmond the middle son of Joseph Redmond now deceased is one bad ass of a hero an ex convict sent to jail for murder that he didn t commit and left there for 8 years now he is out and back with his brothers working the bounty hunter business but it looks like an old friend is going to pull him down a peg or two sit back and enjoy a wild ride to a fabulous HEA.Ava St George has grown up now she is still a cookies and milk girl but a cop as well she has followed in her mother and father s footsteps and works hard she lost her mother when she was young she was killed while working and her father is distant but she made friends all those years ago with Rush who is ten years older than her Ava has been given a tip about her mother s death and she needs Rush s help now that he is home, but that crush she had on him years ago did it ever go away maybe not because as innocent as Ava is Rush brings out another side to Ava.Rush is out of jail home and angry big time, he has a good reason to be so angry he has plans to stay a year then move on he has made a lot of contacts inside and is a changed man now Rush was always the caring person not any or maybe he is still when his old friend Ava who now is a cop and gorgeous and such a temptation to him asks for help what can he do but help of course there are reasons he wants to help for himself to uncover the truth about a secret that he has kept since his Mum passed away a doozy of a secret.This is one fabulous story that will keep you turning the pages my god Rush is bad and Ava so innocent but what a perfect couple they make friends to lovers and wild up and down journey that is fast and so very good I savoured every word MS Ashenden you have done it again a fabulous story that will be on the keeper shelf.

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    I would like to start off by saying that this has been my favorite so far in the series, don t worry if you haven t read Take Me Deeper or Make It Hurt yet this can be read as a standalone, but I do suggest you read the first two books in the series because they were definitely enjoyable reads.This was a great read, as I mentioned before this is my favorite in the series so far.that may change when Quinn s story is released During chapter eighteen I was balling so be prepare to have some tissues handy Jackie Ashenden has a way of spinning a story so that you are so engrossed you feel as if you are right there watching it play out right in front of you.You can read my full review and an excerpt here

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    My thanks to NetGalley and Random House, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review This is the third book in the series, but could be read as a stand alone if desired.This books focuses on Redmond brother Rush and cop Ava, both of whom we have seen in previous books.I kinda had to feel sorry for Rush, sent to prison for a crime he did not commit, a father that seemed to hate him and to top it all his mothers death bed confession Its no wonder that he uses his sarcastic humour and distances those that he calls family.Ava is a good girl, however she see s a deeper side of Rush that no one else seems to be seeing She can put side comments that she knows are only to help Rush cope and helps him like no one else has bother to so far.She helps him out from the dark with her light persona, her strength and determination.Its a friends to lovers book, with an eight year gap in between and the same goal in mind.

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    Actual rating 2.5 out of 5 starsThis is the 3rd book in the Texas Bounty series but my first read from this author You can read this book as a stand alone Rush Redmond and Ava St George were friends growing up With a 10 year age difference, they bonded over both their mother s death He fed her milk and cookies He taught her how to shoot But then Rush spent eight years in jail for a murder he didn t commit He didn t have a problem taking the fall for his dad or his brother But prison changed him and made him tough Now he s out and angry at the world and everyone for not visiting and leaving him in prison especially since he s an innocent man Ava is the wholesome, never been kissed sheriff s daughter She worked hard to be at the top of her class in the police academy Never having time to make friends or date She gets a tip that the police arrested the wrong man for her mother s murder Ava needs Rush s connections to find out the truth about her mother s death But Rush now has a don t give a f ck attitude.I had some issues with the story and the characters Ava is plain, weak and naive She s 22 years old and sleeps in the same single bed that she had growing up She has a CSI and Cagney and Lacey poster hanging up on the wall in her bedroom She s the same little girl that was in love with her childhood crush Rush is angry, selfish and arrogant In a week, they fell in love with each other Hard to believe a booze and strippers kind of guy will have a lasting relationship with a milk and cookies kind of girl Also, there was no background on why Rush went to prison except it was a botched bounty job Maybe it was in a prior book I also did not like the ending Throughout the book she said she will always be there for him and then threw it in his face I would like to thank NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group Loveswept for supplying a copy of Jackie Ashenden s Take Me Harder in exchange for an honest review.

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    Take Me Harder is the third novel in Jackie Ashenden s Texas Bounty series, featuring men and women bounty hunters who are fighting the good fight to bring fugitives to justice The lines of who is a bad guy and who are not get a bit blurred with this latest story, featuring an ex con and his one time friend, now a female cop, whose independent missions to undercover secrets from their pasts collide to form a common goal in this sexy and intense story.Rush Redmond spent eight years in a jail for a crime he didn t commit Expecting to be sprung by his derelict father, instead, he was left to live out his sentence in the harsh environment of prison Bitter but now free, Rush has joined with his brothers Quinn and Zane to keep their family bounty hunter business afloat but their brotherly relationship is tenuous at best Rush made enough contacts in prison to have his own version of a black book and he s looking to call in some favors to find out the truth of who his father really is the man who raised him but was cold and distant, or a con who seduced his mother and now runs an arms business among other shady pursuits.Ava St George, a female cop and daughter of the sheriff has known Rush since they were both children, though Rush is several years older As a child she idolized the teen who empathized with her over the loss of her mother and treated her with kindness But now, years later, the man fresh out of prison is not the friend that she knew Still, she is on a mission She s heard that her mother s killer, the real person behind the crime, is still on the loose and she s determined to find out what really happened Entreating Rush to help her, when it turns out they are both hunting down the same man he reluctantly agrees Ava s innocence draws Rush like a moth to a flame even though he knows that she s very off limits He s not interested in corrupting virgins, no matter how tempting But in close quarters with a common goal, it s not long before the sizzling attraction between them leads to a fiery affair Will their happy ending be snuffed out too soon If you ve seen any of my reviews for Jackie Ashenden titles, you ll know that I m a big fan of hers for mixing super sexy scenes, interesting and complex characters and intensely suspenseful plots into wholly entertaining stories That s definitely what we get here Rush and Ava are such interesting opposites While they have that tentative childhood connection, Rush has clearly put those days behind him and is not the same no surprise after 8 years in prison Yet Ava is able to draw out glimpses of that kind and generous young man While Ava on the surface appears to be a bit naive, she makes up for it with her determination and confidence She ll do whatever is necessary to catch the killer and Rush is quick to admit to himself that the young girl he knew is all grown up Their interactions are fraught with sexual tension and it s a slow burn until things ignite mid way through the story in some steamy scenes.Along with the suspenseful plot and sexy romance, Rush s relationship with his brothers is a key part of the story Having grown up together with an alcoholic father, they each had their own way of coping, none of which kept them very close With Rush s stint in prison and few visits from his brothers, their fractured relationship will need a lot of work to heal Ava is able to make Rush consider what things are like from Quinn and Zane s perspectives, and also to realize that if he wants to become friends with his brothers, he has to take the first step I liked seeing the brothers work through some of their issues, leading to a happy ending not just for Ava and Rush, but also Rush s family The setting is well described and shows the seedier side of life in this area of Texas, with strip clubs and bar hangouts the norm There are some interesting secondary characters, in particular, Rhys, who works for another bounty hunter agency and becomes a friend of sorts to Rush His story is next, and I m very much looking forward to it If you like gritty, sexy stories, you need to put Jackie Ashenden on your to read list.Note a copy of this story was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review.This review appears as a blog post at