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A Full Color Graphic Novel Edition Of The Mystery Knight, One Of The Thrilling Dunk And Egg Novellas From George R R Martin S A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms And A Prequel Of Sorts To A Game Of Thrones Every Wedding Needs A Singer, And Every Tourney Needs A Mystery Knight Westeros Is Eerily Peaceful King Aerys I Sits On The Iron Throne A Ravaging Plague Has Abated Yet Beneath The Surface, Tensions Linger Sixteen Years After A Failed Rebellion In These Restless Times, Noble Hedge Knight Ser Duncan The Tall Dunk To His Friends And His Precocious Boy Squire, Egg, Travel The Seven Kingdoms Performing Chivalrous Deeds, Though Egg S Bloodline Must Be Concealed At All Costs After Heading North For Winterfell, Dunk And Egg Are Lured Off The Kingsroad By A Wedding Feast And An Unusually Lucrative Tournament The Champion Jouster Will Claim A Rare Trophy Indeed A Dragon S Egg Dunk, Always Better In A Melee, Would Be Satisfied With A Hot Meal, A Cup Of Wine, And A Purse Full Of Coins But A Treasonous Plot Is Likely To Hatch Before Another Dragon Ever Stretches Its Wings Someone S Onto Egg And A Mystery Knight With Designs On An Even Bigger Prize Soon Throws The Entire Affair Into Chaos

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    I m finding myself growing so terribly bored with Westeros, which is a sentence I never thought I d write Perhaps it s all the hype surrounding the television show or perhaps it s the ridiculous popularity and cult status that now goes with the brand It s literally everywhere now There are comic book adaptations of prequel stories Isn t that a little, well, overkill The crux of my annoyance is derived from one thing impatience Many readers have been waiting for The Winds of Winter for a terribly long time I have nothing new to say about that, but I m starting to find the absolute torrent of books and side projects released in the interim a little annoying They don t make up for anything and it feels a little cheeky it feels like my money is being stolen time and time again.I hate what A Game of Thrones has become it now feels cheap and somehow reduced from its former glory And this comic book here is just another example of a book that didn t really need to be created it adds nothing to the story and gives readers absolutely nothing original At this rate I will be too full of venom to even read The Winds of Winter.

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    The art work is really bad, and kept throwing me out of the story Also didn t feel that bothered about the story in the first place

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    3.5 stars for this adaptation of the third Dunk Egg novella by George R R Martin, averaged from 4 stars for the plot and 3 for the art This is the most knightly of the three, maybe only surpassed by the 1st novella in the series, and the adaptor did respect GRRM s original text well enough, as this is largely a word for word text to illustration version, with few omissions mostly for fluidity and demands of the visual medium It s the artwork that is lacking, in my opinion, because the graphic novels for the two previous novellas was fine and the art by Ben Avery isn t quite on par It s comic y, if that s a good description, with a lot of scenes that are dealt with in illustrations barely above stick figure doodles, the facial expressions are wooden, which makes everyone sport faces like those one expression Botox faces you see these days Do look at the eyes, especially, and how the artist focuses rather fixedly, it appears to me on teeth, and you ll see what I mean.It s mostly a book for completists who don t like to miss a volume in a series and fans of GRRM, not for the general public For the latter, I d recommend they pick up A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms for a start, it s the edition collecting all 3 novellas to date with illustrations by Gary Gianni much, much better than the art for any of the existing graphic novels , and if they do like the visual medium, then they could continue with the graphic novels.

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    These are all really enjoyable so far.

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    Tales of Dunk and Egg are always a treat for aSoIaF fans I have read the first 2 graphic novels of the series and they were absolutely brilliant That was the reason I was really looking forward to the release of this and I must say it was worth waiting.The best thing about these graphic novels is that being the adaptation of novellas they cover the story fairly well You don t get the feeling of being rush through the story as it often happens in case of a proper novel s graphical adaptation Obviously you won t like it just because of that until the story itself is interesting enough Writing a novella is a different kind of challenge but I must say that SER GEORGE of House Martin is as good with knives as he is with swords.I have said this before but it is often happens that the extended stories of a famous series are not as impressive as the actual series I am glad that this is not the case with Tales of Dunk and Egg In fact I will say that if the first 2 stories were very good then it is even better, certainly the best of the series The beauty about this series is that you already know so much about the seven kingdoms, their people, life style and traditions that you can read any of the 3 stories individually though it is always better to read them as a series.This time the story started with Dunk and Egg heading towards Winterfell as lord stark was in need of some swords During the journey they came to know about a nearby lord s marriage and related tourney so they decided to join The winning prize of the tourney was a Dragon s egg but things were not as simple as they seem from far There is a bigger plot behind all this which goes deep within the politics of seven kingdoms Obviously Dunk and Egg got involved in all this and it turned out a real fun.The artwork is as good as it was in previous issues The colors this time are even better I love the new characters as well but I was hoping the end to be a bit different as it s presumably the last part of the tales of Dunk and Egg Surprisingly it was just like last 2 stories Though this particular story is complete but there is a scope for stories because Dunk and Egg s journey is not finished yet I would like to read few of them Specially SER Duncan s quest dream to be a kingsguard is really intriguing Come on George we demand for some of your knife skill Nonetheless a well deserved 5 Star for this

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    Enjoyable but not as impactful as the first two volumes.

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    The long awaited graphic edition of the third Dunk Egg story Nice to have a Hardback edition, perhaps the previous two stories will get the same treatment The story was adapted by Ben Avery and the art by Mark S Miller.

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    This is such a nice graphic novel, Dunk and Egg are still so GOOD And the story does work really well on it s own, each volume of the Tales of Dunk and Egg is a full story by itselfI really LIKE their relationship and partnership, this balance between who has the power and it was really interesting to see the conflict in Egg concerning some of the things he listened to on the roadThis was really GOOD Definitely recommend to any fans of A Song of Ice and Fire Also while the translation is really good The translations of the name of places and people s nicknames always confuses me so much, since I only know them in English It took me way too long to recognize the name Bloodraven as Corvo de Sangue , only got there through the description

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    Alright before I begin I want to point out this is my first GoT related book so as far as easter eggs and if it s a good addition to the world of GoT I have no freaking clue however I will say I may have been slightly wrong for calling it Dungeons and Dragons porn in the past, anyway, here s my review.What s it about This is a tale of a knight and his squire who are in the GoT world but it s 100 years before all that That s all I can really say without giving spoilers and or sounding like an idiot for not knowing much about this series.Pros The art is really well done.This story is unpredictable.The story gets interesting in the final half of the book.The action scenes are really good but brief.Cons The characters This book doesn t tell you much about them It s just Hey, look, knight, yay and it gives a bit of info about the squire Maybe it s because there s 2 other prequel books or something the lore is already getting to be too confusing for me and that s saying something considering how much I love East of West so this may just be because I haven t read them so maybe there s background somewhere in there.It s boring Yeah, the story gets to being interesting eventually and there are a few good action scenes emphasis on few but gosh, it takes so long for anything to happen and let s not forget the first quarter of the book is pretty much about people at a wedding or eating salt beef Because if that don t excite you, what will For some reason I wasn t a fan of the dialogue.Overall I didn t enjoy this nor do I plan to read GoT I saw several people compare it to Berserk and East of West, as a fan of those 2 things, I have no idea why well, okay, I could maybe see the Berserk comparison but Berserk is a lot cooler If you re already a fan of George R R Martin and his big successful franchise than you will probably like this as somebody who only knows a few things about it mostly quotes people reference online I wouldn t say it s horrible but it s not something I enjoyed Winter is coming but you will not find me reading Thrones on any of those snowy days 2 5

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    A very worthy collectible item, the graphic novels of Dunk and Egg I hope they will continue publishing the stories in this format because the artwork and adaptation are equally marvelous.Also, Bloodraven.