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Some Bears Will Go To Any Length To Get Some Honey This One Recruits Every Animal That Comes Along To Form, Well, A Stack The Result Tail Of The Duck To The Gluteus Maximus Of The Duck Billed Platypus With Many Other Rears In Between Readers Will Giggle With Delight At The Bird S Eye View Of Some Hysterical Animal Bottoms Follow This Back Sided Journey Up The Tree Where The Real Surprise Awaits The Pairing Of Black S Minimal Text With Hawkes S Visual Story Line Will Keep You Chuckling From The Bottom Up

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    do you know that there are at least 17 different words to describe an animal s posterior without getting vulgar i now know this because tommy tomato was kind enough to make this contribution to my animal butts shelf.and boy, are there ever butts and i hate to quibble, but i have some questionsi m not sure where this story is taking place apart from the alliterative or rhyming butt references turkey tushy , moose caboose , the backstory is seriously lacking where are these animals where does a moose even meet a flamingo and a rhinoceros in order to band together for an endeavor such as this is there an animal craigslist where mammals and birds get together and say you, me, the honeybees 10 am reptiles etc must have their own sites, or were all busy on this day.or maybe alligators are not allowed on public transportation, i don t know also, maybe our resident engineer can clue me in on how this situation would even come to be, in a practical sense because i really don t think a toucan could support the weight of a kangaroo, and there has got to be a better way of stacking these things birds on top, rhinos underneath load bearers, bear some loads i mean, it is just common sense, michael ian black that guinea pig never stood a chancei love the illustrations, i am simply concerned about this book s realism because all books must be judged according to their realism.butt.come to my blog

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    Getting to the bottom of it all sorry, that is so bad great art and fun story

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    Damn my kids would have looooooooved this book I love this book What s not to love about such cheekiness How can you resist the temptation to learn various humorous ways to say arse so you can repeat it to your friends and family when the most inappropriate time arrives It s an impossiblity my friends.Of course,it s missing afew of the latest derriere slangs like a jackel s junk or a beaver s booty And a few classics were left out as well a burro s buttocks and a porcupine s posterior But I m sure in the name of motherhood you could help your kiddies learn those as well enhance the story so to speak Learning beyond the borders It s all about getting your kids to see allll the other possibilites Hahaaha I wish this book was around when my kids were little sigh I missed out.But it s never too late and you re never too old to learn afew new words

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    Derivative, if not a blatant rip off of My Friend Rabbit.Preschoolers will laugh uproariously, but there is little to spark the imagination The illustrations are not particularly outstanding, and the book as a whole is rather forgettable.On a tiny little island stands a tall bare tree An odd cacophony of animals lift each other upwards to reach the prize at the top As the animal tower rises higher and higher, we see each from the backside, with an amusing name label for their respective tushies.

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    I don t know how this got published The entire book shows cartoonish animals stacked one on top of the other from the behind, citing different names for the buttocks There is no other text,surprise ending or humor other than saying the word ass in 13 different ways The end shows all the animals falling from their stack with their rear ends sticking half way out of a pond and it reads The End I found it sorely lacking creativity It was seriously pathetic I am ok with books that address body parts and humor This just missed the mark.

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    Seriously Go here for the rest of my review

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    Bum humor is the Ol Reliable of kids books I have to admit, this book is funny Great word choice, great illustrations big Kevin Hawkes fan here I would hesitate to read this one aloud to a group of kids because it would be asking for a buttload of trouble That said, it was good for a cheeky laugh with my own child See what I mean Ol Reliable.

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    Amusing little book featuring various animal behinds The word choices and rhymes and great fun and build vocabulary Any book that includes duckbill platypus gluteus maximus deserves four stars, haha D Thanks to Angie for bringing this to my attention.

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    Best bum book ever, hehehehe

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    This book made me mad I m furious that I did not think of this first Kids loved it.