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I don t own the the edition I read as I read it in the mid 60s and I don t have the isbn number, so, I picked one.This is to this day a good book A strong adventure, a good character and a good read. This book was about a man that was stranded on an island The man finds ways to survive One day he see s cannibals on the island He saves a man that was tied up in the sand and they survive together on an island One day they see a ship from England.I didn t like this book was okay because of how boring the tone is I liked this book because the story makes me want to readand I really like the character Friday I would recommend this book to people that like books about surviving on an island and cannibals. Obviously a simplified version but my little girls got the gist of it Not my favorite classic story but clear lesson of God s provision and gratitude Read at bed time to 10, 8, and 6 year olds. Nice little condensed version of the original designed for kids A great survival story that keeps the kids entertained and engaged Lots of tense situations plus cannibals Wasn t sure how the kids would react to that but they pulled through Saw some shocked faces though I enjoyed it as well. i read this at a time that i felt sort of marooned in my own home i enjoyed this book because it takes you back to basics however, crusoe himself was kind of a jerk nonetheless it is an interesting read. I actually read the original, not the Junior edition, and I have to admit it was quite painful to go through the laborious detail of Crusoe s acclimation to living alone and learning how to survive The most redeeming part of the book was his discovery of God and realizing that he could be grateful for his life and the things he had despite his lack of basic comforts and communication with any other life form. Who Has Not Dreamed Of Life On An Exotic Isle, Far Away From Civilization Here Is The Novel Which Has Inspired Countless Imitations By Lesser Writers, None Of Which Equal The Power And Originality Of Defoe S Famous Book Robinson Crusoe, Set Ashore On An Island After A Terrible Storm At Sea, Is Forced To Make Do With Only A Knife, Some Tobacco, And A Pipe He Learns How To Build A Canoe, Make Bread, And Endure Endless Solitude That Is, Until, Twenty Four Years Later, When He Confronts Another Human Being First Published In , Robinson Crusoe Has Been Praised By Such Writers As James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, And Samuel Johnson As One Of The Greatest Novels In The English Language Daniel Defoe Trained For The Ministry, Became A Political Journalist, And Finally, To Many, Became The Father Of The English Novel He Is Also The Author Of Moll Flanders I haven t read the unabridged version but both my 10yr old son and I found this story laughable I m not sure if it s because it was abridged or if that s just how the story goes We ll be reading the original now to compare I read this so I can supervise my second grader with her book report She liked the storythan I did, for sure Even this shortened version felt dragging especially through the chapters where Robinson Crusoe was learning how to start a life in the island There simply wasn t anything happening Also, there werethan a few times that the book started to sound like some book one would use to evangelize savages However, if it encourages my daughter to read the original in the future then I d come back to update this rating Maybe I need to rate this based on a child s perspective. ColonialismeSexisme vang lisation