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The Thrilling, Wintry Nordic Tale By Neil Gaiman, Who Weaves A Magical Story Of Legend And Adventure That Will Enchant Readers From Beginning To EndOdd, A Young Viking Boy, Is Left Fatherless Following A Raid In His Icy, Ancient World There Is No Mercy For An Unlucky Soul With A Crushed Foot And No One To Protect Him Fleeing To The Woods, Odd Stumbles Upon And Releases A Trapped Bear And Then Odd S Destiny Begins To ChangeThe Eagle, Bear, And Fox Odd Encounters Are Norse Gods, Trapped In Animal Form By The Evil Frost Giant Who Has Conquered Asgard, The City Of The Gods Now Our Hero Must Reclaim Thor S Hammer, Outwit The Frost Giants And Release The Gods

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    A 81% Very Good Notes It s a delightful read with a simple, yet original story It knows exactly what it s supposed to be and does it very well.

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    This was a cute children s story, thankfully much tamer than some of Gaiman s other works which are often than not, pretty terrifying.Odd lives with his mother and her new husband, since the disappearance and presumed death of Odd s father His step father is rude, nasty and often cruel to Odd So one day he decides to leave, to walk to his father s old hut, and remain there While there Odd meets 3 animals, a fox, a bear and an eagle but they are not as they appear And once they begin to talk everything changes for Odd, he soon realises he is actually speaking with the gods of Asgard Thor, Odin and Loki.I liked Odd as a character, he walks with a limp, he is quite sassy and takes everything in his stride This story was entertaining and enjoyable, would recommend to anyone looking for a short book with big heart.

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    This book is a little treat If you enjoyed Norse Mythology then you will likely adore this This is a children s tale, though as with all good children s books it s perfect for adults too Odd is a tough little boy He is physically disabled and shunned by his step father who pushes him out of his family home, though he refuses to give up He refuses to stop smiling and it is because of this that he succeeds Positivity can go a long way and it certainly helps when you stumble across the Gods.Imagine this Thor who has been transformed into a bear has his paw stuck in a tree after trying to reach a bee s nest Odin who has been transformed into an eagle flies overhead watching the scene Loki who has been transformed into a fox skulks in the corner bemused Odd walks in unawares and offers his help The three Gods have been banished from Asgard and their kingdom is now in the hands of the Frost Giants Unsurprisingly, it s all Loki s fault Sound familiar Gaiman has captured the essence of Odin, Thor and Loki terrifically The marvel cinematic universe and the comic book writers do a good job with their personalities, though their actual physical attributes are completely wrong It s all in the minor details Some of it may sound unimportant the fact that Thor is supposed to have a big red beard for example though things like this are quite important when dealing with Gods So I like the attention to detail here It s a fun little book And watching Odd resolve the problems of the Gods is amusing I recommend it to fans of Thor as portrayed in the marvel cinematic universe.

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    The noise of the blade hitting the thick icicle cracked off the hills around them, making echoes that sounded as if an entire army of men was hammering on the ice Odd and the Frost Giants is a short, simple, magical and disarmingly beautiful tale that draws from Viking and Norse mythology This is basically a children s book that features a much nicer version of beloved mythological characters The tale introduces Odd, who is odd Yes, it is odd Gaaaah, this is so confusing Odd is the name of a Viking child He is brave little lad but luck has never been his friend He ran away from his home because of his cruel stepfather While Odd was on the run, he came across the Gods of Asgard who have gotten themselves into a bit of trouble And Odd volunteers to help them A short and beautifully crafted story which had me smiling all the way My favorite moments were view spoiler The rainbow moment Newton would be so proud Go science The BFG moment Odd using psychotherapy on frost giant hide spoiler

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    Each time I read something by Gaiman, I think, This. This is where he excels Whether it s a fairy story Stardust, or a children s story Coraline. Or the melding of American Mythology with a new Mythology of his creation American Gods, Anansi Boys Maybe it s something vaguely steampunkish and other worldly, like Neverwhere. Sometimes it s when I revist the complexities in Sandman. Or maybe I m not actually that fickle, and I just like the way his phrasing and ideas are like mainlining story straight into my amygdalae, so most of the time it doesn t really matter what type of fiction he s writing this time.I like best to listen to his novels in audio format it makes me feel like I m wrapped in a big quilt and being read to like a child Odd is another installment in his latest string of children s tales This one borrows heavily from Norse mythology, but mostly through allusion to other, established stories I had to go look some of them up like how Odin sacrificed an eye to gain knowledge and wisdom from M mir s Well, and about J tunheimr, the Land of Giants I love that there s a deeper layer of complexity to the story but only if the reader desires it In this completely Gaiman invented tale, Odd, a young woodcutter s son, runs away from a cruel stepfather, and ends up meeting Odin, Thor and Loki, who have been outsmarted by a giant I both read and listened to this tale, it s quite short The audio file was well under 2 hours in length I probably could have read it alone in far less than an hour This edition has wonderful little pencil drawing illustrations by Brett Helquist, which underscore its suitability for children And it is just wonderful for kids, without any focus on the darker themes present in Coraline, or even The Graveyard Book. I think it would make a fabulous springboard for homestudy elementary school children, as an introduction to mythology This one really is for all ages Audio Story

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    What a wonderful way to follow up Gaiman s Norse Mythology Odd and the Frost Giants is a story about Odd, a young boy, and his meeting with Loki, Thor, and Odin Er, though not in their normal form, in animal form a fox, a bear, and an eagle Odd is on his way with the trio to Asgard to save it from the Frost Giants Who, thanks to Loki naturally, put them into animal form and has taken over Asgard.What a great story Wonderful to read this one to young children The story is short and the book is filled with amazing drawings in black and white There is no need to read Norse Mythology first, I just happened to do it I m just happy that I saw a tip here on GR that said it s the perfect follow upand it was A true gem of a book that I think children will love to read And big children too Ha

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    The wise man knows when to keep silent Only the fool tells all he knows This tale follows Odd, a young Viking boy, left fatherless following a raid and in his icy, ancient world where there is no mercy for an unlucky soul with a crushed foot and no one to protect him Fleeing to the woods, Odd stumbles upon and releases a trapped bear And then Odd s destiny begins to change The eagle, bear and fox Odd encounters are Norse gods, trapped in animal form by the evil frost giants who have conquered Asgard, the city of the gods.Bear Thor.Eagle Lord Odin.Fox Loki.Now our hero must reclaim Thor s hammer, outwit the frost giants and release the gods One of the main reasons I picked this book up was because I wanted to get through a book really quickly and thanks to the gorgeous illustrations, this book flew by.Here are a few of the gorgeous illustrations Of course, the Goddess Freya saves the day She was my favorite Though it was a quick read, it didn t really impact me that much I was glad to have something to add to my reading challenge but other than that, it wasn t that memorable and I ll probably forget about it by the very next day Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying Odd and the Frost Giants, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with

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    What a delightful counterpoint to Norse Mythology I mean, yes, it s written for middle grade and Thor and Loki are cute and Odin is inscrutable as always and the frost giant is funny rather than scary because, after all, EVERYONE is afraid of Freya s tongue but it s still a real delight I don t care what anyone says about Gaiman The man can write a classy tale no matter where or what he s writing about This is, after all, only a retelling of an old story, but it s a very particular and beautiful Odd viewpoint.I ll definitely be reading this to my girl when she gets a little older Heck It might even be time now.

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    Odd and the Frost Giants is a short novel by Neil Gaiman probably intended for a young adult audience, or younger, or older it is a fun, fable like story Odd is a young Viking boy who has an adventure amongst a setting in Norse mythology A fan of American Gods will recognize Gaiman s voice and a fan of DreamWorks film How to Train Your Dragon would also like this short work.

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    My third Gaiman, a fairy tale for kids but also for the older people, like me As a kid, I used to love all fairytales I enjoyed this short novel, inspired by traditional Norse mythology The pencil drawings in the book also beautiful 3.5 going on 4 Entertaining short read It s about a boy named Odd, going on an adventure with a bear, an eagle and a fox There was a boy called Odd, and there was nothing strange or unusual about that, not in that time or place Odd meant the tip of a blade , and it was a lucky name He was odd though At least, the other villagers thought so But if there was one thing that he wasn t, it was lucky.